Dr. John R. Christopher's
"Three Oil Massage"
For the first two days, massage the patient with castor oil, using a clockwise circular motion from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet, always working towards the heart.  The next two days use olive oil, and the last two days of the week massage with wheat germ oil.

By using the skin as a filtering agent, the castor oil cleans and flushes the skin.  It also goes into the blood stream, aiding in the removal of mucous and toxins from the inner body.  The olive oil is a complete food itself and will penetrate into the body to feed and rebuild muscles, flesh, and the entire system.  Wheat germ oil is a healing oil, high in vitamin E, valuable in rejuvenating the body.

On the seventh day, rest the patient, using no foods, herbs, or juice, only drinking steam-distilled water, as much as is desired.

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