Some of the important and mysterious parts of the body are the various glands. These select their required substances from which they synthesize new compounds. Upon the work of these secretions which the glands send forth into the body depend digestion, absorption and utilization of all food elements, and the very existence of cells. No physiological or mental activity is possible without them. In their absence the body and its activities would cease to be. Manifestly, the glands cannot pick their required elements from the blood unless their progenitors were previously taken in the foods eaten.

The lymph vessels are fine tubes which accompany the blood vessels. They contain the lymph, a colorless, alkaline fluid, partly derived from the blood, partly from the juices of the partaken foods. To the lymph tubes belong the lymph glands, which are distributed over the whole system, having been given the task of extracting poisonous substances from the lymph. The lymph travels through the whole body like the blood, gathers in larger and larger vessels, and finally flows into the large veins near the heart; here it mixes with the blood, passes through the kidneys and lungs, and finally enters the heart as fresh new blood. [HHH p.80]


The more toxic the poisons and mucus materials taken into the system, the more often the glands accumulate this bad waste from the lymph system and we have glandular swellings over various parts of the body. An impure blood stream, constipation and a generally toxic body condition cause the glands to swell up and become painful. These may be on the neck, under the armpits, groin, etc. [HHH p.80]

Herbal Aids:

Enlarged Lymphatic Glands (especially of the neck). Poke Root. Use 1/2 - 1 teaspoonful of the fluid extract in 1 glassful of water, give 1 teaspoonful of the mixture every 2-3 hours; or 10 drops of the tincture every 4 hours. [SNH p.60]

Inflamed Tonsils, Salivary Glands, Neighboring Lymph Glands. Garlic. Keep garlic in the mouth constantly during wakeful hours, renewing morning and evening after the cloves have absorbed the poisons; or, use another appropriate garlic preparation. [SNH p.100]

See formula for swollen glands using garlic, glycerine and burdock seeds. [SNH p.103]

Parsley: It is a remarkable aid for helping expell watery poisons, excess mucoid matter, flatulence, reducing swollen and enlarged glands, etc. [SNH p.245]

Swollen Breasts, Enlarged Glands: Apply a poultice of bruised parsley leaves. [SNH p.246]

Mumps: Apply a fomentation as hot as possible on the swollen glands, wrung out of a tea made from mullein leaves; also the fresh mullein leaves soaked in apple cider vinegar may be applied. [SNH p.317]

Adrenal Formula: Dr. Christopher's Adrenals Formula:  See formula using black cohosh, licorice root, bladderwrack, golden seal, ginseng, lobelia, ginger and cayenne. [SNH p.400]

Pancreas Formula: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Aid for Pancreas and Companion Glands Formula:  An aid for the pancreas and other affiliated glands that through malfunction cause high or low blood sugar (namely diabetes or hypoglycemia). This combination has assisted many that have had hypoglycemia after six months or more of using two to three capsules three times a day six days a week (all herbal aids give faster results in six days a week instead of seven) using the same day of each week for rest. They have had a glucose tolerance test with a clean bill of health on the pancreas area. Many reports came in of heavy insulin users who continue using the insulin but by watching litmus paper or other types of diabetic checking, have gradually tapered down on the insulin and many, within a year of using two to three or more three times a day, six days a week of this combination, have reported to have found complete relief. Of course, the closer a person stays on the mucusless diet and eliminates the sugars (unnatural), soft drinks, candies, pastries, bread, etc., the quicker the results. [HHH p.95]

Appetite Formula: Dr. Christopher's Anti-Obese Herbal Food Combination:  Combine this anti-obese aid with the mucusless diet and you have a winner. This is not a crash program of fast loss of weight, but graduated and accurate loss without robbing the body of the needed nutrients like so many fad diets do. This acts as a blood purifier, aids kidneys in relieving excess fluids, feeds the body for relief from nervous tension generally caused by diets, appeases the appetite, feeds the thyroid and other malfunctioning glands and thus gains a healthier state for holding weight control. Take two or three capsules or tablets morning and night with a cup of chickweed tea. The formula is chickweed, burdock, licorice, saffron, mandrake, fennel, parsley root, kelp, echinacea, black walnut, hawthorn berries, papaya. [HHH p.187]

Mullein & Lobelia: Dr. Christopher's Glandular Fromula:  Through the accumulation of toxic waste in the body from improper diet, poor blood stream and sluggish circulation of the blood system the glands become congested and infected, and swell up to cause much pain and misery. (There are glands that swell on the neck, breast, groin, under arm pits, etc.) Make a tea of three parts mullein and one part lobelia herb and use as a fomentation over swollen or malfunctioning glands. Leave on all night (covering fomentation with plastic), six days a week until relief is obtained. Use a fresh fomentation as warm as possible each night.

This can be used as an aid to relieve mastitis, thyroid malfunction, etc., etc. In addition to the external fomentation, also drink a cup of this tea two or three times in a day or take two of the capsules or tablets with a cup of steam-distilled water. [HHH p.187]

Thyroid Maintenance: Dr. Christopher's Kelp Combination:  This is a thyroid and assisting glandular aid. This herbal group helps assist in controlling metabolism and gives herbal feeding to the thyroid glands to do their job more efficiently. This is a very fine glandular aid. [HHH p.195]

Addison's Disease: For a discussion of Addison's Disease see Newsletter 2-3. [NL 2-3]

Rebuilding Glands: Formula for rebuilding glands using sarsaparilla, licorice, ginseng and astragulus as found in the Adrenal Newsletter. [NL 2-3]

What Can be Done for a Malfunctioning Thyroid? From a question to Dr. Christopher in his Newsletter. His Answer: "The thyroid, through the hormone thyroxine determines growth, controls body temperature, regulates the metabolism or the burning of food in the body and influences, to a great extent, mental and emotional balance. Also, it is of special importance for the proper functioning of the reproductive system. The inter-relationship between reproductive functions and thyroid functions is very complex and not entirely understood, but it is known that various changes, especially in girls and women, are apt to cause changes in thyroid functions. For instance, a slight enlargement of the thyroid gland is common at puberty, during pregnancy and menopause.

"When the thyroid gland is functioning properly, we are hardly aware of its existence. It stores practically all of the body's supply of iodine, releases thyroxine into the blood stream at intervals and regulates all the bodily functions we have mentioned above. Disorders of the thyroid gland are apparently caused by two conditions:

(1) lack of sufficient iodine in the diet, so that the thyroid cannot obtain enough to manufacture thyroxine, or (2) some disorder of the body which creates a demand for more thyroxine than the gland can manufacture."

Taken from THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COMMON DISEASES by the staff of Prevention Magazine, copyright 1976.

Our recommendations to aid the thyroid are in two parts. First we need to strengthen the deficiency of the gland by using Dr. Christopher's glandular formula [Mullein & Lobelia] as a fomentation around the throat at the thyroid area. This formula is made up of mullein and lobelia in a combination that is beneficial in aiding and strengthening the glands of the body, in this case, the thyroid gland. It would also help to use two capsules of our gland formula [Mullein & Lobelia] three or more times a day.

Second, take Dr. Christopher's thyroid combination [Kelp-T-Comb] as an herbal food aid to this gland. It consists of the following herbs - parsley, watercress, kelp, Irish moss, romaine lettuce, turnip tops and Iceland moss. This herbal group assists in controlling metabolism and gives herbal feeding to the thyroid glands to do their job more efficiently. These two aids will assist the thyroid to function properly whether it be underactive or overactive. [NL 3-4]

Jojoba for Sebaceous Glands: Skin specialists are finding that Jojoba oil has a remarkable ability to dissolve those waxy deposits of sebum, the natural secretions of the scalp's sebaceous glands, which sometimes resist even the most determined shampooing. Sebum, if unchecked, tends to build up and harden around the hair follicles, effectively clogging pores and preventing the normal regrowth of hair. Other signs of sebum build-up are dryness, scaliness, and dandruff. Jojoba oil also helps regulate the scalp's natural acidity, lessening the flow of fresh sebum between shampoos. A number of persons have reported successful regrowth of hair after using jojoba based shampoos. [NL 4-11]

Parsley for the Parathyroid Gland: Many have used parsley root tea to make stiff and unmanageable fingers work again. The root contains calcium, B-complex vitamins, and iron all of which nourish the parathyroid glands which are concerned with the regulation of calcium in the body. Pour a quart of boiling water over a cup of firmly packed fresh parsley and allow to steep for 15 minutes. Strain and then refrigerate. [NL 4-12]


1. Lobelia for Glands: Dr. Christopher made up a simple but extremely effective formula for glands, of three parts mullein and one part Lobelia, to be taken as tea, in capsules, or to be used as a fomentation. This is used anywhere in the body where the glands are swollen and malfunctioning. Dr. Christopher liked to relate the cases of two small boys suffering from an enlarged gland on the side of the neck behind the ear. A nurse had called him in desperation to ask his advice on the first case. Usually the medical practice for this malady, besides antibiotics, which are usually ineffective, is just to wait for the child to grow out of it. The nurse accepted Dr. Christopher's advice to use the Mullein and Lobelia [Mullein & Lobelia] fomentation. She asked, "Which way is the toxic accumulation going to come out of the body? Will it come out directly through the skin like a bursting boil or will it be routed through the bloodstream and be taken out through the bowel?" Dr. Christopher replied that he did not know; that it would be "decided" by the Lobelia.

If the bloodstream cannot handle the poison, it will be taken out through the skin; otherwise, the bloodstream will carry it out to be eliminated.

The second little boy had a similar swelling behind his ear. His mother called Dr. Christopher and asked him what to do; he gave exactly the same advice, the mullein and lobelia [Mullein & Lobelia] fomentation. She applied the fomentation as described. In the first case, the poison gathered up and burst, and it drained out straight through the neck. The boy cleared up and suffered no more from the problem. In the second case, the poison was absorbed by the body and the toxic material eliminated through the bowel. [UW-Lobelia]

2. Mullein & Lobelia: Dr. Christopher's Glandular Fromula:  We have applied this fomentation to a young boy whose glands became so swollen that he had huge lumps at the back of his neck as well as almond-shaped lumps behind his ears. This had become such a chronic condition that we had little hope of improvement.
We applied it to him last thing at night, and in the morning when he awoke, the swelling was absolutely and completely gone. We were so amazed that we decided that we must have this combination in the house at all times! [UW-Lobelia]

3. Mullein Oil: We have had earaches in our family which resulted from congested lymph glands and colds. Although we treated the problem with garlic oil and Nerve tincture, the problem did not clear up. By inserting oil of Mullein into the ear, however, we were able to stop the irritation in the ear as well as in the accompanying glands. [UW-Mullein]

4. Swollen Glands in Throat Cured with Dr. Christopher's Glandular Formula: (Mullein & Lobelia) One time, after coming home from a lecture series, it was good to see the grandchildren from the family of one of our daughters, who were visiting with us. That evening one of the little granddaughters, then about seven years old, came to me crying because the glands in her throat area and behind the ears had swollen up and it was very difficult for her to swallow. I mixed up three parts of mullein and one part of lobelia, made a fomentation, and pinned it around her throat. The next morning she came downstairs, all smiles and no pain, and paid me well for my services with a big kiss. [NL 1-9]

5. Alfalfa Helps Family Survive Concentration Camp: Alfalfa can be used as a food or a food supplement. it contains essential hormones and enzymes necessary to keep the pituitary and adrenal glands functioning. There is a story we have told at many lectures and classes about the family that was incarcerated in a concentration camp during the Nazi occupation of Europe. This particular family found the strength to carry them through to the end of the war when they were released. The key was an alfalfa plant growing in the corner of the compound inside the fence. Each member of the family secretly permitted themselves a few leaves of the plant every day...allowing the alfalfa plant to replenish its leaves throughout the long months. The family obtained the necessary nutriments from the plant. These nutriments were not provided by the inferior and scarce prison food. The family maintained their health while others around them dropped dead from malnutrition. [NL 3-1]

Dr. Christopher's Program for Glands

Herbal Combinations:

* Liver and Gallbladder
* Lymphatic Formula
* Mullein & Lobelia
* Adrenal Formula


Liver and Gallbladder; take 1 -2 capsules 15-20 minutes before meals.

Liver and Gallbladder extract; a dropperfull 1/2 hour before meals.

Lymphatic Formula; take 2 capsules three times a day.

Mullein and Lobelia; take 2 capsules three times a day.

Adrenal Formula; take 2-3 capsules between meals.


Follow Dr. John R. Christopher's "Mucusless Diet" and Dr. John R. Christopher's "Three Day Cleansing Program".

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