A long term grainy tumorous infection caused by an acid-fast bacillus. Exposure is usually by breathing in or eating infected droplets.


Usually affects the lungs, although the infection of other organ systems by other ways of getting the disease occurs.

Herbal Aids:

Echinacea: Fine results have been obtained by using echinacea alone or in combination with elecampane root. [SNH p.89]

Garlic: Inhale the vapors of the freshly expressed juice that has been diluted with equal quantities of water. [SNH p.100]

Garlic Syrup; Give 2 teaspoons to 1 tablespoonful of the syrup 3-4 times daily between meals. [SNH p.100] Tincture-syrup (glycerine) of garlic: See formula using garlic cloves, apple cider vinegar, distilled water, glycerine and pure honey. [SNH p.102]

Dr. Coffin's Formula for Tuberculosis or Consumption: See formula using raspberry leaves, agrimony, barberry bark, cleavers, ground ivy, European centaury, horehound, cayenne and licorice. [SNH p.149]

Comfrey: Combine comfrey with garlic (add 1 tablespoonful of fresh garlic juice to every pint of mucilage of comfrey) and stir well. This is the best remedy ever discovered for this problem, according to Dr. Shook. [SNH p.310] Stir well or shake together. 1 wine glassful - 1 teacupful, every 4 hours. [SNH p.312]

Tuberculosis or Consumption Remedy (with hemorrhage and antipathy garlic): See formula using mucilage of comfrey, elecampane root, garlic juice and distilled water. [SNH p.314]

Strong Decoction (inflamed tissues, tuberculosis... pulmonary complaints): See formula using mullein leaves, distilled water and glycerine. [SNH p.317]

Use the "Asthma remedy" Formula, adding 1 teaspoonful of garlic juice; take 1 teaspoonful frequently, according to the severity of the case. [SNH p.335] Asthma remedy: See formula using slippery elm, horehound, garden thyme, red clover tops, yerba santa, lobelia, resin weed, cayenne, blackstrap molasses and glycerine.[SNH p.339]

General Body Nutritive, Flesh Builder, Tuberculosis, Whooping Cough, etc.: See formula using elecampane, sweet almond oil and comfrey mucilage. [SNH p.343]

Tuberculosis, with Severe Hemorrhage: See formula using elecampane, comfrey root, horehound, licorice root, Iceland moss, Peruvian bark, composition powder, cayenne, acacia, sugar, queen's delight tincture, and anti-spasmodic tincture. [SNH p.345]

Coughs, Consumption, Tuberculosis: See formula using cayenne, slippery elm, lemon and honey. [SNH p.410]

Lung & Bronchial: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Formula for Lungs and Respiratory Tract:  This combination of herbs in tea form or the powder in capsules is an aid to help relieve irritation in the respiratory tract, lungs and bronchials. This is an aid in emphysema as well as other bronchial and lung congestions such as bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, etc. This formula is extremely valuable in helping promote the strengthening and healing the entire respiratory tract. It helps promote the discharge of mucus secretions from the broncho pulmonary passages. Suggested amount for an adult is a cup two or three times a day, or two or three capsules two or three times a day with a cup of comfrey tea. For additional help in the program, it is good to add three to six drops of tincture of lobelia to each cup of tea.

This formula consists of comfrey root, mullein, chickweed, marshmallow root and lobelia. [HHH p.188]

Alfalfa: Dr. H. E. Kirschner, relating the research efforts of one of the pioneers of Alfalfa, Frank Bower, retold the story of a man who was very anemic. He was considered a borderline tuberculosis case and had no appetite at all. Bower supplied the landlady of the boarding house where both of them took their meals with a liberal amount of Alfalfa tea, to be taken at meals. All the boarders liked it, and after about two weeks, the sick man began to eat with gusto. They all ate so heartily that larger meals had to be prepared to meet their demands (Kirsch:28). [UW-Alfalfa]

Mullein: The herb was formerly used, before tuberculosis was so well-controlled, to relieve the cough of that ailment and facilitate expectoration (Coon:204). We do not know if modern medicine may someday be unavailable to us as the last days come upon us, so it is good to know that Mullein is considered, in Ireland, a specific for all lung troubles, especially tuberculosis, and that it is extensively cultivated there and kept on hand for that purpose. Mullein contains both potassium and calcium phosphate. These two organic minerals are absolutely necessary for the nervous system and bone structure. As the ravaging effect of tuberculosis is to feed on all the tissues of the body until they are literally wasted away, it is possible and probable that the presence of these two vital salts renders the Mullein so effective in checking this disease (ShoA:194-5). A simple infusion, sweetened with honey, is good for the beginning stages of the disease, as well as for hemorrhage of the lungs, stomach, intestines, or other internal parts. When the disease is more advanced, a strong decoction is more useful. It helps calm and quiet the nerves, soothing the inflamed tissues markedly. Shook said that tuberculosis has been cured in its earlier stages by this one herbal aid alone; in all stages it is said to help give prompt relief and help promote rest and sleep. Its narcotic principle is not well-known, but it is well known that it is non-poisonous.

Enormous amounts of it have been taken, and there is no case on record of injury or harm to patients who have taken as much as a quart a day (ShoA:195). Shook did recommend for advanced stages of tuberculosis a strong decoction of Mullein mixed with the mucilage of comfrey root, to help expectoration and to soothe, and a syrup of garlic, to stop the decay of cells in the body. This also helps with almost any serious condition of the body, he said, especially all diseases that show a marked deficiency of calcium and sulfur. It is indicated in all wasting diseases, and gives prompt relief to any pulmonary troubles. Since Mullein has been reputed to have some antibacterial properties, mild and inoffensive as the herb is, it is not surprising that it can help with these serious problems. [UW-Mullein]


1. Dr. Christopher and Tuberculosis: Dr. Christopher recommended the use of Onion as an alternative to Garlic if it wasn't available. It works much the same, but is weaker in action. He said, however, that there is a specific use for onions, and here is the story he told.

He was practicing with a small band many years ago. He was going to travel to Europe, entertaining on board a ship. But as he would play his banjo, he had such a bad cough that he would cough in rhythm! The French dancer who was going with them said, "That's awful". "We can't continue this way." She went off into the kitchen in her apartment. When she came back to finish the practice, she brought him a bowl of onion syrup. Dr. Christopher had had this cough for four years. He had been working in a planing mill, running a three-gun sander and the sandings from the hardwood--mahogany and similar wood--came into his face. It was during the Depression and they couldn't afford a mask, so he had to contrive a mask himself. However, it didn't work, and he got his chronic cough. Medical doctors and his family physician, told him he had tuberculosis, which they said they couldn't treat or cure.

But after just a spoonful of this Onion syrup, Dr. Christopher had the first peace and ease he had had in a long time.

Here is the way you make the syrup. Dice up big dried onions, whatever amount you want, and put them into a stainless steel, unchipped enamel, or Pyrex pan. Don't use aluminum. When you have about the amount you want, pour liquid honey over them until they are covered. Add nothing else. The honey extracts the Onion power, which is the greatest antihistamine known. This goes into the honey solution and provides a wonderfully effective cough syrup. [UW-Onion]

2. Distilled Water, Good Nutrition, Sunshine and Fresh Air and Exercise: I have met Paul C. Bragg and want to say that here was another great man (although now deceased) that did a lot for mankind, in teaching the use of distilled water for better health. As a teenager, Paul Bragg had tuberculosis and his doctors had told him there was no cure, that he was "not going to make it."

The little Swiss nurse was angry with the doctors and after they left she told him he could be cured in Switzerland. She took him back to Dr. August Rollier, and there in Switzerland he had a "rebirth" with just natural healing methods, no drugs of any kind-just distilled water, good nutrition, sunshine and fresh air (deep breathing) and exercise.

He became well and, as he put it, "strong as a young stallion." He studied two years in Switzerland and then he moved to London to study and prepare for his life's work. His landlord and his wife were very sick, so he started them on the use of distilled water and other simple aids, i.e., pure foods, etc., and performed a miraculous healing. At first these two had great difficulty in climbing the stairs but after a "cleaning out" could climb up and down the stairs within three weeks, something his landlord had not done in seven years. [NL 1-10]

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