Yellow Fever

An acute, infectious, often fatal, febrile affliction of the tropical and sub-tropical regions of America, characterized by jaundice, hemorrhages, vomiting, etc.


The affliction begins with a chill and pain in the head, sudden onset of fever (103-105 degrees F), vomiting, constipation, scanty and albuminous urine. A period of diminution (remission) occurs, another fever attack, jaundice develops, and the vomit becomes darkened from the presence of blood. The disease is often fatal, occurring in the typhoid state or from uremia. [SNH p.49]


A thick and sluggish blood stream. Mucus clogs the body to the point that a fever takes over (without which it cannot clear itself). Yellow fever or other forms of fever do not occur when the body is in a healthy condition. The clogged condition is triggered by an organism carried by a mosquito. [SNH p.49]

Herbal Aids:

Work the Fever Out through the skin by the use of diaphoretics, vapor baths, heat baths and cold sheeting and change the diet. [SNH p.49]

Cayenne (Capsicum): It is especially valued there for the deadly fevers, especially yellow fever, of which the native people have no fear as long as they have a goodly supply of Capsicum (Ibid.) [NL 6-3]

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