Colitis (Colon Trouble)

Inflammation of the colon or large intestine, especially its mucous membrane.


This is characterized either by runny or constipated bowels, mucoid discharge from the bowel, weakness felt in the abdomen, often headache, pain, dizziness, etc. [SNH p.11]

There is often a connection between colitis and stress. We see diarrhea, pain, cramps, and even in the later stages, bleeding and dehydration. Calcium deficiency is common. [NL 4-8]


This is caused by faulty diet, too many food mixtures irritating the stomach and bowels, hasty eating (insufficient mastication and saliva), taking liquids while eating, excessive use of cathartics, and foods cooked in aluminum. [SNH p.11]

The infection of the bowel which results from meat-eating also gives rise to colitis and causes a spastic or contracted condition of the descending colon, a condition found in the most obstinate forms of constipation. [HHH p.140]

Herbal Aids:

Garlic Oil for Chronic Colitis, Ulcerated Stomach, etc. Take the garlic oil internally over a period of time, 1 dessert spoonful 3-4 times daily. [SNH p.100]

See formula for cathartic injection for colitis using bayberry, African ginger and pinus. [SNH p.135]

See formula for colitis using white oak, golden seal and myrrh. [SNH p.140]

CC: Dr. Christopher's Colitis Formula:  Contains marshmallow, slippery elm, comfrey root, lobelia, ginger, wild yam. This formula helps promote the relief of colitis, and should be used in conjunction with the lower bowel formula [Fen LB] and the mucusless diet. [HHH p.197]

Slippery Elm: Many recommend beating up an egg with a teaspoonful of the powdered bark, pouring boiling milk over it and sweetening it. Taken three times a day this way or in the form of a mucilage it is said to be wonderful in curing gastritis, gastric catarrh, mucous colitis and enteritis. [UW-Slippery Elm]

From Questions to Dr. Christopher's Newsletter. Question: Is there a natural treatment for mucous colitis (spastic colon) where one could not eat raw vegetables or use laxatives? Answer: Colitis is an inflammation of the colon or large intestine and especially of its mucous membrane. This is characterized either by runny or constipated bowels, mucoid discharge from the bowel, weakness in the abdomen, recurrent headache, pain, dizziness, etc. The cause of this condition is a faulty diet, too many food mixtures which irritate the stomach and bowels, hasty eating with insufficient mastication and salivation, consuming excessive liquids with meals, overuse of cathartics and eating food prepared and served in aluminum kitchenware.

The best and quickest way to treat the condition is to reverse the habits listed above: (1) Eat only when hungry and not between times of hunger. (2) Drink no fluids while eating and this includes a period of fifteen to twenty minutes before meals and thirty minutes after eating. We suggest this so that the chewing of food will produce a thin paste of liquid out of the food and natural saliva. The flowing saliva will act as a signal causing the digestive juices to start for better assimilation. (3) Follow the instructions given in The Three Day Cleanse and Mucusless Diet preferably using the carrot or apple juice as the cleansing agent. Chew the juices by swishing them around in the mouth. As suggested in the booklet, use as juice as is desired. (4) Each day have a cup, three times per day, of tea or green drink made up of three parts comfrey root or leaves, slippery elm bark, mullein leaves and one part lobelia. (5) Have a dish or more of gruel made with presoaked, low heated, uncooked grains, singly or grouped. Barley, wheat, rye, millet or buckwheat are all excellent choices. To one of the grains or a mixture of several of them add 1/4 or 1/3 of their volume in flaxseed and/or psyllium seed. When eating this gruel, honey or a fresh, first pressed, mild tasting olive oil may be used. (6) Breath deeply each day for ten minutes or more to aid digesting. (7) Use as much of our lower bowel tonic [Fen LB] as is needed to produce three or more bowel movements per day. Think health and watch the improvement. [NL 1-3]

Juices for Colitis: Carrot, carrot & coconut, pear, fig. [NL 3-5]

Cabbage: Apply 3 or 4 layers of cabbage leaves over the abdomen each evening and secure in place to be left on overnight. Drink also the juice between meals. [NL 4-12]

Vegetables for Colitis: Cabbage, carrots, parsnips, winter squash. [NL 4-12]


It's been a long time since I have written you and I feel that I must tell you that I have gotten rid of the colitis I had for years and the doctors diagnosed as a nervous stomach and prescribed tranquilizers, which of course I didn't take. At that time I came across an article written by you, entitled, "Does Your Colon Feed or Poison You." I immediately started to take Blood Stream Formula plus Naturalax 2 [Fen LB], it took about six months but it finally went. The pain was very bad but all I heard from doctors was "you have a nervous stomach." but I knew it had to be more than that. I thank GOD and you, Dr. Christopher for cure that I have had due to that wonderful pamphlet that came my way, just when I needed it most. [NL 4-11]

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