It is the extreme dependence on alcohol which can lead to mental changes, cirrhosis of the liver, nerve damage and heart problems.

Herbal Aids:

Heavy Mineral Bugleweed Combination: Natural physicians have used bugleweed successfully in cases of ...the inflammation from alcoholism. [UW-bugleweed]

Oats: In India, oats are described as a perfect food.... The tincture of the green oats is recommended for nervous strain. It is also taken as an antidote for drug addiction and alcoholism. [UW-Oats]

Skullcap: This has been used in weaning people from barbiturate addiction as well as in lessening withdrawals from Valium and meprobamate abuse, avoiding some of the latter state convulsions and frenzies. In combination with white ginseng it is effective in treating delirium tremens of alcoholism. [UW-Skullcap]

Chaparral: This contains a phenolic compound, nordihydroguariaretic acid (known as NDGA for short). It is found on the external surfaces of the leaves and stems in all the species of Larrea... NDGA is used in alcoholism treatment, liver disorders and geriatrics. [NL 3-4]

Cabbage: Eat cabbage, steamed or raw and drink the juice. [NL 4-12]

Cayenne: It is used as an accentuator with other herbs; it increases the value and healing properties of the herbs and carries them to the afflicted part of the body. Indeed, Cayenne affects every portion of the body through its marvelous action in the venous structure... It can help cleanse the system of alcoholism and even reduce the discomfort of a hangover, or worse, the miseries of delirium tremens. [NL 6-3]

Cleansing the Bowel: Alcoholic beverages of all sorts tend to produce constipation, by causing chronic intestinal catarrh, ulcer of the stomach, and paralysis of the sympathetic nerves. We do not recommend laxatives such as purchased from the drug store or herbal laxatives in many cases from health stores that are just a laxative. These become habit forming and this is not the procedure we recommend. We use herbs to feed and rebuild the bowel, to activate the dormant peristaltic muscles and clean off the bowel walls for complete assimilation of foods going through the intestinal tract. (See also Cleansing) [HHH p.146]

Alfalfa: This is used in Europe for many functional type diseases. It is traditional for wasting diseases in traditional European practice. It is recommended for alcoholics and drug addicts who are trying to kick the habit. [UW-Alfalfa]

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