The origin of this disease, as is known so far, can be traced back to derangement of the functions of the pancreas gland. Contributing factors, however, are undoubtedly severe nervous disturbances, or improper function of stomach, liver and bowels. The patient feels tired and weak. Usually complains about pains in the limbs, feeling depressed and down-hearted, and an abnormal thirst is often experienced. Dizziness and headaches are common. The skin is dry and often itchy. The digestion is often upset, due to the unusually abnormal increased appetite. The eyesight may be impaired or weak. The urine is generally very pale and plentiful. Sugar is present in the urine in more or less quantities. [HHH p.62]

Today diabetes is said to be one of the top killers in the world. It is supposedly one of the incurable diseases, but it can be definitely cleared if one approaches it properly.

Diabetes stems from a disorder in the pancreas, so you shouldn't just treat it by giving insulin, which is working on the effect; you should instead go to the cause of the disease. Pancreatic malfunction can manifest in one of two ways: diabetes, which is high blood sugar, or hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar. Though they are completely different, they both stem from the same cause, a malfunction of the pancreas, which is what we have to treat. [EWH p.133]


This is a constitutional disease where carbohydrates are not used properly due to failure in the pancreas to secrete sufficient insulin. The body tissue cannot oxidize carbohydrates at a normal rate. This is characterized by excessive discharge of urine, sugar in the urine, excessive thirst and hunger, and progressive emaciation. [SNH p.16]


Malnutrition and malfunction in connection with a bad pancreatic condition cause diabetes. Stay away from sugars and starches which will go into diabetes very quickly due to a weakened pancreas. Baking soda and aluminum cookware greatly aggravate diabetes. [SNH p.16]

Herbal Aids:

General Program: Diabetes is a forerunner for Bright's disease. Heavy users of insulin have been able to cut their intake rapidly by a number of herbal remedies such as verde cactus and ginger, and chaparral. Clean the colon area with a high enema of burdock root, yellow dock root, or bayberry bark. Assist nature in its elimination of sugars and body poisons through the skin by taking long hot baths and soaking in the bathtub. Accompany the baths by taking internally diaphoretic teas. Finish off with a cold shower or by sponging with cold water and vinegar. Use the lower bowel tonic herbs [Lower Bowel] to help promote regular elimination. Hot fomentation of castor oil, etc., may be used on the spine, stomach, and pancreas areas to obtain relief. The patient should avoid all processed denatured foods and "secondary" foods such as animal by-products--meat, milk, eggs, fish, etc. Herbs such as Irish moss and slippery elm are nutritive mucilages that soothe while they feed the irritated digestive areas. In general, the diet for diabetes should consist of the fresh fruits and tender greens and vegetables "in the season thereof" from the garden, preferably raw or cooked at low heat. Deep breathing and plenty of vigorous outdoor exercise are also vital. [SNH p.16]

See formula using raspberry leaves, myrrh and cayenne. [SNH p.144]

Sumach Berries: Diabetes, bowel complaints, catarrhal affections of the stomach, fevers. Drink the infusion of the sumac berries alone. [SNH p.158]

Pancreas Formula: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Aid for Pancreas and Companion Glands Formula:  An aid to help promote teh normal function of the pancreas and other affiliated glands that through malfunction cause high or low blood sugar (namely diabetes or hypoglycemia). This combination has assisted many that have had hypoglycemia after six months or more of using two to three capsules three times a day six days a week (all herbal aids give faster results in six days a week instead of seven) using the same day of each week for rest. They have had a glucose tolerance test with a clean bill of health on the pancreas area. Many reports came in of heavy insulin users who continue using the insulin but by watching litmus paper or other types of diabetic checking, have gradually tapered down on the insulin and many, within a year of using two to three or more three times a day, six days a week of this combination, have reported to have found complete relief. Of course, the closer a person stays on the mucusless diet and eliminates the sugars (unnatural), soft drinks, candies, pastries, bread, etc., the quicker the results. The herbal formula is golden seal, uva ursi, cayenne, cedar berries, licorice root and mullein. [HHH p.95]

Water: Persons suffering from obesity or diabetes are sometimes restricted in the drinking of water, with the result that constipation is produced, if this condition does not already exist. This should never be done. [HHH p.141]

Juices that Help Diabetes: Carrots & spinach, dandelion, cabbage. [NL 3-5]


1. Diabetes and Hypoglycemia Both Cured by Pancreas Formula: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Aid for Pancreas and Companion Glands Formula One day a man and his sister, both middle-aged adults, came into Dr. Christopher's office. She had severe diabetes, and his hypoglycemia was so bad that doctors' tests indicated that he could not get any worse, without offering any hope to help him. They both were told to use the mucusless diet and to take the pancreas formula, although they took the lower bowel formula [Lower Bowel] and blood cleansing formula [Blood Stream Formula] before they began on the pancreas formula.

The woman was using around 80 to 85 units of insulin a day, being a severe case. Despite her initial condition, within a year her pancreas was furnishing its own insulin, and she tapered off gradually until she didn't need it at all. Her brother took a glucose tolerance test in six months and received a clean bill of health; his hypoglycemia was completely cleared.

Despite the fact that they had opposite diseases, diabetes and hypoglycemia, both were cleared because each had a family weakness in the pancreas. When their pancreas was cleared, the diseases were removed. [EWH p.134]

2. Parsley and Juniper Berries: One gentleman in his sixties was in great distress because he was unable to urinate. The doctor catheterized him several times and told him that he would have to undergo an operation. It was then discovered that the man had sugar in his urine and the operation was deemed too dangerous until the diabetes was under control. The patient's osteopath finally prescribed Parsley tea. The results were astonishing. Not only was he able to urinate freely but every trace of sugar disappeared from his urine. After first drinking the tea a lot of offensive substance came away in his urine. But it soon became normal and the patient was soon playing his normal rounds of golf with enjoyment and with no further thoughts of an operation (Luc:84). To void urine Dr. Christopher specifically recommended combining the Parsley with Juniper berries. [UW-Parsley]

3. Dr. Christopher Discovers Cedar Berries Will Help Cure Diabetes: I had been concerned for years about how to get to the cause, in this condition, and get the pancreas, and other assisting glands, to become healthy and again make its own insulin and control the high or low blood sugar on its own, or as was originally intended.

The breakthrough came a number of years ago by accident (divine providence, I believe). A patient came to me with the problem of "having trouble in voiding his urine." This was years ago when I would mix my formulas, as needed, in my own herb laboratory. As I was in a hurry that day and did not have time to mix up a regular diuretic formula for him, I told him to use some juniper berries, and, if they were fresh to chew them, or make them into a tea. His response was that he had some growing in his own backyard and would use them.

Weeks later he returned and said the juniper berries were not giving him much help in voiding his urine. Knowing how efficient they really were in doing this, I asked him to let me see the juniper berries he was using. He took some from his pocket (as he carried them around, chewing on them during each day) and showed them to me. I laughed and said those are not what I meant. The true juniper berry I had recommended to him would have five or seven small stones in each berry, but the ones he had been using had only one. It was actually of the juniper family but was a "Utah monostone" cedar berry (Juniperus monosperma). It grows in the West such as in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and in the national cedar forests but entirely different from our regular juniper berry (Juniperus communis; Pinaceae).

When I told him about the "mistake," I gave him some juniper berries which eventually worked and did the job. I was astounded about his reply because after thanking me, he stated he would continue using the cedar berries anyhow. When I asked him why, he said, "Well, since using what you call cedar berries, I have been able to cut down on my insulin as I am a diabetic. I wasn't sure I heard him right (after looking for something like this for years) and asked him to repeat what he had said. Upon his verification of what I hoped he had said, I was very excited and asked him to increase the amount he was using and keep in touch. He did so, and in a few months his pancreas, which had found the right food (cedar berries), was healed and producing its own insulin.

I then tried it on a number of my patients, who were diabetic, with great results! One of them was a lady using about eighty-five units of insulin a day. She was put on the mucusless diet, given the lower bowel formula [Fen LB], and told to use at least six cedar berries three or more times a day. She was instructed to continue on using her insulin but to watch the litmus paper carefully and taper her insulin intake gradually as the litmus paper would act as a gauge. So she had gradually tapered off her insulin and by the end of the year was not using any more. Her own body (pancreas) was supplying it as she required its use. She had no reoccurrence, but of course she stayed on the mucusless diet, because a faulty diet is the cause of pancreas malfunction. We have had remarkable success over the years with diabetes, using this system.

As time went on, we found that some of our ailing pancreas patients, though the sugar and insulin problem was adjusted, would have problems with the pituitary, pineal or adrenal glands. We had not, at this time, taken the thought into our mind that the pancreas doesn't work alone, but is assisted by other glands. When the pancreas was healed, toxic burdens centered more, now, into the other glands. This was the time we added additional herbs to take care of these other glands--and since then they all are rejuvenated and healed together. The formula we have used for years, with success in all age groups from children to old aged patients is as follows: Cedar berries sixteen parts and one part of each of the following--golden seal root, uva ursi, cayenne, licorice root and mullein. [NL 1-6]

4. PC formula and Diabetes: (Pancreas Formula) In 1979 I discovered I had diabetes. I was in the hospital for a broken leg so they put me on insulin, 45 units each morning. I had heard your cassette tapes and decided that when I got home, I'd try herbs. I use the P.C. formula [Pancreas Formula] for diabetes, CA-T [Herbal Calcium Formula] and Complete Tissue & Bone to strengthen my bones, Naturalax No. 1 and 2 [Lower Bowel], and EZ [Relax-Eze] for my nerves.

In April, 1980, I had gotten so I didn't need insulin anymore. I just kept taking P.C. [Pancreas Formula] and testing and reducing the units of insulin gradually. Now I don't even need to take P.C. Once in a while I feel the need for EZ [Relax-Eze] when I've had a busy day. But otherwise, I feel great. I have your large herb book and through it, and the cassette tapes, I am able to help others. [NL 4-7]

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