Blood Poisoning

An infection of the whole body caused by germs spreading from an infected area through the bloodstream.

Herbal Aids:

See formula using bayberry, pinus bark, ginger, cayenne and cloves. [SNH p.133]

Chickweed: Drink the chickweed decoction internally and apply a chickweed poultice externally over the affected part. [SNH p.323]

Lobelia: Tincture of lobelia is also very useful in combating blood poisoning. [SNH p.365]

Lobelia: Dr. Christopher usually used Lobelia in the form of the acid tincture, which is made by soaking the herb or seed of Lobelia in apple-cider vinegar, one ounce of herb to one pint of vinegar. Incidentally, in recent years it has become all but impossible to obtain the seed, so most tinctures are made from the herb. Dr. Christopher was once called out on a case where an old man had a terrible case of lockjaw. The Doctor poured a small amount of the tincture into his mouth through his clenched teeth and within minutes he opened his jaws and was able to thank the Lord for the relief. Lobelia solved the effect; when the man could speak, he described working out on his farm, where he stepped on a rusty spike left out in the field by someone years ago. It had penetrated through his boot and now blood poisoning had set in. Dr. Christopher then went to work on this case. He used plantain ointment to help draw out the poison, and other herbs to cleanse the bowel and the bloodstream of the poison. [UW-Lobelia]

Plantain: Blood poisoning, use the Plantain preferably as a poultice but also possibly as a fomentation, and increase internal dosage as needed. [UW-Plantain]

Plantain, Lily of the Valley or Lilac: When we have a case of blood poisoning in a specific area of the body resulting from the sting of an insect, bee, hornet, or black widow spider, the bite of a "mad" dog, or infection from a cut or sliver, we need a powerful blood purifier that will give immediate relief to that area. Plantain (Plantago Major), Lily of the Valley leaves (Convallaria Majalis), and the common Lilac leaves have this power of purifying the blood stream in such an isolated area. [NL 1-2]

Blood Stream Formula: Dr. Christopher's Blood Purifying Formula containing red clover, chaparral, licorice root, poke root, peach bark, Oregon grape root, stillingia, prickly ash bark, burdock root, and buckthorn bark. Over the years we have used a very unusual Alterative -- a combination of herbs that has the ability of aiding many people who have found nothing else to help them in advanced diseases caused by bad blood. We have had hundreds of people express gratitude for the remarkable results they have received from following this program of a mucusless diet and the use of herbal aids...This formula creates, not only a generalized blood purifier, but also includes a group of herbs that aid in building strength and cleaning out the entire body, by helpig break loose toxic deposits and flush them out, and also acting as a food for the organs. [NL-1-2]

Lock Jaw: When there is blood poisoning and/or lock jaw, use tincture of lobelia (tincture of lobelia seed is stronger) then after clearing the lock jaw by pouring a few drops on the lips, then go to the cause and clean up the infection that caused the lock jaw to become evident. Use plantain as a poultice (fresh) or plantain ointment. [NL 3-1]

Echinacea: One of the first uses for Echinacea was therefore as an herbal aid for septic conditions of the body, particularly blood poisoning. A crushed hand, thought to be beyond aid, with the intolerable stench of putrid flesh, was saved by the application of Echinacea. [NL 6-12]


1. Plantain and Blood Poisoning: We had a man come to us for help who had blood poisoning. Red streaks were running up his arm; he had a large lump under the arm pit, and he was in extreme pain. His fingers were swollen so large that his hands were spread wide. We simply bruised some leaves of the plantain herb, made them into a poultice and applied it over the entire arm. Within twenty-four hours the fingers were normal, the lump was gone, and the tell-tale red line had entirely disappeared. The herb had drawn the poison completely out. [SNH p.54]

2. Poison From a Cut From a Sea Shell: In another case, a girl cut her foot on a poisonous sea shell, and her leg swelled up with the usual red streaks and a knot formed in the groin as large as a baseball. A plantain poultice was put on her leg, and within one hour pain was gone. The poultices were repeatedly applied every hour and she was completely healed in a very short time. [SNH p.54]

3. Woman Doesn't Want to Lose Other Arm: Dr. Shook tells of a woman with only one arm came to me in great distress. She had been stung by a bee on the only hand she had left. Several years previously, she had been similarly stung by a bee. That time she had gone to a Doctor because the whole arm was swollen and she was in grave danger.

The Doctor lanced and drained the pus from the infected hand, but still the arm had continued to swell. Ultimately, the arm was amputated. This lady was in abject despair, believing she would lose her other arm.

Outside my door there was some Plantain (Plantago Major) growing. I picked some of the leaves and gave them to the woman, telling her to wash and crush them, make a poultice and apply to the part where she had been stung. Next day this lady returned to thank me and pay for my advice. The hand was entirely well. No sign of poison or inflammation was to be seen, where, but twenty-four hours before there was swelling, inflammation and risk of amputation.

The word "Alterative" is intended to mean that certain herbs gradually alter and correct a bad condition of the blood, without necessarily producing evacuations of the bowels beyond normal evacuation.

They change the process of nutrition and excretion and restore the morbid organs of the system to healthy action. They promote absorption of inflammatory deposits chiefly by stimulating the lymphatic glands, though this is not all. The purification of the entire blood stream, by means of better digestion and regular secretion requires the maintenance of a mild alterative influence to be continued for some time. Therefore, it follows that the term "Alterative" is property applied to those agents, which slowly, moderately and steadily expend their influence upon badly functioning organs, thus bettering the condition of the blood. [NL 1-2]

4. I Have Had a Long History of Poison Oak. I would get it from my children's clothing, our dog, or sitting on a couch the dog managed to get on for a short time. Once it went internal and I was in bed six weeks because I could not take cortisone, being in first six weeks of pregnancy. Once I got it, it just got worse and worse until I took cortisone. The doses became larger and larger. Large doses of Vitamin C and Niacin help a few times, then no longer helped, as did other things I tried. Twice I got blood poisoning in my arm from poison oak. I was desperately searching for a cure when someone led me to herbs and Naturalife. It took me about three years to find the cure but I did. As soon as I realize I have poison oak, I start taking licorice root, which is a natural cortisone and use Dr. Christopher's Rash Ointment Ointment. This dries it up in just a few days. I usually take rose hips for good measure. As for the blood poisoning, the first time my poison oak went into blood poisoning, I took penicillin. The second time, my arm was swollen, big red swollen, full of fechickweed ointmentul. I put Itch Ointment [Itch Ointment] on a bandage, taped it on my arm over the affected area and went to bed. In the morning the swelling was gone, the pain was gone, the fever was gone, and the large red area was gone. This has really been exciting to me to find natural cures. [NL 1-8]

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