A severe, intermittent pain lasting a short time.


The pain radiates along the course of a nerve and its branches, but is not associated with any manifest changes in the nerve structure. The tender spots are often where the nerves exit and paroxysm can be produced by contact with a certain area (the trigger zones). Often there are sharp, stabbing attacks of pain in the eye, brow, temples, or back of the neck. There are also various forms of neuralgia along the spinal column, and the various internal organs (viscera), along the sciatica nerve, or in a joint. [SNH p.37]


Neuralgia is caused by irritation of the nervous system and by heavy mucus throughout the body. An acid condition is also a factor. [SNH p.38]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: The sharp, excruciating pains can generally be relieved by placing a poultice or fomentation of mullein and cayenne over the area. Relief may also be obtained by applying a liniment of equal parts cayenne and prickly ash tincture. To remove the cause, rebuild the body with tonics, change the diet and improve the person's general health. [SNH p.38]

Garlic: Sciatica, paralysis, neuralgia pains. Massage Oil of Garlic over the affected area. [SNH p.101]

Wormwood: Rheumatism, sprains fomentations, neuralgia, etc. Apply fomentation of the herb; or, use the oil as a liniment. [SNH p.108]

Bruises, Swellings, Neuralgia, Toothache: See formula using camomile and poppy flowers. [SNH p.219]

Mullein: Rub mullein oil in well, or apply on saturated cotton and cover.[SNH p.317]

See formula using marshmallow, camomile and poppy heads. [SNH p.328]

Scullcap: Drink 2 fluid ounces of scullcap infusion every 1 to 2 hours and 1 cupful upon retiring. 1 pint during a single evening would not be harmful. [SNH p.371]

Soothing Syrup (children), Neuralgia Mixture: See formula using lady's slipper, scullcap, pleurisy root, prickly ash, lobelia and anise seed. [SNH p.386]

Hops: Use hops poultice and fomentation. Or apply a flannel bag of hops, and moist heat over the affected area. [SNH p.396]

See formula using hops, black cohosh, camomile, yarrow, sage and peppermint. [SNH p.397]

Liniment for Neuralgia: See formula using cayenne, lobelia, oil of wormwood, oil of rosemary and oil of spearmint. [SNH p.411]

See formula using myrrh, cayenne and echinacea. [SNH p.456]

Juices: Carrot & celery, celery. [NL 3-5]

"Natural Healing with Herbs for a Healthier You"