The sudden loss of consciousness, sensation, and voluntary motion, caused by the rupture or obstruction of an artery of the brain, very often resulting in death; also gross hemorrhage into any organ, such as the lungs, spleen, etc. [SNH p.2]


This is a serious catarrhal condition of the body, wherein the normal excreting channels are blocked and the denser glutinous and fibrinous matters overload the bloodstream. [SNH p.2]

Herbal Aids:

Cayenne: The suddenness with which apoplexy comes necessitates the fastest therapeutic action. Cayenne pepper (one teaspoon to the cup) may be administered quickly; tincture of lobelia (three drops to one-half teaspoon, according to the size and age of the individual) should be given regularly; the antispasmodic tincture is excellent. [SNH p.2]

See formula for apoplexy using black cohosh, wood betony, and cayenne. [SNH p.400]

See formula for apoplexy using cayenne and mustard powder. [SNH p.410]

Vegetarianism: A heavy meat and starch eater will suffer apoplexy and strokes from heat long before the heat even bothers the vegetarian or fruitarian. [SNH p.553]

Cayenne and Ginger: For an excellent bath to be used in cases of aches and pains, influenza, apoplexy, etc., mix teaspoonful each of Cayenne and Ginger and add to a very hot bath. This will cleanse the pores and remove toxins. [NL 6-3]

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