Louse - a general name for various degraded parasitic insects; the true lice that infest mammals belong to the suborder Anoplura Capitus, or head louse; P. Corporis, the body or clothes louse; and Phthirus, or crab louse which lives in the hair upon the pubis, and the eye lashes and eye brows. [HHH p.103]


The causal organisms of typhus fever, relapsing fever, trench fever, and possibly plague are transmitted by the bites of lice.

Head lice will never stay around the body that is completely healthy, with no toxins or accumulations of mucus. Lice and all body vermin are scavengers and cannot exist long with clean healthy cells. Keep the bowels clean, stay on a mucusless diet, bathe daily, and lice will not appear. [HHH p.103]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: When they are present, an infusion of six parts hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis), one part walnut leaves or inner bark (Juglans cinerea), one half part cinnamon bark powder, one half part cloves powder, one half part lobelia, and one half part ginger (Zingiber officinale).

Dosage: 1/2 cup (more or less according to age) three times in a day, taken orally. Make fomentation over the head with the same formula, and in other areas infected; covering the fomentation with a plastic or rubber cap at night. Do this six days a week as many weeks as needed to clear up the condition.

For quick relief (working on the effect) is to bathe the head or body parts covered with lice with straight apple cider vinegar, oil of garlic or walnut (leaf, bark or nut husk) tea.
When lice are detected in the family, see that in addition to working on the cause (cleaning the bowel and blood stream) and staying on a mucusless diet, work on the effect itself as suggested here. See that fresh clothes--inner and outer clothing--are changed daily. All of these clothes should be washed with a good biodegradable soap with a cup or more of apple cider vinegar to each washerful of clothes. Change the bed linen each day. Spray the room with tea made of six parts chaparral, three parts black walnut leaf or bark, one part lobelia and to each pint of the spray add some lavender oil or oil of mint to give fragrance.

We must remember one thing, a clean house and clean body are not to the liking of our scavenger friends, lice, mites, fleas, etc. [HHH p.103]

False Unicorn Root: Use strong decoction as spray or wash. [SNH p.466]

Parsley Seeds: The seeds made into decoction, can be cooled and steeped about seven hours and then rubbed into the hair to clear away head lice and any other such vermin. [UW-Parsley]

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