Pain in or around the head. [SNH p.27]


This is often the result of a disturbance in some other part of the body, such as digestive disorders in the stomach, liver or bowel; problems in the abdominal area; menstrual irregularities, impingements in the cervical; concussion, eye strain, nervous excitement, fatigue, etc. The headache is a mechanism which signals some serious problem elsewhere. The common headache is due to faulty elimination, and the waste matter causes problems until the toxic wastes reach the stomach nerves and affects them. Sometimes headaches are caused from panic, fear, or worrying about the unknown. Headaches of this type are the hardest to relieve, generally requiring something strong like a heavy nervine tea with lobelia in it to diminish the nervous excitement. A nerve tea such as valerian or skullcap with a few drops of tincture of lobelia to a cup will give relief. [SNH p.27]

Food allergies are another very common cause of headache. The worst culprit is sugar; I have experienced sugar headaches, which are sort of a withdrawal; you eat the sugar, and then as the body is trying to eliminate the toxic substance, your head pounds. Cheese commonly causes headaches, probably the worst of the dairy products for this, although allergies to any of them may cause the pain. Meats and eggs are also common allergens. [EWH p.146]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: Improve elimination with the lower bowel tonic [Lower Bowel] (use the cathartics and enemas only in case of emergency). If the problem is in the stomach area, use any of the following stomach herbs: angelica, balmony, black alder, elecampane, gentian root, raspberry leaves, rhubarb, strawberry leaves, wild cherry, wormwood. Use ginger for a menstrual problem. To help relieve the local headache pain, two or three drops of tincture of lobelia in a little water three times a day or up to every hour if required will often give temporary relief. If the contents of the stomach causes the problem, empty that area with an emetic. Where the nerves are raw, the following herbs are excellent: catnip, peppermint (hot), rosemary herb, skullcap, spearmint, wood betony, and since plenty of rest is needed, any of the foregoing herbs along with hops tea is very soothing and will produce sleep. [SNH p.27]

Migraine Headache: See formula using wormwood, Culver's root and cayenne. [SNH p.109]

Relaxing Nervine (headache, neck, shoulder and muscular tension, irritability, nervousness or raw nerves, sleeplessness, female organs): See formula using camomile, white poplar, false unicorn, lady's slipper, lobelia and ginger. [SNH p.220]

Nervous Headache: Chew 1-2 freshly-picked leaves of rue. [SNH p.295]

Headache: Apply the freshly-bruised leaves of rue to the temples. [SNH p.295]

Nervous Headache: See formula using lady's slipper, catnip and scullcap. [SNH p.385]

Nervous Headache: See formula using wood betony, rosemary and peppermint. [SNH p.390]

Insomnia, Headache, Indigestion, Bronchitis, etc. Give black cohosh infusion in small doses. [SNH p.399]

Peppermint Tea: Drink a cupful of hot peppermint tea; then lie down and relax. [SNH p.419]

Oil of Peppermint: Apply externally on the affected area for rheumatism, neuralgia, and headache. [SNH p.419]

Stress Headache: My favorite headache/stress herbal aid is blending a banana into a cup of pineapple juice, adding a bit of nutmilk, and mixing in one to two tablespoons of brewer's yeast, blending briefly. In fifteen minutes I am calm and ready to deal with the problems that cause the stress. [EWH p.146]

Constipation Headache: Headaches can stem from several sources. Very common is the constipation headache, where compressed fecal matter presses on the nerves that affect the head. We have seen severe migraine headaches cured by taking a catnip enema. For longer-term relief, the lower bowel formula [Fen LB] can heal the bowel so that there is no constipation. [EWH p.146]

Severe Migraine: For a really severe migraine headache, apply cold packs to the neck and head while the patient soaks in a very hot tub or whirlpool. Be sure to drink lots of feverfew tea and water, take copious amounts of Dr. Christopher's Herbal Calcium and try to enjoy the bath. [EWH p.146]

Dehydration Headache: Sometimes people get headaches because they are dehydrated. You would be surprised that most people walk around in a state of dehydration. You need about a gallon of steam-distilled water each day in order to stay completely hydrated. [EWH p.146]

Rosemary: Another method to relieve headache is, as soon as the headache begins, a small bottle of spirits of Rosemary is held to the nose and the fumes are inhaled. In addition, a few drops of the preparation are rubbed gently but thoroughly on the temples, on the forehead, on the veins of the neck and behind the ears. This reputedly gives prompt relief. [UW-Rosemary]

Juices for a Sick Headache: Celery, celery & apple. [NL 3-5]

Cabbage Leaves: Apply cabbage leaves to the forehead and nape of the neck and leave on overnight. Applications of the leaves over the liver may also be necessary. [NL 4-12]


1. Cayenne Ointment: (Deep Heating Balm) My husband gets severe migraines occasionally, presumably because he does high-stress academic work. These headaches can keep him sitting up all night because they hurt too much for him to lie down. Once when he was suffering from one of these I thoroughly rubbed his back with Professor Cayenne's Deep Heating Balm, rubbing out the tense places as much as I could. Soon he was asleep and slept all night. [EWH p.146]

2. Kelp: A man reported to Dr. Powell with much indigestion with bilious turns. Almost every morning for some months he had risen from bed in the morning with a sick headache. For a time he had taken purgatives, salts and aspirins, which, although giving relief, failed to heal the man; indeed, these things had made him worse. The doctor asked the man to fast and then put him on a cleansing diet. He got somewhat better, though not completely. Eventually he began to take Kelp and cell salts at every meal, and after some weeks his troubles left him. In this case, the doctor noted, Kelp not only acted on the liver, but also on the toxic colon, the gall bladder, kidneys, and meninges. The latter are usually involved when the headaches are severe. [UW-Kelp]

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