A swimming or swirling sensation of the head; a sensation of lack of equilibrium. [SNH p.18]


Dizziness can be caused by constipation when pressure causes the nerves to become impinged. There are many other reasons for dizziness such as the menstrual period, an injury or a fall on the head, compacted sinuses, or blood pressure problems. [SNH p.18]

One vulnerable area in the human body for this "hardening of the arteries" is found in the brain. Regardless of how intelligent an individual has been in the past, when the arteries in the brain area become hardened there is a resulting slowness in thinking, loss of memory, headaches, dizziness, dimming eyesight, paralysis, and one of the saddest conditions of all - senility. [NL 2-1]

Herbal Aids:

Cayenne: Cayenne help promote relief. [SNH p.19]

European Pennyroyal: Apply the tincture preparation with apple cider vinegar to the nostrils. [SNH p.284]

Rue: Chew 1-2 freshly-picked leaves. [SNH p.295]

See formula using valerian, tansy, caraway and rue. [SNH p.378]

Mistletoe: Historically speaking, mistletoe is said to cure stubborn headache, even migraine. The extract is also used in headaches which are accompanied by dizziness, in spells of vertigo when there is a tendency to fall backwards, in people whose gait is wavering, who are afraid of open places, get attacks of "pins and needles" in the limbs and suffer from cold feet (Ibid.). [UW-Mistletoe]

Vertigo: Question to Dr. Christopher in his newsletter. Is there any help for vertigo?
His answer: Yes, it can be helped. This condition of vertigo is, to most people, a frightening condition. As is explained in The American Illustrated Medical Dictionary (Dorland, copyright 1947), vertigo is a sensation as if the external world were revolving around the patient (objective vertigo) or as if he himself were revolving in space (subjective vertigo). The term is sometimes erroneously used as a synonym for dizziness. Vertigo may result from disease of the middle ear (Menere's disease), from cardiac, gastric, or ocular disorders, from some peripheral irritations (as laryngeal vertigo) as a precursor on an epileptic fit, in hysteria, from toxemia (as Bright's disease), from an organic brain disease, and from unrecognized causes (essential vertigo).

Use Ear & Nerve Formula as follows: place four to six drops of oil of garlic in the ear with our eyedropper and follow this with four to six drops of B & B in ear, then plug ear with cotton. Turn the other ear up and do the same as with first ear-plug this one also and leave in all night, or night and day if desired, and flush ears on the seventh day. This is done by using a small ear syringe and flush with warm apple cider vinegar and distilled water (half and half) then continue on. Apply garlic oil and B & B tincture this same way week after week until desired effects are acquired.

Have the patient drink six to ten drops of the B & B tincture three or more times a day. (This could be done each hour in severe cases.) Massage B & B tincture on the cords back of the ears down the neck area and on the base of the skull (medulla area) several times a day.

The program as given above has aided many having problems with their equilibrium and locomotion. When more severe, in addition use the "bone, flesh and cartilage" formula over the skull area above eyes and ears area soaking and sponging out a cap made of flannel, cotton or wool and leave on the head area overnight, as before, six days a week, week after week until results are received. This fomentation should not only cover the skull area front and sides but also down the back to cover the medulla and down over the upper cervicals to cover the motor nerve area.

This type of a patient with vertigo should also use the nerve herbal food combination [Relax-Eze]. [NL 1-12]

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