"Natural Healing with Herbs for a Healthier You"
Are you trying to eat healthier, but not really sure how to start?  The first step is to convert some of your favorite recipes to a healthier version.
Here are a few ideas from Master Herbalist Fawn Christopher:
Many write to The School of Natural Healing asking how to cook/eat. We begin by teaching them to change the recipes that they already enjoy to a more healthy version. Then as their tastes change they move on to more natural and healthier foods.
Olive oil is, of course, the oil of choice and can be used very effectively. As people begin a transformation period they may find that canola oil is not as strong in taste and is better for you than Crisco.
I have often used a dollop of applesauce in place of eggs in my recipes. It does make them more moist.
Eggs can also be replaced with:
For a healthier flour try using sprouted grains. Traci Sellers, in her book "Traci's Transformational Kitchen Cookbook," explains how to sprout grains, dry them and use them as flour. See http://www.lulu.com/content/885929 for more information about this book.
Sucanut is not the perfect sweetener, but when a dried sweetener is needed it is better than the rest. It is crystallized from whole, unwashed sugar cane. Yes, the crystallization process requires heat that kills off enzymes, but again, when a dried sweetener is needed that is what I use.
What to use instead of flour, eggs, sugar & Crisco
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