Cayenne Heat Ointment
Pain Relief Formula
Formerly Deep Heating Balm

This penetrating salve is excellent for stiff necks, sore muscles, headaches, pain, stiff joints, arthritis, etc.  Although we always want to work on the cause of the pain, we can relieve the symptoms by using the cayenne heating balm. We have found that the BF & C Ointment works well together with the cayenne ointment. One takes the other into the skin more quickly and brings relief. [NL 3-12]


1.   Apply sparingly to sore places.

2.   First apply BF&C Ointment.  Then apply the Deep Heating Balm.  Work the two ointments into the skin; the deeper they seep into the skin, the greater the relief will be.


Olive oil
Oil of wintergreen
Pure distilled mint crystals
Other herb oils


My husband had a spot between his shoulder and neck that would repeatedly get a knot in it. It would take days for the pain to go away. One day I decided to try a cominbation of the Complete Tissue & Bone massage oil and the Deep Heat Balm. My husband did not think that it would work, but I said "Let's just try it." I put some Complete Tissue & Bone on the spot, rubbed it in, and then put some Deep Heat Balm on him, and rubbed that in. I repeated that order several times, and then worked the ointments in as best I could without hurting him. The next morning the pain was gone, and he was a believer. Whenever the pain returns, we do the same thing and the pain goes away immediately.

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