Cholera Morbus

A serious bacterial infection of the small intestine.


An acute, infectious affliction characterized by profuse, purging evacuations, vomiting, prostrating collapse, muscular cramps and suppression of the urine. Symptoms develop rapidly and become dangerous in six to twelve hours. Children may be restless and go into stupor or have convulsions. [SNH p.9]


Cholera is a deficiency condition from improper diet, unsanitary conditions, and often occurs in hot weather. As future foreboding problem conditions continue to afflict our society there will be more epidemics, so we must be prepared to handle cholera. The only way to avoid this deadly killer is to build up the body so that the cholera organisms will not effect the system. [SNH p.9]

Herbal Aids:

Rice Water will check the diarrhea as will peach leaves, raspberry leaves, and sunflower leaves. A warm bayberry and catnip enema is very soothing. Antispasmodic tincture is soothing and relaxing and the slippery elm tea is nutritional and cleansing. [SNH p.9]

Cholera, Fevers: See formula using purple loosestrife and ginger. [SNH p.92]

Tormentil: for cholera give 1 wine glassful every 1/2 hour until the excessive discharges are checked. [SNH p.168]

Peppermint Enema. This form of administration is excellent for cholera, colon problems, and for convulsions and spasms in children. [SNH p.418]

See formula using cloves and milk. [SNH p.421]

See formula using black pepper, sea salt and apple cider vinegar. [SNH p.425]

Lemon-Grass (cymbopogon): Citral is the principle constituent of lemon-grass oil. This substance kills even the most acute influenza viruses and for fever-induced diseases it is unparalleled, and has also become renowned for quickly treating cholera. [NL 5-1]

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