The prostate consists of 3 lobes which manufacture seminal fluid. The tube which empties the bladder passes over the middle lobe. In later life, the prostate gland often becomes enlarged and causes problems by closing off the exit of urine from the bladder. This urine retention often starts by a decrease in the force of the stream of urine leaving the body. Prostate blockage of the flow of urine because of infection or cancer can be very serious --- even to the point of causing uremic poisoning within the body. The cause of enlargement of the prostate gland is the collection of mucus and sediment in the gland. Often the male hormones produced by the body are not enough to keep the prostate gland functioning well. The nitrates and nitrites in processed meats, hot dogs, baloney, and other cold cuts have a particularly important role in the formation of cancer of the prostate in the male. [NL 3-6]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: Before (or instead of) arriving at the decision to submit to the knife and have the prostate gland surgically removed, may we offer the following suggestions: In any form of cell-deterioration, the Blood Stream Formula should be used to help clean up the blood stream. Of course the bowel must be cleared up first and foremost. Then, as a specific aid to the prostate area the following formula has aided in removing infection, sediment and the like. Male Urinary Tract: Dr. Christopher's Prostate Formula, Cayenne, ginger, golden seal root, gravel root, juniper berries, parsley root or herb, uva ursi herb, and ginseng root. These capsules can be taken in the morning and at night, and they are best taken with parsley tea. Change the diet to the mucusless diet, and drink plenty of distilled water and fruit and vegetable juices.

Cancerous tumors have a very difficult time growing when there is the presence of organic potassium in the body, so the tinctures of black walnut or elderberry or any other foods high in potassium can be helpful here, providing that the bowel is in good condition so that proper assimilation can take place. The Hormonal Changease: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Hormone Formula will help the body produce the necessary hormones for proper functioning of the glands. It consists of Black cohosh, Sarsaparilla, ginseng, licorice, false unicorn, blessed thistle and squaw vine. Don't worry if the formula contains estrogens as well as hormones. The body will select the substances it needs and will discard the rest in a natural formula such as this. [NL 3-6]

Gravel Root is used principally as a therapeutic agent for the urinary-genital areas, influencing the kidneys, liver, bladder, prostate gland and uterus. It relaxes moderately, stimulates, and tones the pelvic viscera and mucous membranes (helping to cast off any sediments that have settled on surfaces). It is good when used alone, or in combination with other herbs. Its popularity (note the name) has been due to its powerful solvent effect on stony deposits in the kidneys (here it can do the work alone, but its effects are improved with other herbal agents in combination). Gravel root is one of the greatest herbs to use for any kidney and urinary problem, and it is also great as a tonic and stimulant. As a nervine, it is reputed to influence the entire sympathetic nervous system. [SNH p.254]

Prostate Urinary Troubles: See formula using gravel root, marshmallow, parsley, juniper, lobelia, cayenne and golden seal. [SNH p.256]

Herbal Kidney Aid: See formula using cayenne, ginger, golden seal, gravel root, juniper berries, marshmallow, parsley and uva ursi. This will dissolve the stones that are in the kidneys, as well as clean out other sedimentation and infection in the prostate. Mix the powders and place in No. 2 capsules and take two morning and night. [SNH p.524]

Male Urinary Tract: Dr. Christopher's Prostate Formula:  (This is the same as in # 3 but already made into capsules). In case of malfunction we suggest this combination to help assist the male: cayenne, ginger, golden seal root, gravel root or queen of the meadow root, juniper berries, marshmallow root, parsley root or herb, uva ursi leaves. This will help dissolve the stones that are in the kidneys, as well as help clean out other sedimentation and infection in the prostate. Mix the powders and place in No. 0 capsules and take two or more morning and night, with parsley tea when possible. [HHH p.191]

Alfalfa: Frank Bower conducted many interesting experiments with Alfalfa. Three hundred soldiers at Sawtelle, California, used the Alfalfa tea with remarkable improvement in bladder, prostate and other problems. [UW-Alfalfa]

Kelp: Kelp is also recommended to tone the prostate gland. It improves the nutrition of the organ and the circulation of the blood through the tissues. It is necessary to take the herbal aid over a period of time to get the results, however. A seventy year old man was saved having a prostate operation through the persistent use of Kelp. [UW-Kelp]

Processed Meat and the Prostate: The preservatives which are put into the hot dogs, baloney, and corned beef, are potassium nitrate and similar compounds which destroy the prostate gland in 55% of the male population of the world. At one time, these chemicals were used in black powder and rocket fuel, and to decrease the sexual libido of mental patients. Now men pay for it in their canned beef. Then they pay to have their prostate gland surgically removed. [NL 2-6]

Zinc: In a youngster, normal growth and sexual maturity cannot proceed without sufficient zinc. If you are having muscle cramps, slow healing of wounds, poor absorption in the small intestine, or prostate gland disorders, you may have a zinc deficiency.

Chaparral is a great way to obtain manganese, copper and zinc in a concentrated form. When the Creator ordained herbs for the use of man, it was to eliminate unnecessary guesswork and laboratory work with regard to the needs of the human body. [NL 3-4]

Pumpkin Seeds: The pumpkin seed has given much relief to prostate problems. [NL 5-1]


1. Cleanser of the Urinary Tract: About a year ago, we had the case of a man who was to be sent back to the Mayo Clinic for a prostate operation. It was serious enough that the doctors there wanted to handle it. We had to put the catheter in to get the liquid to flow at all and the man was in great pain; And even with this mechanical assistance, the pumping was very slow. This man was agreeable to do anything, so we changed his diet, and that was the roughest "medicine" we could have given him, as he was a big eater of the orthodox foods. But we changed his diet and put him on the gravel root herb (the "pelvic trouble" formula). Not more than six weeks had gone by before he happily told me, "I now have the fountain of youth." And he continued "This is the happiest that any man could ever be. It has been many, many years-since I've had this freedom and no pain." He was so enthusiastic about this miracle taking place within him that he said, "I would think that I can go on straight raw food now that I've got started that it will go faster." But we counseled, "No, please don't, because the mucus will break loose here so fast that we need to slow it down, so at least 1/3 of your foods should be baked or steamed." Well, he went ahead with the raw diet anyway. The mucus came fast and furious, and one string of mucus from the urinary tract was so long and painful that he thought he was going to have triplets with all that he went through. [SNH p.257]

2. Parsley for Pressure of the Prostate: One doctor who made a trip to Holland was surprised to see medical doctors prescribing Parsley tea for kidney stone and other kidney and related complaints, including pressure of the prostate. He returned to his practice at home and began prescribing the same remedy with the same good results (Luc:Herbal:89). Parsley taken with boiled onions is said to be good to remove gallstones although some writers prescribe juniper berries instead of the onions which would also be a great specific for the urinary tract (Coon:154). [UW-Parsley]

3. Parsley to Help Urinate: One gentleman in his sixties was in great distress because he was unable to urinate. The doctor catheterized him several times and told him that he would have to undergo an operation. It was then discovered that the man had sugar in his urine and the operation was deemed too dangerous until the diabetes was under control. The patient's osteopath finally prescribed Parsley tea. The results were astonishing. Not only was he able to urinate freely but every trace of sugar disappeared from his urine. After first drinking the tea a lot of offensive substance came away in his urine. But it soon became normal and the patient was soon playing his normal rounds of golf with enjoyment and with no further thoughts of an operation (Luc:84). To void urine Dr. Christopher specifically recommended combining the Parsley with Juniper berries. [UW-Parsley]

4. Kidney Formula: Dr. Christopher's Kidney Formula and Male Urinary Tract: Dr. Christopher's Prostate Formula:  First, I want to thank you for making your herbs and combinations and knowledge available! My husband was suffering from kidney/prostate troubles and had gone to the urologist after the local P.A. was unable to help him. The urologist had him on a septra which made his health seem to improve for a couple of weeks--then he had the same symptoms all over again and a lot worse. So much so, he stayed home from work for four days, sleeping and very uncomfortable. When he went back to the urologist and had x-rays they weren't able to find anything, told him to go off the medicine and that the urologist felt he would just have to "live with it." He must of thought my husband was off upstairs or something, maybe.

So we went to the health food store for help. Through reading material and the lady there he started on distilled water and KB [White Mallow] and PR [Male Urinary Tract]. He is much better and has been able to do heavy work again. Thank you greatly. [NL 3-4]

Dr. Christopher's Prostate Program

Herbal Combination:

* Male Urinary Tract


Male Urinary Tract; Take 2 or more capsules mornings and nights.

Single herbs:

Saw Palmetto, Gravel root, and Pygium.


Follow Dr. John R. Christopher's "Mucusless Diet". Drink celery, carrot, beet and apple juice.

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