A common sexually transmitted disease.


In gonorrhea, the genital area becomes extremely inflamed and a burning sensation occurs when the man urinates. There is also a discharge of green or yellow pus which continues for 6 to 8 weeks. It is through this pus that others can become infected. Gonorrhea eventually attacks the nervous system. If a person contracts the disease, treatment should begin immediately. [NL 3-10]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: A fresh fruit juice fast is recommended. The bowels should be kept clear by using the lower bowel formula [Fen LB]. Follow the cleansing program recommended in the little booklet, Dr. Christopher's Three Day Cleansing Program and Mucusless Diet. Add to this the herbal formula for the nerves, or some good nervine teas such as valerian root and chamomile. The prostate formula [Male Urinary Tract] should also be used. [NL 3-10]

Anal: Use the injection of Red Oak in small and frequent doses. [SNH p.139]

Red Raspberry: Use the strong infusion as a douche. [SNH p.143]

Dr. Shook's Healing Douche: See formula using raspberry leaves, sandalwood oil, Irish moss and glycerine. [SNH p.146]

See formula using cranesbill, golden seal, echinacea and glycerine. [SNH p.155]

See formula using sumac berries, sumac bark, white pine bark and slippery elm bark. [SNH p.158]

Witch Hazel: Apply as a poultice, fomentation, or wash. [SNH p.171]

Thyme: May be taken internally or used externally with amazing and beneficial results. Internally: 1 teaspoonful in 1 cupful of water, sweetened with 1 tablespoonful of honey 3-4 times daily; good for gonorrhea. [SNH p.230]

Cleavers: Acute gonorrhea. Bruise the fresh herb thoroughly in a mortar, then express the juice with strong pressure and take orally. [SNH p.268]

Hops: Simmer 1 tablespoonful of hops for 10 minutes in 1 pint of water and drink 1/2 pint morning and evening. [SNH p.396]

Injection: See formula using golden seal and wild geranium. [SNH p.440]

White Poplar: Drink white poplar bark in tea form. [SNH p.446] , or use as a wash. [SNH p.446]

Golden Seal: It has been used in the treatment of gonorrhea, a lotion applied externally and a syringeful injected up the urethra frequently at first, tapering off after a few days. The patient should be warned that the yellow solution permanently stains the linen (Felk:19). [UW-Golden Seal]

Red Raspberry: Dr. Shook recommended this combination: put two ounces of Raspberry leaves into 1-1/2 pints distilled water. Simmer for fifteen minutes while closely covered. Strain and add one ounce glycerine, 15 drops of sandalwood oil, and 8 ounces mucilage of Irish moss. Shake all together thoroughly and use as a douche, up to three times daily, considering the severity of the case. Make fresh each time. He said that this it is a most remarkable and speedy remedy for leucorrhea, gonorrhea. [UW-Red Raspberry]

See formula using yellow dock, red clover, burdock root, slippery elm and myrrh gum. [SNH p.96]


Prickly Ash: Carver reported that the Indians valued it highly to "radically remove impurities of the blood" (Vog:338). He claimed that a trader who traveled with him was cured of gonorrhea by a decoction of Prickly Ash bark given him by a Winnebago chief. [UW-Prickly Ash]

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