Stiff Neck

Inability to move neck without pain and/or stiffness. [HHH p.113]


Vertebrae in upper cervical thrown out, cold in the neck, etc. [HHH p.113]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: The following explanation of our "bone, flesh, and cartilage" [Complete Tissue & Bone] formula is the most complete program for this condition of a stiff neck. The fomentation as it penetrates into the area will relax the muscles and feed the nerves so the bone structure (vertebra) will adjust itself. At the same time it will build up the blood circulation to carry off waste materials as well as feed the painful area with herbal food to put it into a healthy state of self healing.

When this formula is not available (it should always be on hand), use hot and cold fomentations five or ten minutes of each; this will work on the effect--but the fomentation (bone, flesh and cartilage) will go to the cause.

Bone, flesh and cartilage (comfrey combination fomentation) is an aid for malfunction in bone, flesh, cartilage, etc. Make a tea of the following herbs: six parts oak bark, three parts marshmallow root, three parts mullein herbs, two parts wormwood, one part lobelia, one part skullcap, six parts comfrey root, three parts walnut bark (or leaves), three parts gravel root. Soak the combined teas in distilled water (at the rate of one ounce of combined herbs to a pint of distilled water), then, soaking four to six hours, simmer thirty minutes, strain and then simmer the liquid down to 1/2 its volume and add 1/4 vegetable glycerine (if desired). Example: One gallon of tea simmered (not boiled) down to two quarts and add one pint of glycerine.

Soak flannel, cotton, or any white material other than synthetics--never use synthetics. Wrap the fomentation (soaked cloth) around the malfunctioning area and cover with plastic to keep it from drying out. Leave on all night six nights a week, week after week, until relief appears.

Severe cases: Drink 1/4 Cup of finished concentrated tea with 3/4 cup of distilled water three times in a day. [HHH p.113]

Cayenne Ointment: (Red Sun Balm) This ointment can bring temporary relief to internal pains of arthritis, stiff neck, muscle soreness, sprains, bruises and other aches. It can be applied to the chest during respiratory ailments to ease pain and help breathing. The heat generated by the capsicum increases circulation to the area and facilitates healing. [NL 4-5]

Thistle Leaves: A favorite remedy for a stiff neck was a poultice of mashed thistle leaves. [NL 4-11]

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