The forcible ejection or spewing of the stomach contents through the mouth. [SNH p.47]


This may be either a voluntary body activity or it may be induced when it is necessary to cleanse the stomach of undigested food poison, and excess body waste. Enemas, fasting, the use of the lower bowel tonic [Lower Bowel], or mild herbal laxatives, will cleanse the stomach. The nerve action of fear or panic sometimes induces vomiting. [SNH p.47]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: Use some type of herb to calm the stomach area. This may be done simply by taking teas of peach, peppermint, or raspberry leaves, or by simply chewing cloves. For the more difficult advanced cases, turkey rhubarb will do a thorough job. [SNH p.47]

Red Oak: Drink a tea of the bark and powder of the cups. [SNH p.139]

Nausea, Vomiting (especially during pregnancy): See formula using turkey rhubarb, spearmint, cinnamon and cloves. [SNH p.187]

Vomiting and Nausea of Pregnancy: See formula using spearmint, cloves, cinnamon and turkey rhubarb. [SNH p.240]

Weak Stomach and Vomiting: A gruel of slippery elm is often well-received when all food is ejected. [SNH p.335] Slippery elm gruel (strengthening, soothing and healing of inflamed surfaces): See formula using slippery elm, raw milk, honey and cinnamon or nutmeg. [SNH p.336]

Wild Yam: Take 1 tablespoonful of the warm decoction every 30 minutes until relieved. [SNH p.403] Strong decoction of wild yam: See formula using wild yam, distilled water and glycerine. [SNH p.403]

General Instructions of Ways to Relieve Vomiting: The task here is not only to relieve the vomiting, but also to settle the nerves. Antispasmodic will give ease to the area and nervines will settle the nerves (often vomiting is caused from a nervous condition alone). A demulcent is used when soothing the stomach area, and hepatic herbs (such as barberry, etc.) when giving ease to the liver; it depends on the source of the nausea, of course. A cleansing laxative enema is always used to clean the bowel out, because there is less chance for the nauseated condition to persist when the bowel area is clean. [SNH p.505]

Boneset: In all cases of influenza, severe colds, chills and fever, the patient must be in bed warmly covered, and hot drinks of the infusion of boneset given in one half teacupful doses every half hour until a copious perspiration sets in. If it produces vomiting at first, so much the better. In that case wait until vomiting has completely subsided, then proceed until free perspiration is produced. [HHH p.55]

Liver and Gallbladder: Dr. Christopher's Liver-Gallbladder Formula:  To speed up the blood purifying process, it is good to have a good clean liver and gall bladder area. When the liver does not function properly, the bile does not excrete freely into the intestinal tract, and so it passes off into the blood stream and throughout the rest of the system, causing a toxic condition called cholemia, causing indigestion, sluggishness, fatigue, constipation, upset stomach, chills, vomiting and fever. Why wait until it gets to this condition? A combination of barberry (or Oregon grape root), wild yam, cramp bark, fennel seed, ginger, catnip and peppermint--will help relieve this condition.

Suggested dose: 1/3 Cup or one or two capsules or tablets, 15 to 20 minutes before a meal. [HHH p.183]

Your Baby Vomiting: If your baby vomits, you must be very careful to maintain hydration. A baby dehydrates very quickly. You can prepare the Labourade [EWH p.78], using maple syrup instead of honey. You can give small enemas of catnip tea mixed with slippery elm. The trick is to make them small enough so that the child retains them. The slippery elm soothes the baby's tract and helps the enema be retained. You can try nursing the baby for less than a minute every twenty minutes. The baby will scream for more, but this procedure might help keep the milk down. A drop or two of tincture of lobelia in baby's mouth can relax the tense muscles that cause vomiting. Sometimes a thin gruel of slippery elm will stay down when nothing else will. Don't overlook the wonderfully hydrating effects of a good, long soaking bath with mother. Put in a gallon or so of strong comfrey or camomile tea for nourishment and relaxation. You can massage the baby (with olive oil) for nourishment and relaxation. I have found this combination--hot herb bath, cold sponge, and subsequent massage--a wonderful remedy for teething, fevers, flu, and almost every other baby ailment. [EWH p.105]

Ready Peppermint Water: Dr. Shook recommended making a "Ready Peppermint Water" to be mixed for instant use, such as helping relieve pain almost instantly, to cure nausea and vomiting, to calm the nerves and reduce inflammation in stomach and intestines, to act as a sleep-bringer, and to flavor nauseating medicines. To make this water, triturate 1/2 teaspoonful oil of Peppermint in 1/2 teaspoon purified talc and 1/2 teaspoon powdered sugar. Triturate for five minutes. Add 1 tablespoon glycerine and triturate again for five minutes. Add 2 ounces of distilled water and triturate. Pour through a filter paper into a glass container. Rinse out mortar without enough distilled water to gather the remainder of the ingredients. Pour into filter, stir, and allow to filter. If the first filtrate is not clear, add two ounces distilled water; and filter again. This is somewhat tedious, he says, but once the mixture is made, it will keep indefinitely, and will always be ready for use. This is extremely strong (1 part in 64), and can be used, taken in hot water in honey, as needed. It also mixes with alcohol or glycerine in any proportion (ShoA 258). [UW-Peppermint]

Corn: A cup of parched corn to two quarts of water lightly boiled for 20 minutes then strained and drunk has been found useful in cases of nausea and vomiting in many diseases. [NL 5-1]

Cloves: Cloves are useful for the digestive system, useful to allay nausea and vomiting, to relieve flatulent colic, to improve digestion, as a healthy stomachic and as an astringent, also valuable as an ingredient in compounds for the cure of diarrhea and dysentery. Clove oil stimulates peristalsis and thus relieves flatulence. The infusion is given to relieve colic pains, or the powdered or bruised cloves wet with alcohol may be applied between cloths upon the epigastrium to allay nausea or vomiting and expel gas, and upon the abdomen to relieve colic, but for these purposes the aromatic powder is preferable. [NL 2-2]


1. Kelp: Dr. Powell's ...patient was a lady who had suffered from digestive trouble for many years, suffering pain from even the smallest meal, vomiting frequently. She had spasm of the pylorus as soon as food entered her stomach. After prolonged treatment and constant failure with various remedies, the doctor tried Kelp. She experienced gradual relief and is now in a fair state of health. [UW-Kelp]

2. Hormonal Changease: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Hormone Formula and Female Reproductive: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Aid for Female Reproductive Organs: My greatest pleasure has resulted in freedom from pain for my seventeen year old daughter during her menstrual period She has been hospitalized three times in the past year for vomiting which could not be stopped over a six hour lapse of time. The Hormonal Estrogen Combination [Hormonal Changease] & Female Corrective Combination [Female Reproductive] have truly given her a "new lease on life". [NL 2-2]

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