An affliction characterized by inflammation of the large intestine or colon.[SNH p.20]


The symptoms are griping pains, constant strain to evacuate the bowels (tenesmus), intense diarrhea, and frequent discharge of mucus and blood. These are symptoms of impure blood, fever, sleeplessness, lack of appetite, and sometimes a swollen abdomen. In advanced cases, there is pallidness, rapid breathing, slow pulse, and hot urine. [SNH p.20]


The cause is improper diet, liquids with meals, overeating, wrong food combinations, impure water, use of liquor, tobacco, coffee, tea, eating fruits or vegetables that have begun to decompose or chronic constipation. [SNH p.20]

Herbal Aids:

General Instructions: Bleeding from the bowels is quickly healed by mullein in milk. Give a warm, very high enema with an astringent such as white oak bark, bayberry bark, wild alum root, etc. Use fomentation of lobelia, castor oil, etc., placed on the abdomen and spine, followed by a liniment application of wormwood oil. The patient should be nurtured with a diet of light alkaline foods and mucilage herbs, such as slippery elm and Irish moss, barley or oatmeal water. [SNH p.20]

Cayenne:  Cayenne will take care of most bleeding problems, external or internal by the time you can count to ten. For bleeding of the lower bowel (commonly called dysentery) use mullein (preferably in milk). [SNH p.5]

Stems from Constipation: Diarrhea is the most severe form of constipation caused by a complete blockage in the lower intestine. Liquids only will come through while solids are retained. The body must be cleansed as quickly as possible or diarrhea will go into dysentery. [SNH p.17]

Sassafras: Give the mucilage of sassafras pith. [SNH p.79] Mucilage of sassafras pith: See formula using sassafras pith, powdered and distilled water. [SNH p.80]

Purple Loosestrife: Give 2 fluid ounce doses as required. [SNH p.91]

Dysentery (cathartic injection - anal): See formula using bayberry root bark, African ginger and pinus. Have the patient lie on the right side so that the liquid may readily fill the colon; where the patient has a weak rectum and cannot hold the water, have him take the inclined position with the head lower than the hips; females with a retroverted condition of the uterus may take the knee-chest position, which will help throw the uterus right over and allow the liquid to enter. [SNH p.135]

Red Oak: Use the injection in small and frequent doses. [SNH p.139]

Cranesbill and Golden Seal: Combine equal parts of cranesbill and golden seal (Hydrastis canadensis) and inject a small amount of a strong infusion into the rectum. Diarrhea, dysentery, cholera infantum: Use the injection as required. [SNH p.152]

White Pond Lily: Use the decoction without sweetening as a cool injection (anal). [SNH p.165]

Tormentil: Give 1 wine glassful every 1/2 hour until the excessive discharges are checked. [SNH p.168]

Butternut: The astringent alcoholic extract containing properties is best for these problems; use 1-2 teaspoonfuls. [SNH p.177]

Thyme: May be taken internally or used externally with amazing and beneficial results. Internally: 1 teaspoonful in 1 cupful of water, sweetened with 1 tablespoonful of honey 3-4 times daily; good for ...dysentery. [SNH p.230]

Squaw Vine: Use the infusion or decoction as an anal injection. [SNH p.279]

Comfrey: Give the mucilage sweetened with honey in teaspoonful doses frequently (it strengthens, nourishes, soothes and heals). [SNH p.309] Mucilage of comfrey root: See formula using comfrey root, distilled water, honey and glycerine. [SNH p.310]

Mullein: Boil 1 ounce of mullein in 1 pint of milk for a few minutes, strain and give in 1/2 cupful doses after each bowel evacuation (and if you don't have a scale or the time to calculate the equivalent measure, just grab some and go to work). [SNH p.317]

Marshmallow: Boil the powdered root in milk and drink freely. [SNH p.326]

Lower Bowel: Dr. Christopher's Lower Bowel (Colon) Formula:  The injection and enema are useful for helping conditions such as piles, hemorrhoids, colitis, etc., and for cleaning putrid congestions from the intestinal tract as in diarrhea and dysentery. Suppose you have a case of diarrhea--the majority of people want a remedy that will stop it right away. But diarrhea is simply a bad condition in the intestinal tract, where it is so badly clogged that the fecal solids are being held back and only the eliminative liquids are getting through. Would you believe it possible for people to have filth in them four, five, and ten or more years? It is a fact that we have seen with our own eyes. Read much more about cleansing the bowel. [HHH p.131]

Juices: Blackberry, cranberry. [NL 3-5]

Chilli Peppers and "Montezuma's Revenge": In Mexico today, Chilis of various kinds supplement the daily diet and, in addition to providing spice and essential nutrients to an otherwise bland and repetitious diet of tortillas, beans, squash, pumpkins, potatoes and the like, they perform important medicinal functions. Visitors to Mexico often suffer from "Montezuma's Revenge," a particularly devastating kind of amoebic dysentery. However, if they will eat hot chill with their meals the way the native Mexicans do, they will not suffer this disease. Juliette de Bairacli Levy, when living in Mexico with her small children, did not hesitate to let them drink raw milk--a practice frowned upon by most because of the certainty of dysenteric infection. She spiked the milk with a generous dose of Cayenne and the children were never infected. She noted, too, that eventually the children came to relish the hot-tasting milk. It is reported that the Mexicans, who ingest such quantities of Chili that their bodies are infused with it, are not attacked by predatory birds, if they happen to perish by accident in the deserts; vultures won't touch the Chili-laden body. [NL 6-3]

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