Broken Bones

Fracture, break or crack in the bone.

Herbal Aids:

Comfrey Tea and Organic Calcium: After the doctor has set the bone, drink three or more cups of comfrey tea each day--the more the better. With each cup of tea take the calcium combination. This is the formula:

6 parts horsetail grass
4 parts comfrey root
3 parts oat straw
1 part lobelia

For children old enough to take capsules, use two capsules or more, three times in a day. As suggested, take these capsules with the comfrey tea. Mix the powder with blackstrap molasses, if it is hard to swallow the capsules. [HHH p.47]

Steroids Can Exacerbate Broken Bones: More dangerous still are the steroid drugs, such as Vanceril and Prednisone. If taken by children, these drugs can adversely affect growth and sexual maturation. It encourages yeast infections both locally and systemically. Adrenal insufficiency has been traced to this drug, so severe that death could result. Broken bones become more common among recipients of this kind of drug. And when you are ready to get yourself off the drug, you can suffer all kinds of side effects (withdrawal symptoms), such as inability to maintain body warmth, extreme tiredness, faintness, exhaustion, heart palpitations, and so on. [EWH p.127]

Broken Bones After Being Set: After a doctor has set the bone, drink three or more cups of Complete Tissue & Bone and/or comfrey tea or green drink per day. With each cup take two or more capsules of the Calc formula. [EWH p.165]

Complete Tissue & Bone: Dr. Christopher's Bone, Flesh and Cartilage Formula:  Over the years of practice I have had a number of patients who have had broken bones from osteoporosis. One case was a woman in her middle eighties with a fractured hip. After three months in a cast it showed no sign of healing, any more than two pieces of stick growing together. This woman was frightened because she was told that if the hip bones did not knit after putting on another cast for three months, they would cut her leg open and use stainless steel rods, bolts and nuts to make it possible for her to at least get around on crutches.

This was in the early sixties and not much comfrey was available then. The lady's daughter was in one of my classes, and we asked the students to help out by donating as much comfrey as they could. We had enough donated from the class members that the patient had from a pint to a quart of comfrey green drink or comfrey tea each day, six days a week, week after week. At the end of this "three months," the cast was removed and the doctors were amazed, because during the first three months were was "no knitting" of the bone even evident, but with the comfrey being taken orally during the next three-month period the leg was healed. The daughter told us her mother was out square dancing within a couple of weeks after the cast was removed!
Since this case was so outstanding we have had a formula developed called "bone, flesh and cartilage."[Complete Tissue & Bone] This formula has done miraculous things with broken backs, legs, hips, etc. This formula has been used to help with curvature of the spine, polio, multiple sclerosis, and muscular dystrophy, stroke and arthritis of the bone. This formula is used externally as well as orally and has brought tremendously fast results. [NL 1-11]

Dr. Christopher's Comfrey Combination Fomentation: (Complete Tissue & Bone) This is an aid for malfunction in bone, flesh, sinews, etc. Make a tea of the following herbs: oak bark, marshmallow root, mullein herb, wormwood, lobelia, skullcap, comfrey root, walnut bark (or leaves), gravel root. Soak the combined teas in distilled water (at the rate of one ounce of combined herbs to a pint of distilled water), then soaking four to six hours, simmer thirty minutes, strain and then simmer the liquid down to 1/2 its volume and add 1/4 vegetable glycerine (if desired). Example: One gallon of tea simmered (not boiled) down to two quarts and add one pint of glycerine.

Soak flannel, cotton, or any white material other than synthetics--never use synthetics. Wrap the fomentation (soaked cloth) around the malfunctioning area and cover with plastic to keep it from drying out. Leave on all night six nights a week, week after week, until relief appears.

Severe cases: Drink 1/4 Cup of finished concentrated tea with 3/4 cup of distilled water three times in a day. [HHH p.193]

Herbal Calcium Formula: Dr. Christopher's Calcium Formula:  A wonderful natural calcium capsule or tea made up of horsetail grass, oat straw, comfrey root and lobelia. As explained in the book "Biological Transmutations," the silica in horsetail grass converts to calcium, and the other herbs work in close conjunction with this master calcium herb. We need calcium for nerve sheath, vein and artery walls, bone, teeth, etc. This combination is all pure herbs. It is also used for cramps, "Charlie horses," and for all calcium needs in the body.

Children with crowded, crooked teeth who later must have the wisdom teeth pulled because of a too narrow jaw are lacking calcium in the body. The pregnant woman should increase her natural calcium intake now for two people, so as to build for the child a good wide jaw and tooth material. Sugars, pastries, soft and alcoholic beverages, breads, candies, etc., leach the calcium out of the body, causing varicose veins, cramps, Charlie horses, loss of teeth, nervous upsets, etc. [HHH p.185]


Heavy Milk Drinker Constantly Breaks Bones: A young man came as a patient-to us when our office in Salt Lake was on 1st South, from the American Telephone and Telegraph office down the street. He was not feeling well and had not been helped from other medical sources he had visited, so he finally came to us to find out if we could help him get back his health. He was only 18 years of age and had suffered 17 broken bones, one at a time in his lifetime, and at this early age had false teeth. This young man had grown up on a dairy farm in Smithfield, Utah (a dairy center), and as he said, he "practically swam in milk", for it was his main food during most of his life. And if the dairy association's advice that lots of milk will make good teeth and strong bones were literally true, with the amount of milk he had consumed, he should have been "king for the year," but here he was, a really sick young man. [SNH p.538]

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