Hardened, mound-shaped areas of increased growth on the skin of the toes.  Hard corns occur on the toes, while soft corns arise between the toes.


Corns on the top and sides of the toes usually appear whitish with a pale yellow build up of hard skin with a darker shaped central cone (nucleus). They are normally hard, dry and round in shape.  Pain can be felt when the nucleus presses on the nerve ending.

Soft corns are found between the toes and usually appear white and soft as they are kept moist by perspiration.  These are often found in pairs.

The nucleus is shaped like an inverted cone and usually lies in the center of the corn.

The thick nucleus of the corn points downwards onto the nerve endings.  This is what causes the intense discomfort and pain associated with corns.


Corns are caused by excessive pressure - when the area affected is subject to forces in the same place at intervals over time.   This usually comes from wearing shoes that are too tight and irritate the skin. 

Herbal Aids:

BF&C Ointment:  Rub the ointment on the afflicted area.  Put an additional amount of the ointment on a bandage.  Wrap the bandage around the toe with the corn.  The bandage will need be changed every day or so.  You should begin to see results within a couple of days, and the corn should be gone by the end of the week.


When I realized I had a corn on my foot, I immediately went to see what Dr. Christopher said about corns.  I couldn't find anything about corns in his writings, but I thought that if any of his formulas could help, it was the BF&C ointment.  I asked his son David Christopher if he thought Complete Tissue & Bone would help get rid of corns, and he said "absolutely."  So I put some Complete Tissue & Bone Ointment on my toe, wrapped it up, and walked funny for the next couple of days.  Immediately I felt relief from the pain, and by the end of the week the corn had disappeared!

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