A sudden, severe seizure or attack often termed apoplexy. Apoplexy is generally accompanied by a stroke. A stroke does not necessarily mean apoplexy because a stroke can come without heat prostration which occurs in apoplexy. [SNH p.45]


A calcium deficiency in the body, where the organic calcium has been burned out by a former fever or by an inheritance to an inorganic calcium, which is devoid of life and does not sustain the muscle, nerve, and bone structure. This causes weakness and inability to use the organ involved. [SNH p.45]

Herbal Aids:

Cayenne:  Cayenne should be used generously. Cayenne is known to have relieved paralyzed condition of strokes, even though the person has been in a wheelchair for years. Through the use of cayenne and the cleansing herbs many have been able to walk again. [SNH p.45]

Incurables: This program has been used for many different malfunctions with great success in nearly every case: multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, stroke, deteriorating bones, curvature of the spine, locked arthritis joints, tumors and cysts in nearly all parts of the body. We have seen great improvement, reduction in pain and often complete healing in cases supposedly incurable. As you read each step taken in this program, analyze it and see if it can do anything but good. You will see that not one harmful thing is recommended. [HHH p.85]

Rosemary: After a stroke the Arabs restored speech by eating the flowers pounded with sugar. [UW-Rosemary]

Different Types of Water: Allen E. Banik, O.D., with Carlson Wade in the book "Your Water and Your Health" (Keats Publishing Co., Connecticut 06840, 1974) gives us a listing of the ten basic kinds of water. [NL 1-10]

Complete Tissue & Bone: Dr. Christopher's Bone, Flesh and Cartilage Formula:  We have had a formula developed called "bone, flesh and cartilage." [Complete Tissue & Bone] This formula has done miraculous things with broken backs, legs, hips, etc. This formula has been used on curvature of the spine, polio, multiple sclerosis, and muscular dystrophy, stroke and arthritis of the bone. This formula is used externally as well as orally and has brought tremendously fast results. [NL 1-11]

Water, and the Diet You Eat: One vulnerable area in the human body for this "hardening of the arteries" is found in the brain. Regardless of how intelligent an individual has been in the past, when the arteries in the brain area become hardened there is a resulting slowness in thinking, loss of memory, headaches, dizziness, dimming eyesight, paralysis, and one of the saddest conditions of all - senility.
When there has been a severe condition of stroke, or a long-standing case of senility, autopsy will often show a brain that has practically "turned to stone." So it is obvious that even the most brilliant scholar can become senile if he allows such a condition to occur in his body, i.e., clogged or hardened arteries.

Arteriosclerosis can be reversed if one will reverse the cause and the "cause" is the use of inorganic, dead, stale, processed and overcooked foods. Use fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds, and as many of these "raw" or "wholesome" as possible. Also, low-heated foods, such as grains, lentils, potatoes, etc., can be used.
Eliminate all sugar and flour products, and change from processed foods to live foods, and healthful drinks such as raw vegetable juices.

Another part of the "reversing program" of overcoming hardening of the arteries is the principle of flushing the system with steam distilled water. The amount used should be one ounce of steam distilled water for each pound of body weight per day. As an example, a person of 130 pounds of weight should drink no less than 130 ounces or approximately one gallon of this water each 24 hours. This (steam distilled) water is pure and can do miracles for a person who will drink it faithfully. [NL 2-1]

Ear & Nerve Formula: Dr. Christopher's Nervous System Formula with Black Cohosh:  When the medulla oblongata, at the base of the skull and into the first and second vertebrae has been damaged, or has deteriorated from improper eating routine (arthritis, etc.), and in some cases because of weak inherent conditions handed down from generation to generation, we have trouble in body motion and movement. This area, when in malfunction, is the inability of the body to control itself, as it should.

This condition displays itself in many ways, as dizziness, lightheadedness, loss of control over locomotion - epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, stroke, etc.

The "number one" part of the body that then needs help in these type of conditions is the motor nerve area, at the medulla.

We have a special formula that we first used with our epileptic patients years ago. This formula came as an answer to a prayer, when help was needed in a severe epileptic case. The formula is made up of blue cohosh, black cohosh, blue vervain, scullcap and lobelia in a regular "ninety proof" tincture form.

There are approximately three million, five hundred thousand herbs, and we do not know of any two herbs on earth that will do the job of rebuilding the motor nerve as well as do blue cohosh and black cohosh. I am glad the good Lord was kind enough to locate them for us; I could never have gone through that many herbs to locate these specific herbs for a specific job.

He also showed the use of scullcap in the formula for the use of rehabilitating and renewing the spinal cord, so it could again relay its messages from the motor nerve area to the parts of the body that required help and guidance. Lobelia is an antispasmodic, to act as a nervine and to discontinue spasms that were cutting off or slowing down the messages being sent.

These five herbs put into a formula, as they have been, have given thousands of people a new lease of life, by cleaning a fouled up message and delivery system and getting it into a smooth and natural response, instead of seizures and contortions as before. [NL 2-1]

Milk: Dr. Ellis gives an excellent discussion in the Health View Newsletter on the evils of milk and dairy products. These contain a substance which attacks the arteries, weakening them for such disorders as heart disease and stroke. [NL 2-7]


Water: From one of Paul Bragg's books "The Shocking Truth about Water" (Burbank, CA 91303, Health Science, 1970), I would like to pass on to you the following:

Take my own life, for instance. I was born on a farm in Virginia, along the Potomac River. We got our drinking water from a well-crystalline, fresh, sparkling water. But it was very hard water, containing in solution-calcium carbonate and other inorganic minerals from limestone.

When we boiled this water, incrustations of these inorganic minerals formed in large slabs inside the kettles, and in time produced holes in the bottoms. Kettle after kettle had to be thrown away and replaced by another, with the same thing happening to the new one in time.

The hard water made dishwashing, laundering and cleaning difficult. The soaps used for these purposes simply would not make suds.

But the greatest damage done by this hard water was to the humans who drank it.
My grandfather was a man in his mid-sixties. He was a big, strong six-footer, about 200 pounds of solid muscle. He was an expert horseman, a finished hunter and a hardworking farmer.

I can remember when he had his first stroke. There was a large family of Braggs, and we were all seated at the dinner table. Suddenly there was a crash of dishes, and my grandfather slumped over the table. When the country doctor arrived, he stated sadly that grandfather had lost all control of his left side due to brain damage.

From now on this poor old man needed constant attention. With a completely paralyzed left side, he could not walk without the aid of someone to steady him. He had absolutely no control of his eliminative system. This, helpless, sick man went into rages of anger. There was great difficulty getting food into his body because he had lost the ability to chew it. Only very soft bland food could be fed him.

This fine man we knew and loved was, as far as real living was concerned, dead. You have no idea what a great burden he was on my parents and family. The poor, helpless man dragged on this way for three years and then the second and final stroke came and he was actually dead.

His body went to the John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, where the doctors who performed the autopsy stated that his arteries were like stone. My grandfather was born and reared on that farm and drank that hard water all his life.

It was many years before my questions were answered. In the meantime, I witnessed what the hard water was doing to my family and our relatives and friends.

Here we were living on a big, fine farm, with an abundance of foods of all kinds. We had a good, comfortable home. It was a beautiful farm on a majestic river. But there was suffering among the adults. These pains were bulked into one word, and that was "misery." Each day I would hear my mother ask different people, "How is your misery today?" And the sufferer would give a doleful answer to my mother's questions. [NL 1-10]

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