An emotional state where there are extreme feelings of rejection, emptiness, sadness and lack of self worth.

Herbal Aids:

Julep: This is a stimulating drink-type preparation flavored with aromatic herbs (but this is not the alcoholic drink referred to by the same term), and could be defined as "a large draft." An example of a julep would be: Four ounces (eight tablespoonfuls) cinnamon water, two ounces (four tablespoonfuls) Jamaica cayenne, two drams (one-fourth ounce or one dessert spoonful) compound spirit of lavender, one ounce (two tablespoonfuls syrup of orange peel, mixed; (this is for general weakness and depression).

Dosage: Wineglass to one-half glass at a time. [SNH p.486]

Motherwort: Motherwort tea will eliminate the swelling (it is also good for nervousness and depression). [EWH p.44]

Brigham Tea: In modern usage, the prized constituents, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, are extracted from the plants for medicinal use....The pharmacological action of ephedrine is similar to adrenalin. Its pressor and vaso-constrictor activity is slower and less than adrenalin, but it lasts longer. Unlike adrenalin, it can be given orally. It stimulates the respiration, increasing the depth of respiration, reinforces heart action and dilates the bronchi, especially during spasms, hence its use in bronchial asthma. It contracts the uterus and dilates the pupils. It also helps stimulate the central nervous system, this attribute being the basis for its use in the treatment of depression and for the relief of narcolepsy. It is used in vasomotor rhinitis, coryza, congestion of the mucous membranes, acute sinusitis, and hay fever. It has a slight local anesthetic action. [UW-Brigham Tea]

Gotu Kola: It can treat depression and mental weaknesses; many claim that it is a marvelous memory herb. If you take too much of the herb, you will experience headache and stupor; thus, you must regulate your personal dosage. [UW-Gotu Kola]
Lemon Balm: Others assert that the herb can truly alleviate depression, helping us accept difficult situations. [UW-Lemon Balm]

Lady's Slipper: It has been found to be very efficient in cases of hypochondria and mental depression which often accompanies digestive trouble, especially among women. Whenever a person feels like he cannot settle down, cannot sleep, cannot think properly, feels depressed, often from sexual overindulgence, Lady's Slipper can be a calming and balancing influence. [UW-Lady's Slipper]

Red Rose Petals are official in nearly all Pharmacopeias, often in syrup or honey form. They were formerly employed as an astringent and tonic, but are mainly used now as a pleasant odifereant to other pharmaceutical preparations. However, the acid infusion is used to treat night sweats resulting from depression (Gri:688). [UW-Rose]

Sage: Another British herbalist claimed that Sage "will retard that rapid progress of decay that treads upon our heels so fast in the latter years of life, will preserve the faculties and memory, more valuable to the rational mind than life itself without them; and will relieve under that faintness, strengthen under that weakness and prevent absolutely that sad depression of spirits, which age often feels and always fears, which will long prevent the hands from trembling and the eyes from dimness and make the lamp of life, so long as nature lets it burn, burn brightly" (Hyl:560). [UW-Sage]

Sarsaparilla also contains cortin one of the hormones secreted by the adrenal glands. The body will die almost immediately if this hormone is stopped but if there is only a small or insufficient amount the body becomes easily ill and develops nervous depression and general weakness. So many maladies are related to adrenal weakness and exhaustion, including hypoglycemia, so people should take note if they are striving to rebuild their adrenals. Sarsaparilla may be able to help. [UW-Sarsaparilla]

Bach Remedies: Dr. Bach left his lucrative medical practice and retreated to the Welch countryside where he began to observe human nature full time. He experienced a wide range of negative states of mind himself which were relieved by the administration of his especially prepared flower tinctures. At first Bach discovered twelve basic tinctures to alleviate depression, anger, worry, self-distrust and the like. He called them the twelve healers and wrote a short paragraph on each of them. The non-toxic flower remedies were tried on his patients who responded beautifully to treatment. The twelve remedies were finally expanded to 38. They were designed to be used and administered by even the simplest folk. Bach continued to successfully treat diseased conditions with these remedies until his death at 50 years of age.

Bach's legacy has been a blessing to many people. Although he had great results with the flower remedies, his new remedies were not accepted by the orthodox medical men of his day who once held the doctor in high esteem. Perhaps the simplicity of the Bach Flower Remedies was too great to bridge the credibility gap between medic and mystic.

Healers throughout the world benefited from Bach's discoveries. Heretofore incurable cases have been won over to the side of health.

Dr. Bach's work is now being carried on at his humble home near London, England. Mr. John Ramsell and his sister who had apprenticed themselves to Dr. Bach's assistant, Nora Weeks, create the remedies from English countryside flowers according to the instructions left by the good doctor. Bach Flower Remedies are shipped all over the world. From the stock bottles of 38 remedies an individual may have a custom-made remedy which suits his individual emotional needs. [NL 4-7]

Vegetables for Mental Depression: Broccoli, cabbage, collard greens, corn, kale, peas, potatoes, turnip greens. [NL 4-12]

Depression After Giving Birth: For the depression that sometimes occurs after birth, Black Cohosh seems to be an almost miraculous specific - perhaps because of its hormonal content. An English doctor in the late 1800's Sir James Y. Simpson, related that a mother of several children suffered the most severe depression and despondency about a month after giving birth to perfect children. She tried the tincture of cimicifuga, and after eight or ten days, her condition had completely changed; she had energy, good spirits, zest for life. She continued taking it for six or eight weeks, and prescribed it to other depressed new mothers, with equal success (BC:AGT:2 1). [NL 5-6]

Cayenne and Lobelia: Cayenne will increase a person's feeling of vitality and activity--as it is a stimulant--without any bad after-effects, such as do other stimulants. Combined with Lobelia, it is wonderful in cases of depression or low spirits. [NL 6-3]

Dr. Christopher's Program for Depression

Herbal Combinations:

* MindTrac
* Relax-Eze
* Ear & Nerve Formula
* Heavy Mineral Bugleweed Combination


MindTrac; 3 capsules 4-5 times a day.

Relax Eze; take 2-3 capsules three times a day.

Relax Eze extract; 15 drops three times a day.

Ear & Nerve; a dropperfull three times a day.

Heavy Mineral Bugleweed extract; 15 drops in hot water three times a day.


Follow Dr. John R. Christopher's "Mucusless Diet",  Dr. John R. Christopher's "Three Day Cleansing Program" and Dr. John R. Christopher's "Extended Herbal Cleanse" Routine.

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