Bladder Formula
Bed Wetting Formula (Incontinence)
Formerly DRI Formula

For more severe cases of incontinence, enuresis (bedwetting, etc.), a formula we have used a long time is DRI. This formula is a specific for controlling or overcoming bedwetting and to strengthen the entire urethral canal, kidneys, bladder, etc.


Recommended dosage two #0 capsules three times a day with a cup of parsley tea. Upon retiring at night fasten about a six- or eight-inch ball of yarn or string or cloth onto night clothes in the middle of the back. This is for the purpose of preventing the individual from lying on the back, as this is generally the time the valves release to void urine.


parsley root
juniper berries
marshmallow root
white pond lily
gravel root
uva ursi
ginger root
black cohosh root


1.   Incontinence: We drink your Blood Stream Formula tea all the time and have for months. I have been using your  Herbal Eyebright on my eyes and also take the capsules every day. My eye doctor says I was beginning to form cataracts in my eyes, so I read about your eyebright and have been using it ever since. I am also using your herb capsules called DRI which helps me a lot. You can see how much you are helping people.

2.   5 Years of Incontinence Cured: E. B. of Jonesborough, CA had suffered with incontinence for over 5 years and had tried everything. She used three capsules of Dr. Christopher's DRI formula three times a day and cleared up the problem in 1 1/2 weeks. [D. Christopher]

Useful in Treating:

* Bed Wetting
* Incontinence
* Kidney

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