Canker Sores

Ulceration, chiefly of the mouth and lips; aphthous stomatitis. [HHH p.47]


Painful sores on cheeks (inner), lips, etc. [HHH p.47]


Canker is a condition not only in the mouth, but all through the entire system. This is a toxic condition, and the sooner cleared the better. [HHH p.48]

Herbal Aids:

Dr. Thomason's Canker Remedy: See formula using bayberry, white pond lily and pinus. [SNH p.133]

Canker sores: See formula using red raspberry leaves, shavegrass and agrimony. [SNH p.143]

Relaxed Sore Throat, Canker in Mouth or Throat, Spongy Gums, etc.: See formula using raspberry leaves and bayberry. [SNH p.149]

Sumach: Mouth affections (sores, canker), spongy gums: Use the infusion of berries as a mouth rinse. [SNH p.158]

Children: Keep the child on juices, distilled water and red raspberry-leaf tea for three days (the child will not starve), and you will see the general improvement of the condition. If the child wants more to eat, give him comfrey green drink, slippery elm bark tea, or marshmallow root tea. So there will be no recurrence, keep the child on a mucusless diet and keep the bowels clean and free moving. [HHH p.48]

White Pond Lily: Sore eyes and canker sores have benefited from being bathed frequently in a brew of the herb. Be sure to make it with distilled water for this purpose. [UW-White Pond Lily]

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