Pain or aching in the ear. [HHH p.64]


This can be a painful condition for all ages. Little babies rubbing and pulling on their ears are not able to tell you, orally, what is wrong. Children and adults also suffer from the same condition. [HHH p.64]


Sometimes earaches are caused by infection, cold in the head, a blow to the side of the head, and many other causes. [HHH p.64]

Herbal Aids:

Garlic: Earache, inflammation of the middle ear, ear disease: Pack a small clove of garlic in gauze and place into the external ear passage; or drop 4-5 drops of Oil of Garlic into the ear channel, cover with flannel, and keep warm. [SNH p.100]

Rue: Warm and place several drops of compound oil into the ear. [SNH p.296]

Mullein: Use warm mullein oil, 2-3 drops in the ear 2-3 times daily. Apple cider vinegar is also a healing agent. [SNH p.317]

Hops: Apply a flannel bag of hops, and moist heat over the affected area. [SNH p.396]

Treat Both Ears: The simple, old-fashioned aids are sometimes very fast in giving relief. Always treat both ears, even if only one aches. [HHH p.64]

Onion: Lightly bake a large onion, cut it in half and while warm (not hot enough to irritate the area), bind one half of the onion over each ear. Bandage in place and hold bandage on with a nightcap, white skullcap, etc., and leave on all night. [HHH p.64]

Camomile: Use a fomentation over both ears of three parts of camomile and one part of lobelia. Take two ounces orally (a wineglass full) each two waking hours. Leave the fomentation on the ears all night. (Cover fomentation with plastic or oiled silk, etc.). [HHH p.64]

Mullein: Use three to six drops of mullein oil in both ears several times each day. Insert it upon retiring for the night, and, as before, plug the ears with cotton. Place a fomentation over the ears all night of three parts mullein and one part lobelia. [HHH p.64]

Ear & Nerve Formula: Dr. Christopher's Nervous System Formula with Black Cohosh:  When this procedure is used as explained here, it can be helpful in promoting an improvement of poor equilibrium, failure of hearing, aiding the motor nerve, etc. With an eye dropper insert into each ear at night four to six drops of oil of garlic and four to six drops of the following herb tincture: blue cohosh, black cohosh, blue vervain, skullcap, and lobelia (Nerve), plugging ears overnight with cotton, six days a week, four to six months, or as needed. On the seventh day, flush ears with a small ear syringe using warm apple cider vinegar and distilled water half and half. [EWH p.200]

Flaxseed Meal and Blue Vervain: Made into a poultice with flaxseed meal, using a strong infusion of Blue Vervain instead of plain hot water, it relieves ... earache and ear abscess as well. [NL 5-10]


1. Garlic: When my little girl had an earache I put a piece of fresh garlic in her ear and it was better by morning. The previous alternative was to go to the doctor and pay a lot of money for penicillin. [NL 4-4]

2. Super Garlic Immune: Dr. Christopher's Immune System Support Formula:  The Super Garlic Immune formula contains Black Walnut. When Dr. Christopher was lecturing in Snowflake Arizona, he was describing the need for people to be prepared for the coming plagues in the last days.

Someone raised his hand and asked what should be used for the plague. Dr. Christopher, though he was a most noted herbalist, didn't have a ready answer! After a short prayer, he gave the Super Garlic Immune formula to the audience and then just forgot about it. Not long after, people began asking him for the formula again, as those at the Snowflake lecture had made it up and had, had marvelous results; they had cleared up flu, earache, eruptive diseases, car-sickness, and had even saved the life of a poisoned puppy! This Super Garlic Immune remedy is a most valuable combination. [NL 5-7]

Dr. Christopher's Program for Earaches

Herbal Combinations:

* Oil of Garlic
* Ear & Nerve Formula


With an eardropper put 4-6 drops of Oil of Garlic and 4-6 drops of Nerve into each ear, plug ear overnight with cotton, continue 6 days a week, or until condition clears up.

Drink orange or diluted lemon juice until infection and pain is gone.

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