Parasites and Worms

Pinworms, tapeworms, and roundworms are parasites existing in the intestinal tract. The three most common types of worms found in the body are: the thread or seat worms (Oxyurix vermicularis), the roundworm (Ascares lumbricoides--lumbrici), and the tapeworm (Taeince-taenia solium, Bothriocephalus latus). There are other less-common worm types that enter the body, such as hookworms (Ancylostoma duodenal, Nectar Americanus) and those of unclean pork (Trichinella spiralis), which thrive upon various conditions of filth and degeneration. [HHH p.124]


Restlessness at night, picking the nose, gritting the teeth, itching at anus, dry cough, etc. Worms sometimes cause spasms, fits or convulsions. [HHH p.124]


Poor diet, poor hygiene, and constipation are usually the problem. Worms are found when the stomach is deranged from eating improper foods. Worms are the effect. The cause of the worms is improper diet--the lack of wholesome foods (do not use processed or refined foods) and heavy mucus and starchy food intake. To work on the effect and rid the body of worms is like killing the flies and leaving the garbage--which has attracted them--in the same foul condition. [HHH p.124]

Herbal Aids:

Pumpkin Seeds: A simple herbal aid for a mild case of worms is to use pumpkin seeds (Cucurbitaceae). It is best when fresh seeds are used. To make the infusion, steep one ounce of crushed seeds for fifteen to twenty minutes in a pint of boiling hot water. Dosage: One teacupful or more (up to one pint daily), six days a week for one to three weeks. Also eat one to two ounces of the pumpkin seeds each day. [HHH p.124]

Another "Seed" Aid is to Combine the Following:

1 part pumpkin seeds, crushed (Cucurbitaceae)
1 part watermelon seeds, crushed (Citrullus vulgaris)
1 part cucumber seeds, crushed (Cucumis sativus)

Dosage: Take one pint of emulsion (two ounces of seeds triturated in honey and distilled water) in doses at two hour intervals; or take one to two tablespoons of the crushed seeds in honey, syrup, etc., in three doses at two hour intervals.

The patient should fast during this treatment, then take an appropriate cathartic several hours after the last dosage such as senna tea or preferably the lower bowel formula [Fen LB]. Use this procedure at least three days in a row. [HHH p.124]

One of our Favorite Worm Formulas is as follows:

1 part pink root powder (Spigelia marilandica)
1 part burdock root powder (Arctium lappa)
1 part black walnut leaves powder (Juglans nigra)
1 part male fern powder (Dryopteris Felis mas)
1 part pomegranate root bark powder (Junies granatum)
1 part wormwood powder (Artemisia absinthium)
1 part lobelia (Lobelia inflata)

Dose: Mix the above herbal powders together and give the child 1/2 teaspoon of the powder in sorghum molasses or honey. Take each morning and night for three days. On the fourth day, drink one cup of three parts senna tea and one part peppermint tea, wait two days and repeat, two times. [HHH p.124]

Start feeding the child Dr. John R. Christophers "Mucusless Diet" with plenty of whole, uncracked, presoaked, low-heated grains.

Also, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. By using this procedure we are getting to the cause, cleaning it up so there will be no recurrence. Be sure the child drinks at least one ounce of steam distilled water daily for each pound of body weight--32 pounds, then 32 ounces of distilled water, 100 pounds of body weight, 100 ounces, etc.

In addition to the above deworming procedures, some herbalists claim it is good to insert a peeled button of garlic into the rectum each night, six days a week, rest one day and repeat six days a week for several months (or, give crushed garlic enemas). This will strengthen the bowel area, cut infections down, aid hemorrhoid area, and assist in discouraging worms. Keep the bowel area clean always if you want a healthy happy child. [HHH p.125]

Traveler's Companion Intestinal Syrup: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Aid for Eliminating Intestinal Parasites: (worms, etc.) This combination of wormwood, American wormseed, tame sage, fennel, male fern, and papaya is to help act as a vermifuge (a combination that will cause expulsion of worms from the body) and/or a vermicide (herbal agent that destroys worms in the body). Recommended dosage is to take one teaspoon each morning and night for three days. On the fourth day drink one cup of senna and peppermint tea (1/2 and 1/2). Rest two days and repeat two more times. [HHH p.189]

Vegetarian Diet: Consider now the ways a vegetarian diet is better:

It conserves food for a hungry world
It is free from parasites and most food-poisoning microbes.
It is free from animal diseases, such as tuberculosis and cancer.
It makes for stronger bones.
It supplies plenty of protein without being in wasteful excess.
It is free from hormones, antibiotics, and much of the pesticides that are in meat.
It does not require the slaughter of other creatures.
It is conducive to healthy arteries.
It is more economical.
It is more likely to supply sufficient vitamins and minerals." (Woolsey, 1974, p. 72) [NL 2-6]

Chaparral: According to Edward L. Card, N.D., of Mexico, chaparral has the ability to stimulate the liver and the intestines to clean out the toxic debris from the human system. The hydrochloric acid produced by most people's stomachs is sufficiently strong to wipe out parasites and their larvae. However, many folks have pockets of old garbage in their intestines from years of indiscriminate eating of pastry, sugar, and greasy foods. Here is where chaparral can be a great aid.

The antiseptic resin of chaparral's leaves can help the organs to remove those pockets of toxic material where parasites have enjoyed their residence for perhaps many years. As soon as the garbage and filth is removed from the intestines, the parasites have no choice but to evacuate the clean premises and look elsewhere for their lunch. [NL 3-4]

Walnut: More recently some have found the walnut to be effective against intestinal parasites by taking two to three ounces of walnut oil each evening for three days. [NL 5-1]

Hazelnut: The ancients considered the hazelnut to be the most wholesome and nourishing of any other shell fruit. The hazelnut is the best digested of all oil-bearing fruits. It is used to destroy intestinal parasites by taking one tablespoonful of the oil in the morning for two weeks. [NL 5-1]

Garlic: Give 10-30 drops of the fresh juice or 1 teaspoon of garlic syrup. [SNH p.100]
Wormwood: Round worms (vermifuge). Take 2 fluid ounces to 1 teacup of the infusion night and morning, or take the dosage night and morning and an active cathartic every 2nd or 3rd morning; or take 10 - 30 grains of powder night and morning, followed by an appropriate cathartic as indicated; ... This will clean the worms from the stomach and leave it toned up. [SNH p.108]

Dr. Shook's Anthelmintic vermifuge: See formula using tansy, wormwood, santonica and German camomile. [SNH p.108]

Round Worms (vermifuge): See formula using wormwood, rue and peach leaves. [SNH p.109]

Worm Powder (all types of worms): See formula using male fern, senna and jalap. [SNH p.112]

Round Worms: See formula using American worm seed or Jerusalem oak, pink root and manna. [SNH p.116]

Red Oak: Pin worms. Drink 1 cupful of the infusion 3 times daily. [SNH p.139]

Hyssop: Give the tea 3 times daily before meals. [SNH p.232]

Southernwood: Worms (children). Give 1 teaspoonful of the powder (seed or herb) in molasses morning and evening; a strong decoction is excellent worm medicine, but it is nauseous and bitter. [SNH p.204]

Juices: Garlic, onion, pomegranate, apricot. [NL 3-5]

Dr. Christopher's Program for Worms

Herbal Combinations:

* Traveler's Companion Intestinal Syrup
* Senna and Peppermint Tea


Take one teaspoon of Traveler's Companion Intestinal Syrup every morning and night for three days. On the fourth day Drink one cup of senna and peppermint tea, using 1/2 Teaspoon of each in a cup of hot, distilled water. Rest two days and repeat the total program two more times.

Single Herbs:

Orsa Clay, Black Walnut, Pumpkin Seeds.


Use this program with Dr. John R. Christopher's "Three Day Cleansing Program".

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