Over time, some of the formulas have undergone name changes for various reasons. In order to help you locate the product that you are looking for, here is a list of the original names along with the current one.
Original Name Current Name
Adrenetone Adrenal Formula
Anti-Plague Super Garlic Immune Formula
AntiSp Anti-Spasmodic Formula
AR-1 Joint Formula
Aromatic Nose Therapy Nose Ointment
B&B Alcohol Ear & Nerve Formula
B&B Glycerine Nerve Formula
Barberry LG Liver & Gallbladder Formula
Bee Power Bee Power Energy Formula
BF&C Complete Tissue & Bone Formula
Billbrite Bilberry Eye Formula
Black Ointment Black Ointment
BPE Blood Circulation Formula
Bugleweed Combo Heavy Mineral Bugleweed Formula
Calc Tea Herbal Calcium Formula
Catnip & Fennel Stomach Comfort Formula
Cayenne Massage Oil Cayenne Heat Massage Oil
Changease Hormonal Changease
Chickweed Ointment Itch Ointment
CMG Respiratory Syrup
CMM Rash Formula
CSK, Anti-Obese Appetite Formula
Deep Heating Balm Cayenne Heat Ointment
DRI Bladder Formula
Ephedratean Sinus & Lung Formula
Fematone Female Tonic Formula
Fen LB Lower Bowel Formula
GR&P Cold Season Formula
Hawthorn Berry Syrup Hawthorn Berry Heart Syrup
Herbal Composition Chest Comfort Formula
Herbal Cough Syrup Herbal Cough Syrup
Herbal Eye Wash Herbal Eyebright
Herbal Thyroid Herbal Thyroid
Herbal Tooth Powder Herbal Tooth and Gum Powder
Immucalm Immucalm
Immutone Immune System Formula
INF, Lymphatic Formula Infection Formula
Junipars Kidney Formula
Jurassic Green Powder Jurassic Green
Kelp-T Thyroid Mainenance Formula
Mascutone Male Tonic Formula
Master Gland Formula Master Gland Formula
MEM Memory Plus Formula
Metaburn Metaburn Herbal Weight Formula
MindTrac MindTrac
Mullein Oil Respiratory Massage Oil
Mullein & Lobelia Glandular System Formula
Nu-Fem Female Reproductive Formula
Panc Tea Pancreas Formula
Plantain Ointment Stings & Bites Formula
Pre-Natal Formula Birth-Prep Formula
Pre-Trac Liver Transition Formula
Prospallate Male Urinary Tract Formula
Prospalmetto Prostate Plus Formula
Red Clover Combo Blood Stream Formula
Relax-Eze Relax-Eze
Resp-Free Lung & Bronchial Formula
Sen Sei Balm Sen Sei Menthol Rub Ointment
SHA Tea Sinus Plus Formula
Smoke Out Smoke Out
Thyroid Stimulating Formula Herbal Thyroid Formula
TNT #1 Quick Colon #1
TNT #2 Quick Colon #2
VF Syrup, Traveler's Co Herbal Parasite Formula
Vitalerbs Vitalerbs
Wild Lettuce & Valerian Valerian Nerve Formula
X-Ceptic X-Ceptic
Prolapse Formula Yellow Dock Combination

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