The end of menstruation.

Herbal Aids:

See formula using squaw vine, white poplar, American pennyroyal, Mexican damiana and Beth root. [SNH p.280]

See formula using blue cohosh, lady's slipper, hyssop and chestnut leaves. [SNH p.293]

See formula using true unicorn, lady's slipper and black cohosh. [SNH p.290]
Is there danger of overdosing with estrogen herbs for menopause as is known to happen with manufactured birth control pills which sometimes cause clotting because of the excess estrogen? Question to Dr. Christopher in his Newsletter. His answer: No. Herbs are assimilable and any part unused is dispelled naturally. The inorganic preparations are accumulative, causing the side- and after-effects. [NL 1-5]

Hormonal Changease: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Hormone Formula:  A hormone estrogen herbal combination consisting of: black cohosh, sarsaparilla, ginseng, blessed thistle herb, licorice root, false unicorn root and squaw vine.

These are natural herbal foods that are needed by both men and women of all ages. Since they are natural, the body can accept, assimilate and use those materials that are needed to produce estrogens and other hormones naturally. This formula will help assist in rebuilding the weak malfunctioning areas and help keep the organs healthy so they can supply the proper amounts of hormones and estrogens themselves. Herbs are a natural food, so they do not have "side effects" and "after effects" as are so evident in man-made and synthetic drugs.

The recommended dosage is a cup of the tea (one teaspoon of tea to cup of hot water) or two #0 capsules, both a.m. and p.m. (or more often if needed) six days a week as long as necessary to get the desired results. This herbal combination is a great blessing during puberty; and again a boon to womankind right after a baby is born in order to replace the estrogens and hormones used during pregnancy.

One of the most appreciated times for this formula's use is during menopause. Many older women claim they have found relief from hot flashes--and other menopause problems, after using this formula. The recommended dose would be a cup, two or more times a day, as needed, or two capsules or tablets instead of the cup of tea. [NL 1-7]


Dr. Christopher Helps Menopausal Woman: Dr. Christopher recalled the case of a lady in Vancouver, B.C. She was climbing the wall with nervous tension due to menopause. Her hot flashes were driving her almost insane. When she would throw off the covers at night, her husband would get cross, and she was keeping him awake at night as she would get up and down with discomfort of hot flashes. She was using estrogen, but she felt it was doing her more harm than good, so she asked Dr. Christopher for help.

He put her on the three-day cleanse and mucusless diet, and she suffered for a time from extreme withdrawal symptoms from taking the commercial hormones. She took the female corrective formula [Female Reproductive], two or three capsules, three times a day, and the hormone-estrogen formula [Hormonal Changease], using those three capsules, three times a day. After a short time, she came to Dr. Christopher and said that her whole life had changed. She could sleep all night, without throwing the covers off. She didn't have the nervous screaming jags as she had before, and her husband fell in love with her again. She felt that it was worth the dietary change and the effort to take the herbs to make this difference. [EWH p.170]

Dr. Christopher's Program for Menopause

Herbal Combinations:

* Hormonal Changease
* Female Reproductive
* Vitalerbs


Hormonal Changease; take 2-3 capsules between meals.

Hormonal Changease extract; 5-30 drops as needed.

Female Reproductive; take 2-3 capsules during meals.

Female Reproductive extract; take 30 drops three times a day.

Vitalerbs; take 2-6 capsules three times a day.

Single Herbs:

Dong Quai Root, Licorice Root, Cedar Berries, Black Cohosh, Damiana Leaves, Kelp Plant, Siberian Ginseng Root, Alfalfa Leaves.


Follow Dr. John R. Christopher's "Mucusless Diet", avoid coffee, tea, alcohol, nicotine. Eat grain, sprouts, leafy greens, raw fruit and vegetable juice (Jurassic Green).

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Entire chapter on Menopause in Every Woman's Herbal p.167. [EWH p.167]
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