Skin Problems

Acne, boils, bruises, burns, sunburns, eczema etc.

Herbal Aids:

Poke Root: Poke root is excellent for all skin problems...Both the root and the tender leaves make an excellent spring tonic, and the tender leaves may be used as greens for the dinner table (boiled in two waters). Poke root has a slow, but persistently powerful action. [SNH p.59] More on Poke Root: The skin is an indicator of toxicity in the body. Poke is a good herbal aid for skin problems. It is also good for "the itch" in cases of scabies. Anytime you have skin which doesn't eliminate properly along with vitiated blood, you can well use Poke. It is said to be a great eliminator of toxins out of the system (Hut:36). Usually the glands are not performing properly in these conditions so the herb works on both areas. It is often used in chronic eczema, syphilitic eruptions, psoriasis, varicose veins and leg ulcers (Felk:1473). Mixed with iris it is used in boils, carbuncles, skin abscesses and all ulcerations of outlets of the body. It helps relieve the pain of burns and promotes rapid healing. For skin problems it should be used internally and externally (Felk:1473). [UW-Poke Root]

European Pennyroyal: Make an apple cider vinegar tincture with the freshly bruised herbs apply as a fomentation outwardly and drink internally. [SNH p.284]

Sun: Helios-therapy on the skin is very important, as the sun is the Great Doctor of all times. But this therapy must always be done with caution because the sun (though being a healer) is like fire, which can either provide gentle warmth or it can burn a city down. The sun will help heal where medicinal aids, herbs and other procedures are slower. In many instances, it will help bring skin cancer to the surface; and various other skin problems (such as acne, eczema, etc.) are beneficially aided by bathing in the sun. The internal use of tea of other herbal aids are often an herbal wash before the sunbathing are congenial and excellent. When there is moisture in the body, the sunbathing is much more beneficial--for instance, burdock seed and burdock root may be used internally (which work on the lymphatic and oil glands of the body), while at the same time using sun therapy for the outside. Indiscreet exposure can cause third-degree burns, shock, and death. The light-skinned individual must be most careful, but even a person with dark skin can get a very heavy burn. Helios-therapy is used on bright days, but we do advise against sunbathing at midday, between the period 11-1, when sun might be quite toxic to the user. A blonde person who has never done sunbathing before should never be out over one minute on the first day, adding a minute each day. This should be measured by stop watch or clock, and accuracy is important, because the feel of the sun is so luxurious that one will desire to stay in it just a little bit longer, and that can cause serious trouble. This may not sound like very much, but within thirty days a person can be sunning up to an hour total time! Brunettes can often start with two minutes front and two minutes back without any injury at all, and add four minutes a day. A person who has been sunbathing years before and has sunbathed regularly each season may start with a little more, five minutes front and five minutes back for the brunette, and two minutes front and two minutes back for the blonde. If done gradually and judiciously, this can give power to the body. The propaganda in daily newspapers and national publications each year (although promoted often by people with doctoral degrees) stating that "the sun causes cancer" is as ridiculous as saying "the tonsil is poisoning the whole body"--actually it is the putrid condition of the body that is poisoning the tonsil, or the skin! All the sun does is to ripen and bring the cancer that is already there to the surface, wherein the waste matter can slough off, so that the body may heal. This is why we must work inside the body with herbs, as well as outside the body with the sun, which will harmoniously speed the curative process and eliminate the problem so there is no recurrence. [SNH p.502]

General Instructions: Skin problems, use a fomentation over the irritated area made with chickweed tea and/or plantain, burdock root, Oregon grape root, and echinacea--covered with plastic. Or bathe the area with the tea a number of times during the day. Chickweed or plantain ointment is an aid for small outbreaks. Drink a cup of the tea two or three times or more a day. To each cup of the tea you drink add three to six drops of tincture of lobelia. [HHH p.68]

Itch Ointment: Dr. Christopher's Itch Ointment:  This is made of chickweed herb and bees wax and oils. Excellent for eczema and/or other skin infections, sores, burning, itchy skin or genitals, swollen testes, acne, hives, also for ulceration of mouth and throat. This is a wonderful skin ointment. [HHH p.196]

Gotu Kola: The extract has been much-used to treat wounds and other skin problems, such as tuberculosis and leprosy. It's said to work marvelously in these complaints. It has been laboratory proven to help prevent infections, and so far has been shown to be absolutely safe. It can treat depression and mental weaknesses; many claim that it is a marvelous memory herb. If one takes too much of the herb, they will experience headache and stupor; thus, one must regulate one's personal dosage. [UW-Gotu Kola]

Yellow Dock Combination: Dr. Christopher's Yellow Dock Combination:  Yellow dock along with burdock is noted as a blood purifier, especially helpful in cleansing the related lymphatic system. Because it helps clean the blood, it is also excellent for skin disorders. Its reputation as a blood purifier began in the nineteenth century when it was included in various preparations sold for the purpose and especially recommended for eruptive diseases such as scrofula and for skin problems generally. It is said to be effective for the heart and for impurities of the blood. It is recommended for toxic conditions of the blood and glandular system, especially when discharges are experienced, as in running of the ears, ulcerated eyelids, and skin conditions (Hut:315). There are various combinations recommended for blood purifiers. You can make the simple infusion, allowing to steep for thirty minutes, or you can combine with equal parts of red clover tops, Brigham tea, burdock and figwort, making 2 quarts of tea and reducing it down to one quart. Combine yellow dock, burdock, sarsaparilla and echinacea for an excellent blood cleanser, particularly good in treating post-adolescent skin acne or eruptions related to the menstrual cycle. It will help clear up eruptions on oily skin of the neck and back (Tie:166). [UW-Yellow Dock]

Elder Flowers: A bag of Elder flowers steeped in the bath water makes a refreshing bath for nerves or skin problems as recommended by a French doctor. [NL 4-10]

Chickweed: Chickweed is an excellent herb for skin afflictions. Used historically for abrasions, eruptions, itching, hives, inflamed surfaces generally, and even cancerous sores, you can bathe the surface of the skin with Chickweed tea or foment it with a cloth of natural fibers--never man-made, changing the application if it dries; you can cover it with plastic and leave it on all night as well. For immediate first aid for a wound or other skin problems, the very best application is the fresh herb, washed, crushed, and applied directly to the area, holding it in place with a bandage, or, according to some of the old-time herbalists, better covered with a large washed leaf of cabbage, lettuce, or beet and then covered with a cotton bandage. This application should be changed every three hours, or when it shows signs of drying out, applying a fresh poultice each time. When removed, it will be very hot and filled with the impurities which it has withdrawn. These "used" herbs should not be given to animals to eat, as they will absorb the toxins contained therein; discard them in an active compost pile or in the garbage. [NL 6-5]


Feeding His Own Skin Problems: While serving in the army during World War II, we had a soldier come to us with a bad case of boils under both arms. We lanced and treated them as usual, but in a week or so he was back with another crop. When questioned about it, he said that he had been plagued with the problem all his life. I asked him if he wanted to rid his body of the boils, and he said he did. So I gave him a prescription, to the mess sergeant (not to the druggist): no fried foods, no milk, no meat, no potatoes, no soft drinks, but all fresh fruits and vegetables. Needless to say, the boils promptly cleared up and he had no recurrence of them. So these types of diseases must be treated by clearing up the blood stream and keeping it clean if healing is to be realized. [SNH p.69]

Dr. Christopher's Program for Skin Blemishes

Follow the Mucusless Diet This will often clear up many skin problems.

In addition, it is important to have your lymphatic system functioning properly.  See for more details.

Adding the following Herbal Combinations will also help.

Herbal Combinations:

* Skin Blemish Tea (see instructions below)
* Herbal Cleanse (Lower Bowel, Liver & Gallbladder, Kidney & Blood Stream Formulas)
* Complete Tissue & Bone
* Hormonal Changease


Skin Blemish Tea: To make Skin Blemish Tea mix equal parts Burdock Root, Echinacea Root and Yellow Dock.  Boil 16 oz of distilled water then simmer these herbs in the distilled water for 10 minutes. Pour onto chamomile flowers, cover and let it cool. Strain.  Wash your face with this tea. Add honey to the remaining tea and drink.

Herbal Cleanse: For the herbal cleanse you will take the Lower Bowel Formula, Liver & Gallbladder Formula, Kidney Formula and Blood Stream Formula.  Follow the instructions given in the complete Herbal Cleanse program (click here for instructions).

Complete Tissue & Bone
: take 1 -2 capsules between meals.

Hormonal Changease:
   Capsules: take 2-3 capsules between meals OR
   Extract: 5-30 drops between meals.

To find an herb shop that carries the single herbs and Christopher Formulas go to

Single Herbs:

Burdock Root, Dandelion Root, Echinacea Aug. Root, Kelp, Alfalfa Leaves.


Follow Dr. John R. Christopher's "Mucusless Diet",  Dr. John R. Christopher's "Three Day Cleansing Program" and Dr. John R. Christopher's "Extended Herbal Cleanse" Routine.

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