Disturbed or deranged digestion, sour stomach, acid stomach, indigestion, poor assimilation. [SNH p.21]


Dyspepsia is a hyperacidity condition in the body, where certain cooked and secondary substances cannot be digested. The problem may also be with the liver, or the gall bladder. This is caused by eating processed and devitalized foods. [SNH p.22]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: Instead of using those aids which are highly advertised and are high in aluminum, which cause aluminum poisoning, use the herbs for the nerves, stomach and bowels. Carminatives will assist the stomach herbs to improve elimination. Alternatives will cleanse the blood and tone up other excretory organs. Stimulant-diuretics will help eliminate waste matter that may be causing the problem. Demulcents or emollients will soothe the irritated stomach lining. [SNH p.22]

See formula using wormwood, shavegrass, aniseed and thyme. [SNH p.109]

See formula for decoction using cascara sagrada and water. [SNH p.176]

See formula for compound using mandrake root, ginger root and glycerine. [SNH p.196]

Elecampane: Give in small and repeated doses. See information about this herb. [SNH p.342]

See formula using lobelia, cayenne, acacia vera and anise seed. [SNH p.364]

See formula using American Colombo, golden seal and leptandra. [SNH p.436]

Golden Seal: 10 grains of the powdered root; or a tablespoonful of decoction 3 times daily; or 1-2 teaspoonfuls of tincture 3 times daily. [SNH p.438]

Juices: Carrot & celery, papaya, pineapple. [NL 3-5]

Vegetables: Jerusalem Artichoke, cabbage, celery, potato, radish, squash. [NL 4-12]

Spices: Caraway and cloves. [NL 4-12]

Echinacea: Echinacea is a good herbal aid for fermentative dyspepsia. It helps remove the gastric pains and allay the offensive breath due to this condition. It is also good for offensive gas. [NL 6-12]

Papaya: Papain can digest about 35 times its weight of lean meat and 300 times its weight in egg albumin. This is considered important because these heavy proteins as well as those in beans, peas, nuts, and lentils are often difficult to digest and putrefy more quickly in the digestive tract causing gas, foul mouth taste, foul breath, constipation, sour stomach, and heartburn. [UW-Papaya]


1. Kelp: Dr. Powell also had a woman come to him with a severe case of dyspepsia which would not respond to the usual treatment. Kelp proved to be an efficacious remedy in this case. [UW-Kelp]

2. Kelp for Digestion: Another lady had suffered from digestive trouble for many years, suffering pain from even the smallest meal, vomiting frequently. She had spasm of the pylorus as soon as food entered her stomach. After prolonged treatment and constant failure with various remedies, the doctor tried Kelp. She experienced gradual relief and is now in a fair state of health. [UW-Kelp]

3. Lobelia, Cayenne and Ginger: "One widow woman who had the dyspepsia was so bad that she was given up to die by the doctor who had attended her for near a year, and said she could not be cured. She sent for me to come to see her, which I did. She told me to try and cure her if possible. To do my best anyway and if I killed her it would only be death anyhow, for she knew she could not live long if she did not get help. So I went home to prepare for doctoring her, and Doctor Vendeventer, who had given her out, hearing I was going to undertake her case, come to see me. 'Mr. Meeks', says he, 'you had better not undertake that woman's case. That complaint cannot be cured, and you will fail and you will lose practice by it. The remedy for that complaint is not known. Search has been made for it as far as ships have sailed on the ocean, and human feet have trod the soil, and the remedy is not found yet'. I paid the woman five visits and made a sound woman of her. And what did I do? Nothing more or less than gave her a thorough course of Thomsonian Medicines each time. I know no other way to doctor at that time but to follow the letter of directions. I had nothing but kayenne pepper and ginger for my composition powder and Lobelia, and as I went along, gathered green Sumac leaves off the bush, which answered well for kanker medicine and to make a tea to put the medicine in for her to drink...This circumstance being noised abroad brought me as much business with the sick as I could attend to. [UW-Lobelia]

4. Papaya: One herbalist, whenever he "pigs out on eggs or meat", brews a cup of Papaya leaf tea mixed with spearmint and camomile or if he's in a hurry (which, he mentions, is the worst cause of indigestion), he takes a Papaya-papain enzyme tablet. This removes the indigestion well. [UW-Papaya]

Dr. Christopher's Program for Digestion

Herbal Combinations:

* Chest Comfort
* Liver and Gallbladder


Chest Comfort; take 2-3 capsules between meals.

Liver and Gallbladder; take 1 -2 capsules 15-20 minutes between meals.

Liver and Gallbladder extract; a dropperfull 1/2 hour before meals.

Single Herbs:

Papaya Leaves, Fennel, Catnip, Comfrey Leaves, Chamomile Flowers.


Eat slow and chew foods, relax at eating time. Follow Dr. John R. Christopher's "Mucusless Diet".

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