The inability of the adult male to achieve erection or less commonly to ejaculate having achieved an erection.

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: From a question to Dr. Christopher in his newsletter. Is there a natural treatment for impotency? His answer: There are certain types that are beyond help, such as of course, castration, and others could only be helped by a miracle such as a severe case of mumps that have "gone down," or injuries, etc. But there are many who have been helped who are impotent because of malnutrition of the reproductive area. In this case we have had both husband and wife follow a special routine in diet as follows:

(a) Stop eating processed foods and start on the mucusless diet with plenty of raw live food and fruit and vegetable juices.

(b) Use a gallon of steam distilled water each day, or if one is under 130 pounds, use one ounce of this water to each pound of body weight.

(c) Keep the bowels free, using the bowel tonic formula if required so as to get three or more bowel movements per day.

(d) The equivalent of one teaspoon of "false unicorn root" herb a.m. and p.m. (This can be in capsules, tablets, tea, etc.)

(e) One tablespoon of wheat germ oil three times each day. Both husbands and wife must follow this program. This routine can also be helpful to those who have wanted children, but could not conceive.

While in my early practice nearly forty years ago, I would promise a couple that if they would follow this routine they would either conceive or have a baby within a year. Many have accomplished this. One special (to me) couple had been married fourteen years with no success in reproduction. They followed the suggestion faithfully and had the baby in just a little over the year. We had a number of patients that have had this wonderful result.

The body has to be cleansed of these toxic additive materials we find in our foods today, and this is one of the reasons for the steam distilled water to help flush out the waste to aid the reproductive organs and gain better health. [NL 1-7]

True Unicorn Root: True unicorn root is a very valuable tonic, especially beneficial and healing to the female regenerative organs. It is a good general tonic, and it has proved especially effective for female cases of habitual miscarriage due to chronic weakness. It may be safely used during the entire period of pregnancy. Due to its powerful uterine stimulative properties, it has proved valuable in cases of sterility and impotence (sometimes achieving healing results within a few weeks; but the more difficult cases must be given for a few months); but as it increases the possibility of conception, it should be avoided where frequent pregnancy is undesirable. [SNH p.288]

Sterility, Impotence: Give the decoction over an extended period of time (a few weeks to several months). [SNH p.288]

Aphrodisiacs: Herbs used to help correct conditions of impotence and strengthen sexual power. Arracacha, Betel, Black cohosh, Burr gokhru, Camphor, Carline thistle, Damiana, Echinacea, Coca, False unicorn, Garden sage, Ginseng, Guarana, Jamaica ginger, Matico, Murira-puama, Night blooming cereus, Nux vomica, Quaker button, Saw palmetto berries, Summer savory, Sundew, True unicorn (impotence), Vanilla pods, Virginia snake root, Yohimbe. [SNH p.581]

Gravel Root: Gravel Root is said to help with problems in the genital tracts. When there is impotence, Gravel Root can help tone and heal the system. [UW-Gravel Root]

Oats: Oats are also used to regenerate and strengthen the male reproductive system, an effective agent in conditions of spermatorrhea, nervous debility of convalescence, nervous exhaustion, and general neurasthenia. They are considered an effective agent in conditions of impotence or sexual debility due to over indulgence as they are said to produce a tonic effect on the nerve structure of the sexual organs. They are employed for prostatic irritation (Luc:Secrets:149). For this purpose they are combined with black willow bark and celery seeds and made into a decoction. One teacupful is taken three or four times a day. For other male troubles, fifteen drops of the extract of oats are taken three times a day in hot water (for quicker effect) or cold water (for more prolonged effect) (Ibid.). [UW-Oats]

Sarsaparilla: A search for hormones from plant substances has been going on for several years. Hundreds of plants have been tested for hormones or pro-hormones. In 1939, two scientists discovered that Sarsaparilla root certainly contained hormones, while other plants often proved disappointing.

The first hormone found was the male hormone testosterone. Progesterone and cortin have also been extracted from the root. In Mexico, another scientist, noticing that Sarsaparilla was used frequently by the Indians for physical debility, weakness, and impotence, found the same results. In Mexico and South America testosterone tablets are made for impotence from Sarsaparilla roots. [UW-Sarsaparilla]

Wild Lettuce: In homeopathy, a tincture extracted from the whole fresh plant is used in the treatment of impotence. This is an interesting contradiction in uses! It is sometimes dissolved in wine to be taken for pain. [UW-Wild Lettuce]

Juices: Watercress, spinach. [NL 3-5]

Pinon Nut: The nut is considered to be effective where there are problems with the lungs such as tuberculosis, impotence, paralysis, low blood pressure, and emaciation. The Pinon nut is one of the best sources of protein in the nut family. [NL 5-1]

Watercress: The seeds in white wine would stop gonorrhea and impotency. In fact, he said, "the seeds provoke venury and lust" [UW-Watercress]

Chickweed: Chickweed can benefit the whole system, as it soothes and cleanses and paves the way for healing of toxicity-related problems, such as impotency. [NL 6-5]

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