Tonsillitis is the inflammation of the tonsils, acute catarrhal infection, redness and swelling, the result of overworking them. Tonsils, many authorities say, are the first line of defense. Their job is to control the entrance into the body of large armies of germs--invited when the waste matters in the body accumulate too heavily.

Tonsils are the filtering system for the reproductive organs and are needed by the body, or the Creator would not have installed them in the first place. As a person goes from childhood into adulthood through the stage of puberty, the young people making this transition will be easier to live with if they still have their tonsils. The girls will have easier menstrual periods and the boys less chance for prostrate malfunction and will have a better teenage life.

We have ten fingers, but if we got infection in one of them, we would not cut it off until we tried to clear up the infection. As soon as the tonsils become swollen with infection the first thing we think of is to have the tonsils cut or burnt out, without trying to save them. Use our suggested program and keep the individual in a "whole state," as the Creator intended! [HHH p.192]


Dr. Kloss describes the symptoms as follows: chilly feeling, fever, throat swollen, practically closed with soft palate hanging at the tongue. The throat and mouth are dry, and then soon lots of poisonous mucus accumulates. The tonsils are swollen and red in color. Small ulcers appear on the tonsils. Often the glands of the neck swell.

Herbal Aids:

General Information: With tonsillitis we use the same fomentation used for the glandular system, the three parts mullein and one part lobelia combination. (You may obtain this already made up in the Mullein & Lobelia Formula). In addition to drinking the mullein and lobelia tea (as well as applying the fomentation), use an abundance of red raspberry tea, as much as can be taken for three days. Use no foods on these days except unsweetened vegetable and fruit juices.

When the tonsils swell up and are sore and painful, the first thing we think of is "to remove them." We saw a picture recently of seven or eight children spread out on a king-sized bed, all with "wrapped-up throats." The caption explained that the family got a bargain by having them all operated on at once for "tonsillectomies."

Here was a group of children who had lost a very valuable organ the Lord put into the body--it was not put there by mistake or carelessness, but because it was needed. This organ is the filtering system for the body, and when removed leaves us with a weaker system (Dr. B. Jensen in The Joy of Living, Santa Barbara, California: J. F. Rowney Press).

A girl with her tonsils intact will have an easier time through puberty and her menstrual cycles than she will if they have been removed. Delivery of babies is much easier for women who still have their tonsils, because of less toxic waste in the body.

The young boy with his tonsils intact will have better seed for reproducing and less chance of prostate problems because of a cleaner blood stream. To repeat, we have ten fingers and if we get infection in one of them we would not think of chopping it off without trying to heal the finger first. We only have two tonsils and, when there is a little infection in them, how foolish to cut or burn them out! As stated earlier, let's save these tonsils for better, stronger and more peaceful generations to come.

Make a fomentation of three parts mullein and one part lobelia, dip the flannel in the fomentation, wrap around the neck at night, and cover with plastic. Do this each night until the condition clears up. Drink 1/2 cup of the mullein and lobelia [Mullein & Lobelia] tea morning and evening and one cup or more of comfrey (leaf or root) tea each day, and, most specifically, use red root tea. [HHH p.193]

When the tonsils become enlarged or inflamed, clean up the bowels, go off solid foods, go on the three-day cleanse. [HHH p.157]

Children's Laxative; Tonsillitis (Young children): See formula using senna leaves, red raspberry and pennyroyal. [SNH p.192]

Anti-Spasmodic Formula: Dr. Christopher's Anti-Spasmodic Tincture:  Consists of skullcap herb, lobelia, cayenne, valerian root, skunk cabbage, gum myrrh, and black cohosh. Used historically in cases of convulsions, fainting, cramps, delirium tremors, hysteria, etc., also good for pyorrhea, mouth sores, coughs, throat infections, tonsillitis, etc. Dose 1/2 to one teaspoon to glass of steam distilled water as a gargle and use until throat clears, also take one teaspoon in steam distilled water morning and evening. [HHH p.195]

Sage: For tonsillitis a strong Sage tea is made, two ounces to the quart of boiling water. It is allowed to steep for two hours. Strain, and then add a small bit of pulverized alum. One woman who tried this gargle wrote that her oldest boy had recurrent tonsillitis, so she prepared this Sage-alum tea and had him gargle with it several times a day. The next morning he got up without any tonsillitis although he had suffered for weeks with it previously and could not eat or sleep (Luc:Secrets:67). [UW-Sage]

Mullein & Lobelia: Dr. Christopher's Glandular Fromula:  When the lymph system is showing signs of being over-loaded with toxic wastes, the intelligent thing to do is to start cleaning up this condition as soon as is possible. Beat this criminal "to the draw" by eliminating mucus-making materials (ofttimes it's hard to label some of the merchandise we eat as "food"), and use fresh fruit and vegetables, juices, and plenty of distilled water. During the "cleaning up period," it is good to use a special herbal food for the cleansing and feeding of the lymph system--a combination of mullein herb and a small part of lobelia herb (such as three parts mullein and one part lobelia). For instance, the adult dose for tonsillitis is a cup of the tea three or more times in a day, and for younger people it is a full-adult dose twelve years and up, one half dose eight to twelve years, one fourth dose four to eight years, and under that age in "careful proportion."

In addition to the oral use of the tea (infusion of one ounce of the combined herbs to a pint of boiling water, poured over the herbs, covered, and allowed to steep approximately twenty minutes), it is also to be used externally. After straining the herbal tea, soak flannel cloth (never man-made synthetic cloth) in the remaining tea and apply over the swollen gland areas (throat for tonsils, etc.). Cover the fomentation cloth with plastic to keep the moisture in. It is good to do this procedure at night and leave the fomentation on all night. Some cases take more than one application, but many see the finest results with the overnight program. [NL 1-9]

Decoction of Oak Bark: (Used as external compress for hemorrhoids, dermatitis, as a gargle for tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and as an enema). 1 handful of pounded oak bark into a liter of water. [NL 2-10]

Tincture of Cayenne: This tincture heals wounds, cuts through mucus, good for sore throats, and tonsillitis; milder solutions can be used in the nose, eyes, and ears for cleaning up microscopic "lounge lizards" in infections. Has been successfully used for resuscitation of newborn infants; a few drops administered orally. The best and safest stimulant known to man. [NL 3-2]

Ear & Nerve Formula: Dr. Christopher's Nervous System Formula with Black Cohosh:  Consists of black cohosh, blue cohosh, blue vervain, skullcap and lobelia. Helps in cases of motor nerve injury, epilepsy, hearing loss, warts and tonsillitis. [NL 3-5]

Juice: Carrot, celery & parsley. [NL 3-5]

Prevention: Maurice Messegue, a second generation French Herbalist, suggests winter prevention of tonsillitis by taking a nightly infusion of two pinches of thyme to a cupful of water. Thyme contains the powerful antiseptic thymol as the active ingredient. [NL 4-1]


Dr. Christopher's Tonsils: I was born with a set of tonsils which, when infected, swelled almost up to the size of golf balls. My parents, following the advice of the standard medical opinion makers of the day ushered me off to the local hospital in Salt Lake City and paid to have my tonsils removed. As most of you know, the Good Lord left the plans and specifications for the regeneration of the human body. So, my tonsils, being faithful creations grew in again. I was very sickly as a child and tonsillitis set in regularly. My folks again took me in for procedural surgery. After the third set of tonsils grew in my parents (rather than becoming tonsil-poor) decided to let me live with the usual winter infections in the throat. To this day I have been remembered as one of the only kids on my block who grew in three sets of tonsils.

The surgeon looks upon the tonsils as the seat of bacterial infection and states that he can stop bacterial infiltration into the rest of the body by removing the tonsils. Actually, this procedure does nothing but make it possible for infection to settle in other lymph nodes. Clean up the whole system and you can avoid cutting out the affected part. [NL 4-2]

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