Swelling of the nerves.


Injury or lesions of one or more nerves accompanied with hypersensitivity, loss of sensation (anesthesia), sensation of tingling, crawling or burning of the skin (paranaesthesia), paralysis, reduction in muscle size (muscular atrophy), and loss of reflexes in a body part. [SNH p.38]


Mucus in the system. Mucus causes an upset in the specific area conducting nerves into the spinal column and throws out a vertebrae, causing even more irritation. The nerves must be rebuilt, and the acid condition of the nerves and the worn sheath around the nerves must be replaced by taking nervines. Besides using the cleansing program, rebuild the entire nervous system and use the cleansing program. [SNH p.38]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: Neuritis is frightening because of the pain. Use nervines and antispasmodic to correct the cause. Ease the pain with fomentation, poultices and the green drinks. [SNH p.38]

Neuritis (nerve inflammation): See formula using lady's slipper, scullcap, damiana, wild yam and ginger. [SNH p.386]

Juices: Celery & cucumber, endive, carrot & spinach. [NL 3-5]

Elderberry Wine: The berries are used to make Elderberry Wine which was discovered to be very effective in the treatment of sciatica and other forms of neuritis. The recommended dosage being to mix one ounce of the Elderberry Wine with a third of an ounce of port wine. [NL 4-10]

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