Hay Fever

A severe seasonal allergic irritation of the sinuses and nose caused by tree, grass and weed pollens.


Many folks suffer great discomfort during the pollination season of plants. They attribute their symptoms to the pollen, saying that they are "allergic" to it. What is happening is that the pollen is bringing out of their bodies years of accumulated toxins. These come out in the form of mucus running from the nose, eyes, and lungs. [NL 3-9]

Herbal Aids:

Dr. John R. Christophers "Mucusless Diet":  Symptomatic relief can be obtained by using the Hayfever Formula, but again, permanent change can only be had through faithful adherence to the mucusless diet. After one year on the mucusless diet, all allergies should disappear. [NL 3-9]

Honey for Immunity: For an immunity to the local pollen, a tablespoon of local raw honey may be taken daily. It won't do you any good to take honey from Hawaii or Minneapolis if you are sneezing from pollen in Copperstown, North Dakota. [NL 3-9]

Cough, Phthisis, Pulmonary Diseases, Hemorrhage, Asthma, Bronchitis, Croup, Hay Fever, etc. Drink the strong decoction of leaves and flowers of mullein, or combine with comfrey root and garlic juice. [SNH p.316]

Steam Baths: One of the most important procedures of water therapy are the steam or sweat baths, and these will bring the poisons out of the body wonderfully. There are various types of steam baths, and these are all very valuable, very invigorating and health giving. This therapeutic procedure is recommended for arthritis, asthma, bursitis, colds, flu, hay fever, neuritis, pneumonia, rheumatism, sinusitis, stiff joints, etc. Someday, I hope to see a steam cabinet in every home (not a chicken on every plate and a car in every garage). In sweat therapy, we also have the Cold Sheet Treatment--a positive remedy for colds, flu, and pneumonia--which can be effectively used even in advanced and chronic cases. [SNH p.502]

Sinus Plus: Dr. Christopher's Formula for Allergies, Sinus, Hay Fever:  This is an aid for clearing up these malfunctions, a "natural and herbal help" working as a decongestant and natural antihistamine to dry up the sinuses and expel from the head and broncho-pulmonary tubes and passages the offending stoppage and mucus. This formula consists of the following herbs: Brigham tea, marshmallow root, juniper berries, golden seal root, chaparral, burdock root, parsley root and lobelia.

To speed up this cleansing procedure, use the following combination in addition to the above: blend fresh, chopped-up horseradish roots mixed with apple cider vinegar into a thick pulp and chew thoroughly before swallowing. Take 1/3 teaspoon three times in a day. Each three days increase this amount from 1/3 teaspoon up to one teaspoon, increasing the amount 1/3 teaspoon each three days. [HHH p.185]

Herbal Eyebright: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Eye-Health Formula:  Hay Fever and acute attacks of cold in the head may be checked by an immediate dose of the infusion of Dr. Christopher's eyebright repeated every two hours. [NL 3-9]

Lung & Bronchial: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Formula for Lungs and Respiratory Tract:  This combination of herbs in tea form or the powder in capsules or tablets is an aid to relieve irritation in the respiratory tract, lungs and bronchials. This is an aid in emphysema as well as other bronchial and lung congestions such as bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, etc. This formula is extremely valuable in helping to strengthen and heal the entire respiratory tract. It promotes the discharge of mucus secretions from the broncho pulmonary passages. Suggested amount for an adult is a cup two or three times a day, or two or three capsules or tablets two or three times a day with a cup of comfrey tea. For additional help in the program, it is good to add three to six drops of tincture of lobelia to each cup of tea. [HHH p.188]

Dr. Christopher's Formula for Allergies/Hay Fever

Herbal Combinations:

* Sinus Plus
* Immucalm
* Sen Sei Balm
* Kid-E-Soothe (for children)


Sinus Plus; take 2 capsules three times a day.

Sinus Plus extract; take 20-40 drops three times a day.

lmmucalm; take 4 capsules 4-5 times a day.

Sensei Balm; rub on sinus areas sparingly.

Kit-e-Soothe; 40 drops 4-5 times a day (for children).

Single Herbs:

Alfalfa Leaves, Brigham Tea, Chaparral Leaves, Burdock Root.


Follow Dr. John R. Christopher's "Mucusless Diet", and Dr. John R. Christopher's "Three Day Cleansing Program". Drink Jurassic Green.

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