Wild Lettuce and Valerian
Minor Pain Formula

It is a natural sedative, quiet and soothing to the nerves. [HHH p.195]

The migraine-type headache that people often experience is due to the impaction of the transverse colon. Headache can often be alleviated by taking some tincture of wild lettuce and valerian or nervine herbs for pain. [NL 4-1]

The combination of wild lettuce and valerian root, used as a tincture, or capsules, can relieve headache, stress, neuralgia, etc. [NL 4-5]


It is to be taken orally or massaged externally as relief of minor pain. [HHH p.195]


This is a tincture or tea consisting of wild lettuce and valerian. [HHH p.195]

Useful in Treating:

* Nerves

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