Osteoporosis characteristically occurs in women after menopause and is presumably related to low estrogen output--the female hormone that dwindles when ovulation and the monthly periods cease. In men, fragile porous bones typically develops considerably later in life and disorder is less severe. But though the disease is associated with late middle age and old age, the process probably begins many decades earlier. [NL 1-11]


1. One cause for osteoporosis: Dr. Harry W. Daniell reports his findings that heavy cigarette smoking appears to be a prominent factor in inducing osteoporosis. Dr. Daniell, who practices in Reddings, California, was prompted to undertake his study when he realized that most of his under 65 patients suffering from osteoporosis were habitual heavy smokers. (When it occurs before 65, osteoporosis is considered "premature".) The west coast physician and his associates then studied records from the three small hospitals in the area, coming up with the cases of 17 women who have had at least one characteristic osteoporotic bone fracture prior to age 65. [NL 1-11]

2. Another reason: Heavy meat-eaters are at risk of this condition because meat, while very poor in calcium, has a high phosphorus content. It's meateaters unbalanced high phosphorus intake, in Dr. Jowsey's opinion, that accounts for the now established fact that longtime vegetarians are less susceptible to osteoporosis than are omnivorous. [NL 1-11]

3. An increase of nitrogen loss through the urine can occur with cortisol administration. This is associated with gluconeogenesis and the trapping of amino acids at a rapid rate by the liver. In extreme adrenal malfunction, Cushing's Disease, and the use of large doses of cortisone or prednisone, the results are loss of muscle mass, decrease in thickness of the skin, and osteoporosis, which is the loss of the ossein network in the bone. [NL 2-3]

Herbal Aids:

Calcium and Trace Minerals: Currently of intense interest, osteoporosis is supposedly treated by taking extra calcium. When a woman with osteoporosis has a blood test, the calcium level is usually not low. But in order to be assimilated, calcium must be present in the body with the appropriate synergistic minerals, in particular phosphorus, which must be approximately twice the amount of calcium, and also silica. Without these minerals, and probably other trace minerals that haven't been linked to the problem yet, the body cannot absorb calcium; it just flows through the body, sometimes depositing and causing gout, arthritis, etc. The amount of calcium in the body doesn't matter; it's the balance you take in foods that's important.

For example, when people have broken bones, if their blood calcium is high and their silica low, the bones heal slowly, but if it's the opposite--with low calcium and high silica--the bones heal rapidly. [EWH p.144]

Dr. Christopher's Complete Tissue & Bone and Herbal Calcium Formula formula: Usually the right foods will provide the correct mineral balance that will naturally avoid osteoporosis. The Calc formula as well as the BF & C formula can help provide concentrated sources of minerals for those who are chronically deficient. [EWH p.144]

Calcium from Vegetables: When my fingernails have become soft in the past, I have taken calcium supplements in order to harden them, without very good results. But when I am eating many raw, leafy greens, the high concentration of proper minerals harden the nails right up. [EWH p.144]

Hormonal Changease: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Hormone Formula: Sometimes the imbalance in the system can be brought on by hormonal imbalances, so the hormone-estrogen formula can help effectively balance the hormone system. [EWH p.144]

Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey: If the diet is adequate and the body is still out of balance, it may be that the body is not digesting your food properly; this especially occurs later in life, when the body doesn't produce adequate hydrochloric acid for digestion. The apple cider vinegar and honey mixture--a tablespoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of honey mixed well into a cup of distilled water--taken three times a day, can correct a hydrochloric acid deficiency. [EWH p.144]

Rejuvelac: The intestinal flora may need replacing, which can also cause imbalance in the system. However, taking yogurt probably will not do the job, because most yogurt consists of only one strain of bacteria which, while useful, might not be the one that you need. A multi-strain acidophilus is better. Even cheaper than that is Rejuvelac, which is made by soaking one cup of wheat--previously washed--for forty-eight hours in three cups of water. Use the same seed to make a second and third batch, not rinsing the seed in between. These batches need soak only twenty-four hours. This Rejuvelac, as you can see, is really cheap, and yet provides the ferments which can help restore proper intestinal flora. [EWH p.144]

Pancreas Formula: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Aid for Pancreas and Companion Glands Formula: If the pancreas is inhibiting digestion, one can add the herbal pancreas formula to the healing routine. [EWH p.144]

Calcium Needs: "I would advise women to start calcium and Vitamin D supplements at age 30, or perhaps 25," says Dr. Jennifer Jowsey of the Mayo Clinic. With the average American diet, there's apparently a long term gradual loss of bone mineral exceeding the rate of mineral uptake and bone formation. In later years, when hormonal changes increase the susceptibility to osteoporosis, the skeleton has already lost a good deal of its substance. By then, because of previous loss, the rate of bone formation must not only equal the rate of bone demineralization (the normal condition) but must exceed it if bone strength is to be restored.

It is far more difficult, Dr. Jowsey warns, to induce new, compensatory bone formation that it is simply to slow down bone demineralization. Adequate calcium and Vitamin D in the diet will go far to accomplish the latter. But preliminary finds, the Mayo scientist says, indicate that lost bone will not be automatically restored by such dietary correction. [NL 1-11]

Jumping Rope: Dr. Carlton Fredericks has said that women with bones weakened by osteoporosis should, if they are capable of doing it, skip rope as a means of therapeutic exercise. The impact on the spine, vertically exerted, generates the electrical forces that drive calcium to the bone areas requiring reinforcement (The Carlton Fredericks Newsletter of Nutrition, July 1, 1972). [NL 1-11]

Foods that Provide Calcium and Vitamin D: Calcium and Vitamin D are often deficient in their diets. These can be obtained from broccoli, cabbage, kale, watercress, sun exposure, alfalfa, and cod liver oil. [NL 3-10]


Over the years of practice I have had a number of patients who have had broken bones from osteoporosis. One case was a woman in her middle eighties with a fractured hip. After three months in a cast it showed no sign of healing, any more than two pieces of stick growing together. This woman was frightened because she was told that if the hip bones did not knit after putting on another cast for three months, they would cut her leg open and use stainless steel rods, bolts and nuts to make it possible for her to at least get around on crutches.

This was in the early sixties and not much comfrey was available then. The lady's daughter was in one of my classes, and we asked the students to help out by donating as much comfrey as they could. We had enough donated from the class members that the patient had from a pint to a quart of comfrey green drink or comfrey tea each day, six days a week, week after week. At the end of this "three months," the cast was removed and the doctors were amazed, because during the first three months were was "no knitting" of the bone even evident, but with the comfrey being taken orally during the next three-month period the leg was healed. The daughter told us her mother was out square dancing within a couple of weeks after the cast was removed!

Since this case was so outstanding we have had a formula developed called "bone, flesh and cartilage."[Complete Tissue & Bone] This formula has done miraculous things with broken backs, legs, hips, etc. This formula has been used on curvature of the spine, polio, multiple sclerosis, and muscular dystrophy, stroke and arthritis of the bone. This formula is used externally as well as orally and has brought tremendously fast results.

This formula is a "power house" and has been used on (and restored to health) cancer of the spine, arthritis and polio, and has helped rebuild torn cartilage and sinews, fractures, etc. etc. As you look over the constituents of each it is easy to see the strength and rebuilding power of this group of "God-Given" herbs. [NL 1-11]

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