Bed Wetting

Bedwetting is the inability to withhold urine during sleep. [HHH p.40]


Aside from the obvious difficulty, the child is often nervous and may suffer from digestion troubles. At times it is difficult for children (and adults) to control voiding of urine. They urinate unconsciously, wet the bed, or cannot get to the restroom quickly enough. Ads in the magazines recommend special guards (diapers) to wear during the day for these youths and adults. This is working on the effect! Let's get to the cause. This condition of incontinence or enuresis (involuntary flowing of urine) can be helped by feeding the malfunction organs (kidneys, bladder, urethral tubes, etc.) with herbal foods rich in the elements missing for a good healthy body and organs of elimination. [HHH p.40]


The kidney is very sensitive and sometimes acts at the wrong time with fear or panic. Children quite often have problems when their nervous systems are damaged, and I have seen acute kidney problems from other causes. Tommy is a bed-wetter, and his parents bring him to me to see what is the problem. I, in checking the iris of the eye, not only find the invariable severe nerve rings, but in the kidney area we also find scar tissue where the kidney has been bruised. Why? Because he couldn't keep from wetting his bed he got paddled. And instead of on the buttocks, it was just a little higher on the kidney area. We have seen kidneys torn loose from the body and floating because of these severe beatings, which have been called "spankings." Many parents do not realize it, because such is a lack of education, but the greatest part of enuresis trouble is from the nerves. And a lot of it is psychosomatic, so we have given quite a few severe lectures to the parents before we have started working on the child. [SNH p.257]

Bedwetting or incontinence of urine is frequently due to the presence of inorganic oxalic acid crystals in the kidneys or bladder.

This disagreeable trouble is due to an involuntary relaxation and weakness of the muscle that closes the bladder. This is also known as enuresis (kidney and bladder trouble), caused by wrong diet. Weak and undernourished children with a lack of wholesome food are most likely to have this habit. Other causes are late suppers, constipation, worms, gas in bowels, and general nervousness. Do not scold or spank the child for bedwetting, as this causes the child to become more nervous because of the scoldings and punishments. Why not try to kindly remonstrate and then help them as we will explain, by "going to the cause!" This embarrassing habit is one any child dislikes, but needs help from the parents to overcome. [HHH p.40]

Herbal Aids:

Plantain: Drink one teacupful of the tea four to five times daily until relief is obtained. [SNH p.53]

See formula for bedwetting using yarrow, beth root, sumac berries, agrimony and white pond lily. [SNH p.216]

Uva Ursi: With a child, when you first start them off with uva ursi, don't expect the cure to be instantaneous from one night to the next morning. The problem has been a long time coming on, and this herb will assist with the regulation of the organ. Whenever a child lies sleeping while on the back, pressure irritates the kidneys, and that is when the bed-wetting generally takes place. So we always prescribe that a ball of cotton (or cloth rolled into a ball), large enough to make an uncomfortable protrusion, be taped or fastened to the bed clothes or pajamas right in the small of the back. Then, when the child is asleep and unconsciously rolls from the side onto the back, he will roll back to the side position again. This will keep the child off his back and thereby lessen the irritation and help speed the healing process. [SNH p.259]

See formula for bedwetting using uva ursi, white poplar and marshmallow root. [SNH p.260]

See formula for bedwetting (tea) using uva ursi, white poplar, sumach berries and yarrow. [SNH p.261]

See formula for bedwetting (capsules) using uva ursi, white pond lily, yarrow, sumach berries, white poplar, ginger and golden seal. [SNH p.261]

Liquids: Do not let the child eat late at night or eat any stimulating foods, such as tea, coffee, soft drinks, white flour or white sugar products. It is best to give the child no food or liquids after four or five o'clock. Use a gentle olive oil massage daily over the kidney area. Do not give bed-wetters liquids just before retiring, but have them take the last teas or beverages several hours before going to bed. They can always eat ripe fruit for quenching the thirst and this will often give more satisfaction. [HHH p.41]

Bladder Formula: Dr. Christopher's Formula for Bedwetting:  For more severe cases of incontinence, enuresis (bedwetting, etc.), a formula we have used a long time is as follows: parsley root, juniper berries, marshmallow root, white pond lily, gravel root, uva ursi, lobelia, ginger root and black cohosh root.

This formula is a specific for helping control or overcome bedwetting and to strengthen the entire urethral canal, kidneys, bladder, etc.

Recommended dosage two No. 0 capsules three times a day with a cup of parsley tea. Upon retiring at night fasten about a six or eight inch ball of yarn or string or cloth onto night clothes in the middle of the back. This is for the purpose of preventing the individual from lying on the back, as this is generally the time the valves release to void urine. [HHH p.184]

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