Gassy condition in the alimentary canal, especially the gastrointestinal tract. [SNH p.24]


Flatus (which is gas or air in the gastrointestinal canal) is the result of poor digestion. The food becomes fermented and sour in the stomach due to an acid condition. This is caused by wrong food combinations, drinking with meals, hasty eating, or poor mastication. [SNH p.24]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: There are a number of herbs that will help relieve gas. Some of the best are wild yam, celery seed tea, and peppermint or spearmint teas.

Carminative teas are specifics for the stomach area to soothe the flatulent condition and to correct the digestive functions. Golden seal with myrrh is an excellent stomach tonic. [SNH p.24]

Sassafras: Pains and spasms in the region of the hearty flatulence. Give the warm infusion. [SNH p.79]

Garlic: Hysteria, flatulence, sciatica. Give an infusion of garlic in hot milk and water. [SNH p.99]

Dr. Coffin's Stomach Bitters is an excellent compound to help correct the bile, create appetite and correct flatulence. See formula using bayberry, balmony, white poplar, ginger and cayenne. [SNH p.136]

Thyme: Stomach weakness, dyspepsia, flatulence, spasms, diarrhea. Give a cold infusion of thyme. [SNH p.229]

See formula using spearmint and ginger. Give an infusion, and add ginger to intensify and accelerate the action [SNH p.240]

See formula for Babies soothing syrup (stomach and bowel pains, aches, cramps, colic, spasms, convulsions, flatulence, common ailments) using parsley seed, caraway seed, rhubarb, cinnamon, sugar, essence of peppermint and water. [SNH p.248]

See formula for flatulence ginger and baking soda. [SNH p.415]

Ginger: Place poultice of Cloves over stomach. [SNH p.420]

Intestinal Flatulence: See formula using calumba root, ginger and senna. [SNH p.434]

Indigestion, Heartburn, Flatulence, Stomach Pains See formula using centaury, agrimony, barberry, calumba and raspberry. [SNH p.450]

Colic, Flatulence See formula using myrrh, nutmeg, cayenne and brandy. [SNH p.456]

Stomach Comfort: Dr. Christopher's Catnip and Fennel Tincture:  A blessing for infants. A fine combination helpful for colic, biliousness, flatulence, spasms, etc. Use a few drops, or as much as needed, when desired. [HHH p.196]

AT-GS: Dr. Christopher's Anti-Gas Formula:  Contains fennel, wild yam, catnip, ginger, peppermint, spearmint, papaya, lobelia. This formula was designed to help relieve flatulence. [HHH p.197]

Peppermint: Many people, because they lack sufficient enzymes, or do not chew their food properly, or eat improper combinations of foods or improper foods, suffer from flatulence. Some foods, such as the legumes, contain chemicals which cause gas formation in the system, although certain methods of cooking them can reduce the gas considerably. However, many people take a cup of Peppermint tea after meals as insurance against flatulence. Taken with meals, it will help assist digestion generally (Bethel:134) and is much a preferable beverage for everyday use instead of coffee or tea, which hinder proper digestion and cause health problems generally. [UW-Peppermint]

Sage: Fresh leaves were crushed, strained and mixed with lukewarm water for stomach distress or were chewed for flatulence. [UW-Sage]

Juices for Flatulence: Celery, carrot. [NL 3-5]

Vegetables for flatulence: Carrot, beet greens, Jerusalem artichoke. [NL 4-12]

Cayenne Tea: Drink the tea if you have problems with flatulence. [NL 6-3]


1. Lower Bowel: Dr. Christopher's Lower Bowel (Colon) Formula: I must tell you why I am subscribing to your newsletter. My confidence in you arose from the most remarkable help I received in the use of your Fen LB (incidentally, I am 73 years old).
For years I have suffered from gas and flatulence to an extreme degree--with no answer or relief from my own physician nor a specialist to whom he referred me. After the first day of use of your herbal formula, I had relief which has continued consistently for the month I have been taking it. [NL 2-2]

2. Not a Heart Attack - Only Gas: One particular woman was worried that she was dying of a heart attack. Dr. Christopher checked her eyes and told her that there wasn't anything wrong with her heart; in fact, it was in excellent condition. He wished his own heart were as good as hers! He assured her that she was not having a heart attack.

She was somewhat belligerent: "Well, don't tell me, I should know, it's me that's having them. I can be washing dishes and all of a sudden, my heart will stop beating and I fall on the floor and pass out. Or I'll be walking down the street, shopping, and pass out. They rush me to the hospital, and I always come to before anything is done, like operations."

Dr. Christopher told her she hadn't any heart problems at all, but that she did have a condition on her descending colon, where she had a bowel pocket, a gas pocket, and whenever she got gas in that, it pushed up against her heart valves and cut the heart off. That is why the heart would stop, because of the gas pressure. She said that she was having a heart pain right then and that the heart was constantly troubling her. She was afraid she would pass out.

He told her to hang on, and he called on the intercom to the laboratory, where they always had hot water ready. He had them mix up a teaspoon of wild yam and a cup of hot water. Within a very short time he strained out a cup of wild yam tea for the woman. She was just about ready to pass out. She took a couple of drinks of the tea and started to burp. Finally the gas was completely relieved.

After taking Dr. Christopher's advice and not gulping her food, but chewing more thoroughly, using wild yam as she needed, she got over this problem and never had another attack. [EWH p.126]

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