Rheumatic Fever

Disease the may develop between one and five weeks after recovery from strep throat or from scarlet fever.


When we are faced with a calcium deficiency we can develop rheumatic fever (causing a rheumatic heart and a weakened body) that can even (one day) go into polio, stroke, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, etc., etc. The rheumatic fever condition leaves a calcium weakness that can lie dormant for years and then with a new loss of calcium at some future date, can develop into one of these maladies. [HHH p.74]

Herbal Aids:

Antispasmodic Tincture: (Anti-Spasmodic Formula Tincture) Rub the whole body from the neck to the toes with Antispasmodic tincture. In bad cases (where the patient cannot sit up or move the arms or legs), give 1 teaspoonful of Antispasmodic tincture in a little hot water every 1/2 hour until the patient perspires freely. Keep the patient in bed and allow him to cool down; then wash him with apple cider vinegar and hot water. Give the patient 1 teaspoonful of Antispasmodic tincture in hot water every 2 hours during the first day, and every 3 hours for a few days thereafter. When the case demands, rub some Antispasmodic tincture externally, and be sure to sponge the patient with apple cider vinegar and hot water. [SNH p.363] Antispasmodic tincture: See formula using lobelia seed, skullcap, skunk cabbage, gum myrrh, black cohosh and cayenne. [SNH p.363]

Wheat: Wheat has been recommended in cases of arthritis, rheumatic fever, and in some types of cancer, pulmonary disease including tuberculosis, retarded growth, anemia, and physical and emotional weakness. It is felt that the vitamin D in wheat helps in rickets and other Vitamin D diseases. One recipe for a good heart remedy is to soak a half of a cup of coarse ground wheat in a thermos of hot water over night. Eat this each morning for three months. [NL 5-1]


Cayenne: Our daughter-in-law who had rheumatic fever as a child and is now fighting tension and blood pressure, is also taking cayenne with excellent results. [NL 1-12]

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