A discharge or escape of blood from the blood vessels, either by passage of blood cells through the intact and unruptured walls (diapedesis) or by flow through the ruptured walls. [SNH p.29]


This problem is caused by severing or rupturing a blood vessel. If the rupture is from an artery, the blood (usually bright red) spurts and flows fast. If it is a vein, the blood is dark and flows more slowly and constantly. [SNH p.29]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: Hemorrhage throws many people into shock and can bring on death very rapidly. If the wound is small, the blood usually coagulates and the area seals itself, but if the rupture is large, some herbal aid is needed. The first thing one should think about is cayenne as quickly as possible. Using one teaspoon to the cup, as hot as can be taken without scalding. This will stop any hemorrhage, internal or external, by the time a person can count to ten. If the rupture is external and cayenne is not available, comfrey placed over the wound will stop bleeding quickly. [SNH p.30]

Hemorrhage (uterus, bowels, lungs): Use the infusion or decoction of bayberry alone, or in combination with suitable stimulants (cayenne, ginger, etc.). [SNH p.132]

After-Pains (childbirth): Uterine hemorrhage, miscarriage, preventive: Drink the raspberry leaf tea with a little Composition Powder [Herbal Composition] in it. [SNH p.143]

Special Strong Decoction (Hemorrhage of the lungs, internal wounds): See formula using cranesbill, comfrey and glycerine. [SNH p.153]

Bistort: Use a strong decoction. [SNH p.162]

Chronic Hemorrhage: See formula using tormentil and hops. [SNH p.169]

Witch Hazel: Witch hazel is a valuable and soothing astringent, and it is especially useful in hemorrhage of the lungs, stomach, nose, rectum, uterus, and kidneys. It is useful in threatened abortion, and it influences the venous structures and restores perfect circulation. It can be used locally or internally for hemorrhoids. [SNH p.169]

Witch Hazel: Hemorrhage, threatened abortion, etc., drink the infusion freely. [SNH p.171]

Yarrow: Hemorrhage of the bowels. Use a clean enema, then inject the cool tea into the bowels (where there is pain, the tea should be about 112 degrees F.); then inject 2 tablespoonfuls several times a day, and after each stool. [SNH p.214]

Yarrow: Hemorrhage, spitting of blood. Drink the warm infusion; it will equalize the circulation and relieve the pressure from the ruptured vessel, allowing it to heal. [SNH p.215]

Comfrey for Hemorrhage of the Lungs: Give the mucilage of comfrey often and in large doses or give 1 teacupful of the decoction or mucilage (1 mouthful at a time and mix well with saliva). Rest 1 hour, then repeat until all soreness is gone and blood is not in the sputum. If the patient sleeps, awaken and continue with the same dosage for two hours and administer every three hours thereafter. Do not give food for at least twelve hours. [SNH p.310]

Marshmallow for Hemorrhage of the Urinary Organs: Boil the powdered root in milk and drink freely. [SNH p.326]

Tuberculosis, with Severe Hemorrhage: See formula using elecampane, comfrey, horehound, licorice, Iceland moss, Peruvian bark, composition powder, cayenne, acacia, sugar, queen's delight and antispasmodic tincture. [SNH p.345]

Lung Hemorrhage: See formula using black cohosh and blood root tincture. [SNH p.401]

Hemorrhage of Lungs and Salivary Glands: Chew rhizome or root of Jamaica Ginger. [SNH p.414]

Danger of Miscarriage, Uterine Hemorrhage: Give false unicorn copiously, by the quart. [SNH p.466]

Hemorrhage after Childbirth: (For the Midwife) If you experience hemorrhage, which is defined as more than two cups of blood, either seeping slowly or gushing out, the first thing you should do is work the uterus externally, kneading the belly until the uterus maintains its shape. This may take some time, but continue until it works. Mistletoe leaf tea of blue cohosh tincture are oxytocic and may help clamp down the uterus. Motherwort tea is claimed to help. Most midwives I have met swear by shepherd's purse, best used as a tincture. This humble garden weed is a powerful styptic, although it should not be used routinely as it can cause large, painful blood clots. In hemorrhage it is said to work every time. I consider the shock tea an excellent anti-hemorrhage remedy, although controversial, local midwives trust cayenne and use it extensively. Cayenne does not contract the uterus; it merely controls bleeding. You might combine it with blue cohosh for both activities. [EWH p.82]

Garlic for Bowel Hemorrhage: Garlic is used internally for the treatment of gastro enteric problems. It is simmered in milk and taken for bowel hemorrhage [UW-Mullein]


1. Cayenne: Dr. Christopher's many Cayenne Combinations for Nosebleeds: As I have taught for over thirty years, if you will drink a cup of cayenne tea it will stop any unnatural hemorrhage due to injury, etc., by the time you can count to ten. One patient contradicted me on this, laughing as he said it, "You said a cup of cayenne tea will stop a hemorrhage by the time you count to ten--you were wrong. I tried this when I had a "nose bleed" and I started to count, but I only got up to six instead of ten." [NL 1-9]

2. Herbal Eyebright: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eye-Health Formula Restores Vision from Subretinal Hemorrhage: My right eye went bad last January, diagnosed as "subretinal hemorrhage" which left me with probably 20-30% vision.
Since using Eyebright Comb., I now have 70% or 80% vision. Miracle Medicines-God's wonderful herbs. [NL 1-12]

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