The sudden involuntary and violent expulsion of air after deep respiration due to irritation. [SNH p.13]


This is often caused by a stomach disorder that comes from overloading the system with food, wherein fermentation in the stomach causes phlegm. It may also be induced by inflammation in the bronchial tubes due to a neglected cold. Worms may be the cause. Many coughs are from a nervous condition, where coughing may eventually become habitual. Coughs are highly misunderstood. Usually a sore throat and coughing are caused by the sinuses draining the eustachian tubes, which is like pouring acid down the throat. A cough usually comes from a lowered vitality in the system from improper diet, loss of sleep, lack of exercise, and fresh air, improper breathing, poor elimination, or improper night clothing and bedding. [SNH p.13]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: Acute coughs can often be relieved with a little honey and onion syrup. When it is the result of an old acute condition, clear out the morbid condition as rapidly as possible without causing irritation. In old cough conditions, comfrey with vervain or mullein are very good. The antispasmodic tincture is also excellent, and it is good to massage the chest area across the back with an antispasmodic tincture during attacks of spasms. Antispasmodic tincture may be used both internally and externally as a liniment on the throat. If this is due to a neglected cold, any of the diaphoretic herbs are excellent. To help relieve the coughing spasms, use horehounds, comfrey, or a small amount of lobelia. High enemas of herbal laxatives will relieve congestion of the bowels, and if the cough is severe (asthma, whooping cough) load the stomach with liquids and induce vomiting. [SNH p.13]

Bronchitis, Bronchial and Spasmodic Coughs, Whooping Cough: Drink the infusion of red raspberry leaf tea freely. [SNH p.56]

Comfrey: Coughs, raw or sore throat, slight hemorrhage. See formula for 1 wine glassful of mucilage of comfrey root every hour until tissues are healed and coughing stops. [SNH p.311]

See formula for coughs, asthma and bronchitis using elecampane, skunk cabbage, aniseed, pleurisy, licorice, lobelia, ginger and cayenne. [SNH p.344]

See formula for coughs, consumption and tuberculosis using cayenne, slippery elm, lemon and honey. [SNH p.410]

See wonderful old time recipe for cough syrup made with onions and honey. [HHH p.57]

Anti-Spasmodic Formula: Dr. Christopher's Anti-Spasmodic Tincture: is useful for coughs. [HHH p.195]

You can massage the chest with antispasmodic tincture, and give a tea made of equal parts wood betony, spearmint, peppermint, and catnip. [EWH p.165]
Throat & Lung Syrup: Dr. Christopher's Cough Syrup:  is a fine old fashioned combination for coughs. [EWH p.207]

See recipe for garlic syrup which is very useful for coughs. [NL 2-9]

Juices for coughs : Carrot, carrot & spinach, blackberry, fig. [NL 3-5]

Dr. Christopher's Program for Coughs

Herbal Combinations:

* Lung & Bronchial
* Throat & Lung Syrup (Cough Syrup)
* X-Ceptic


Lung & Bronchial; 2-3 capsules three or more times a day.

Lung & Bronchial extract; 15 drops 3 or more times a day.

Cough Syrup; take 1 teaspoon or more, as many times a day as needed.

X-ceptic; a dropperfull as many times a day as needed.

Single Herbs:

Garlic, Yarrow Flowers, Alfalfa Leaves, Chickweed Herb, Cayenne.


Raw fruit and distilled water or juice fast for few days. Brewer yeast.

See Also:

Anti-Spasmodic Formula: Dr. Christopher's Anti-Spasmodic Tincture
Lung & Bronchial
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