Shortness of breath or a difficulty in breathing.


Difficult breathing. [SNH p.22]


This usually arises from mucus in the air passages in the trachea, the nostrils, lungs, etc. [SNH p.22]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: Take a cup of cayenne tea and antispasmodic tincture internally and massaged on the chest area. With a breast-fed baby, the mother should take a tea of balm, hyssop, or pennyroyal. For the baby, where the problem is largely in the nose (sometimes referred to as snuffles), a mixture of milk and olive oil in the nose is good. The bowels may need to be relieved with a small injection of lobelia. [SNH p.22]

See formula for garlic syrup using garlic, apple cider vinegar and sugar. [SNH p.101]

See dosages. [SNH p.100] See more dosages for dyspnea using garlic syrup. [SNH p.100]

Hawthorn Berry: for dyspnea. [NL 1-5]

Hawthorn Berry Heart Syrup: Dr. Christopher's Hawthorn Berry Syrup:  is for dyspnea. [HHH p.184]

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