A rapid or partial loss of muscle function and motion or of sensation because of nerve injury or neuron destruction. A slight loss of function is called "palsy". [SNH p.39]


Most cases of paralysis are caused by calcium deficiency. Paralysis is generally classified as incurable but no disease is incurable. The problem is due to toxic wastes in the body and it becomes essential to cleanse the body and give it tone and a positive regeneration in order to correct the paralysis. [SNH p.39]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: Paralysis has been cleared up with cayenne alone. Correct the cause with a cleansing program and the regenerative diet. Use nerve tonics and antispasmodic. [SNH p.39]

Paralysis of Throat: As an aid, chew ginger root often. [SNH p.39]

Oil of Garlic: Massage garlic oil over the affected area. [SNH p.101]

Dr. Rudgley's Formula for Paralysis: See formula using wood betony, rosemary, sage, juniper, senna, ginger, cubeb, sweet flag and yellow D sugar. [SNH p.391]

Rosemary: When the Queen Elizabeth of Hungary was paralyzed a gnarled hermit invented Hungary water, which is a powerful distillate of Rosemary oil in alcohol. This was rubbed on her limbs and eventually cured her of the problem. Another rendition of the story is that the Queen wanted to retain her flawless complexion without going to any trouble to do so, as she spent a good deal of time working for charities. The hermit said that this formula would make "a young face exceedingly beautiful, an old face very tolerable". To make the distilled oil for Hungary water you put the flowers into a strong glass while tying a piece of fine linen cloth over the mouth. Turn it upside down into another strong glass which is set in the sun for a week or two. The oil is said to distill down into the lower glass. The Hermit's recipe is said to contain 24 tablespoons of Rosemary distilled oil, 2 tablespoons mint distilled oil, 2 tablespoons balm distilled oil, 2 tablespoons fresh lemon peel, 2 tablespoons fresh orange peel, 2 cups Rose water and 2 cups spirits of wine. This is mixed, corked and allowed to steep for three weeks before using three times daily on a clean skin, allowing to dry naturally before splashing off with cold water (Keller: 293). Grieve supplied a simpler recipe. She said that Hungary water was prepared by putting 1-1/2 pounds of fresh Rosemary tops in full flower into 1 gallon of spirits of wine. This was allowed to stand for four days and then distilled. This was used for gout as well as paralysis of the limbs. [UW-Rosemary]

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