Outdated word for peritonsillar abscess. An infection of the tissue between the tonsil and the throat, usually after an attack of tonsillitis.


A severe acute inflammation of the tonsil and peritonsillar tissue with swelling, fever, and generation of pus (peritonsillar abscess) accompanied by chills, fever, painful swallowing, swollen throat and tongue, and dry mouth. It may induce panic if the tightening in the throat area makes breathing difficult. [SNH p.40]


The cause is frequently sinus drainage with mucus coming down the eustachian tubes and causing irritation. The basic cause is a dirty transverse colon, which causes poison in the sinus and head areas, which, in turn, drains down into the throat. [SNH p.40]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: Use an antispasmodic (such as lobelia) both internally and externally (wrapping the throat with a soaked fomentation). This can also be aided quickly by the use of a bayberry gargle (drinking several tablespoons every hour or so) or using mullein (three parts) and lobelia (one part) which should help draw off the toxic poison into the blood stream and disperse it quickly. Use a hot water bottle and either a poultice or a fomentation. [SNH p.40]

Purple Loosestrife: Use the warm decoction as a gargle; drink the decoction internally as an herbal tea. [SNH p.91]

See formula using raspberry leaves, agrimony, horehound, barberry bark, senna leaves and cayenne. [SNH p.148]

See formula using sumac berries, agrimony, raspberry leaves, garden sage, cudweed, slippery elm bark, myrrh and cayenne. [SNH p.159]

Sage: Use equal parts of the sage infusion and apple cider vinegar as a gargle. [SNH p.234] Infusion of garden sage. See formula using sage, distilled water and glycerine. [SNH p.234]

Cayenne: Dr. Christopher's many Cayenne Combinations: Apply tincture of cayenne around the neck, then cover with a flannel fomentation of cayenne infusion, and drink cayenne internally. [SNH p.409]

Juices: Carrot & spinach, carrot. [NL 3-5]

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