Dead skin (scaly material) shed from the scalp.


Inorganic soaps are very damaging to the skin and obstruct the pores. A little dandruff scraped off the scalp, for example, and placed into distilled water (which is zero grain hardness) will often shake into a heavy foamy lather or suds, showing that the major part of dandruff is composed of soap that has not been washed out. There are very few rinses that can thoroughly cleanse the soap out, and the best cleansing agent of this type is biodegradable type, such as Dr. Shaklee's Basic-H Bestline products, Amway, etc., all of which are made of soluble vegetable bases. But the inorganic, commercial-type soaps will often cause rashes and do considerable damage to the skin tissue and the body itself (through epidermal absorption). If biodegradable soaps are unavailable, then lemon juice, vinegar, and wild sage are very effective. The commercial soaps give the appearance of beauty by cleaning and perfuming the surface, while the pores remain dirty, still, from toxic matter. [SNH p.501]

Herbal Aids:

Bayberry: Use a strong decoction of bayberry and rub in well at night; wash off in the morning, brush the hair thoroughly and apply again (using a few drops of lavender oil with the solution that is rubbed in gives a more effective synergistic action). This will quickly stop falling hair and remove dandruff. [SNH p.132]

See formula using balm of Gilead, castor oil, eucalyptol and anhydrous lanolin. [SNH p.202]

General Instructions: From a question and answer in Dr. Christopher's Newsletter. This is a disease more commonly affecting people than one would think. Dr. Lubowe in his book The Modern Guide to Skin Care and Beauty (E.P. Dutton and Co., 1973) says: "The body malfunctions related to dandruff are similar to those related to acne." However, while one might expect that they would occur simultaneously, they don't. Dandruff usually begins to show at about age 20, when acne has become a painful memory, and it is not seen much after the age of 40. That does not mean that you can't have dandruff after 40. If you do, Dr. Lubowe noted, it is not necessarily evidence of prolonged youth. However, within the ages of 20 to 40, dandruff affects 80% of the population.

Dandruff itself is not a disease, but only a symptom of one that is less visible. Far more serious than the snowflakes on your shoulders is the fact that dandruff can lead to hair loss and even to baldness. But there are steps that you can take at your very next meal that will help you overcome your dandruff problem and, at the same time, overcome some other problems. One of the most important is to reduce your consumption of starchy foods and also reduce, or better still, eliminate sugar completely. Sugar and starch are two of the dietary excesses which Dr. Lubowe scores as triggers of the internal difficulties which can lead to dandruff. An increased volume and activity of the bacteria and fungi normally residing on a human scalp is another cause. But sugar particularly, could well be the substance that triggers the condition that causes dandruff.

For keeping the scalp clean and the pores free from dirt and substances that plug up the hair gland openings, use a good biodegradable shampoo and rinse with a diluted lemon juice or apple cider vinegar rinse. A final rinse of sagebrush, chaparral, and yarrow (in equal parts) tea is a healthy food for the hair and scalp. Massage this rinse in well to the hair and scalp and leave on the head. It is good also to drink some of this tea, (a half cup, more or less) night and morning. [NL 1-9]

Lemon Juice: Dandruff has been helped by applying lemon juice to the scalp and afterwards shampooing. After the shampoo, wash again and apply lemon juice to remove soap from the hair and scalp. [NL 5-1]

Black Walnut: Externally, Black Walnut is nearly a miracle worker in cases of scrofula, eczema, impetigo, acne, dandruff, boils, itch, shingles, ringworm--we could go on, but you can see that you can use Black Walnut whenever a skin disorder appears! [NL 5-7]

Dr. Christopher's Hair Conditioner Formula and Procedure: (Desert Herb Combination) Each day, as an aid to restimulating the hair growth, for two days massage scalp deeply with warm castor oil, apply hot wet toweling over head thirty minutes or more.

Leave oil on all night. Next morning wash hair with Packer's tar soap or a good biodegradable soap and rinse. Repeat second wash, rinse with tea made of sagebrush, chaparral and yarrow. Do not rinse again but leave tea in hair and scalp (massage in well). The next two nights use same procedure but use olive oil, and the next two nights use wheat germ oil. Rest one night and repeat six days a week as needed. Use shoulder stands. Drink one or two tablespoons of wheat germ oil morning and night, and also drink 1/4 cup of this tea made with distilled water, two times a day.

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