Anti-Spasmodic Formula
Formerly Antsp Formula

1.   Croup: As an aid for croup.

2.   Apoplexy: The suddenness with which apoplexy comes necessitates the fastest therapeutic action. Cayenne pepper (one teaspoon to the cup) may be administered quickly; tincture of lobelia (three drops to one-half teaspoon, according to the size and age of the individual) should be given regularly; the antispasmodic tincture is excellent.

3.   Asthma: Another helpful method is to take a vapor bath twice a week, inhaling steam from a decoction of cudweed ragwort, wormwood, or a decoction of the following herbs, taken warm, (equal parts) will prove very beneficial: elecampane root, horehounds, hyssop, skunk cabbage root, vervain, wild cherry bark (and to this preparation add tincture of lobelia or antispasmodic tincture).

4.   Cough: It is very beneficial to massage the chest and across the back with antispasmodic tincture and to take six drops or more of the antispasmodic tincture several times each hour with a little distilled water. In addition, give a fourth cup or more of tea made of equal parts of wood betony, spearmint, peppermint, and catnip. (Give this two or three times a day.)

5.   Earache: Place a few drops of tincture of lobelia (warmed) into each ear and plug with cotton. Substitute antispasmodic tincture or Black Cohosh Tincture Combination Ear & Nerve Formula if needed.

6.   Hiccoughs: Relaxation is the most important thing, so drinking a mild nervine tea will help. Drinking a little orange juice is also helpful or take a teaspoon of onion juice. A few drops of antispasmodic tincture taken internally and rubbed on the chest area will often help promote relief, as will a cayenne poultice on the chest area or black or blue cohosh tea.

7.   General Uses: This formula has been used historically in cases of convulsions, fainting, cramps, delirium tremors, hysteria, etc., also good for pyorrhea, mouth sores, coughs, throat infections, tonsillitis, etc.

8.   Indigestion: Peppermint tea can help promote the soothing of the digestive tract and eliminate gas. Add six to ten drops of lobelia or antispasmodic tincture.

9.   Babies Convulsions: For baby convulsions, place a drop or two of the tincture on the tip of a clean finger and place it in the baby's mouth. This should help stop the spasms immediately.

10. Rheumatism: The antispasmodic tincture is often applied externally for swellings and rheumatism.


Dose 1/2 to one teaspoon to glass of steam distilled water as a gargle and use until throat clears, also take one teaspoon in steam distilled water morning and evening.


skullcap herb
valerian root
skunk cabbage
gum myrrh
black cohosh


1.   Epilepsy: I just received your newsletter, and in reading the information on epilepsy I found that you didn't mention your antispasmodic tincture.

I have epilepsy and have followed your program with the Ear & Nerve Formula and Oil of Garlic and I'm sure this is effective over a period of time; but the antispasmodic tincture will stop the seizure in the process. I have used it successfully--even during home childbirth. This is a very good test, as epileptics could tell you, as childbirth always causes seizures.

I have also given the tincture to a friend for her baby. They had just spent almost $1,000 on tests and medication the "AMA Way" and were having no success in stopping the seizures. They say this tincture has changed their lives. Having experienced epileptic seizures, I know that is no exaggeration.
I have never read or heard of this tincture being used for epilepsy, but was led by the Spirit to use it. I hope this might be of help to others who are suffering. God bless you.

2.   Croup and Coughing: I'm very interested in learning more about herbs and one day studying it so I would feet more confident using them as I do, medicinally. I've used lobelia tincture for my son's teething problems and on insect bites and rubbing on body for fever, etc. I've used antispasmodic tincture for his croup and coughing. It works great!! I wish the medical profession would accept this miracle remedy for croup and get off their high horse!

3.   Fever: My main reason for my letter is: My neighbor's little son of 3 had a fever of 104 F. for three days. I brought him one cup of honey-cider vinegar and water and the antispasmodic tincture. He drank cup of the mixture (1 tsp. of each) took dropper of the tincture and in three hours the fever was broken--his mother thought it was a miracle. So do I.

Useful in Treating

* Acidosis
* Apoplexy
* Asthma
* Cholera Morbus
* Convulsions
* Coughs
* Croup
* Diphtheria
* Dyspnea
* Epilepsy
* Fever
* Hemorrhage
* Hiccoughs
* Hysteria
* Inflammation
* Nausea
* Neuritis
* Paralysis
* Rheumatic Fever
* Spasms
* Throat
* Tonsillitis
* Typhoid
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