(Pertaining to the colon) Acute abdominal pain or gas pains, often due to improper combination of food and retention of waste matter in the system. Enemas will usually give immediate (if temporary) relief! [HHH p.50]


Paroxysmal abdominal pain due to smooth-muscle spasm, obstruction by calculi, nervous indigestion, or distention or enlargement of any of the hollow viscera. [SNH p.10]


In all cases, this is due to improper diet, digestive disorder, and poor elimination. [SNH p.10]

For a more through discussion of colic in very small children see Every Woman's Herbal. [EWH p.99]

Herbal Aids:


General Instructions: Wild yam, cramp bark, some nervines and antispasmodic tinctures relieve cramping. The bowels should be cleansed with a catnip injection. Hot bran fomentation over the stomach-abdominal area will give ease and comfort. For gassy colic, the following decoction is excellent; dandelion root, fennel seeds, marshmallow root, sweet flag root (with cayenne and ginger added as stimulant carriers). For bilious colic, use a decoction in equal parts of agrimony, barberry bark, centaury, dandelion root, or an infusion of a handful of fresh parsley will decoction in equal parts of agrimony, barberry bark, centaury, dandelion root, or an infusion of a handful of fresh parsley will do the job. [SNH p.10]

See Dr. Coffin's Formula for Colic with Stoppage of the Bowels using raspberry leaf, lobelia, cayenne, myrrh, valerian and sugar. [SNH p.144]

Ground Ivy: Lead-colic (from painting). Drink the infusion of the leaves. [SNH p.160]

See formula for colic using camomile, caraway, valerian and peppermint. [SNH p.220]

Boneset: Bilious colic. Give 1 wine glassful (warm) every 1/2 hour until vomiting results; then, after 1/2 hour give a small dose as a tonic (cold), and every 2-3 hours thereafter. [SNH p.225]

See formula for babies and children for colic (as an injection) using catnip and pleurisy root. [SNH p.237]

See formula for colic flatulence using spearmint and ginger which will. intensify and accelerate the action. [SNH p.240]

See formula for a soothing syrup for babies (stomach and bowel pains, aches, cramps, colic, spasms, convulsions, flatulence and common ailments) using parsley seed, caraway seed, rhubarb, cinnamon, sugar, peppermint and water. [SNH p.248]
See formula for flatulent colic (stomach distension, rumbling bowels, griping pains, and constipation) using marshmallow, sweet flag, fennel, dandelion, cayenne, and ginger. [SNH p.328]

See formula for Convulsions, hysteria, colic, cramps, and dysmenorrhea using valerian, wild yam, blue cohosh, anise and ginger. [SNH p.378]

See formula for biliousness, nervous troubles, heartburn, stomach cramps, colic pains using wood betony, rosemary, scullcap and yarrow. [SNH p.390]

See formula for colic, convulsions and spasmodic nerve troubles (children's syrup) using black cohosh, water, glycerine and sugar. [SNH p.400]

See formula for biliousness, colic using wild yam and pleurisy root. [SNH p.404]

See formula for bilious colic using bayberry, dandelion, agrimony, centaury, composition powder and cayenne. [SNH p.430]

See formula for colic and flatulence using myrrh, nutmeg, cayenne and brandy. [SNH p.456]

General Instructions for Children: A tea or tincture of catnip and fennel [Stomach Comfort Tincture] is especially helpful for infants. As an infusion, a pint of boiling water (distilled preferred) over a handful of fresh parsley is good.

A good formula for children's colic is equal parts of wild yam, pleurisy root, cinnamon and anise. Mix and use one teaspoon of the combined herbs to a cup of boiling water, cover and steep twenty minutes, strain and add honey, and give dose of one or two tablespoons of tea each fifteen minutes or as needed.

Chest Comfort: Dr. Christopher's Herbal Composition Power:  Dosage: Drink the clear liquid as needed according to age. For example, only part of a teaspoon every hour or two for a very small child.

In addition to taking teas orally, give a rectal injection of teas, two ounces at a time, of catnip, catnip and pleurisy root, garden sage and catnip, or catnip and peppermint. It is an advantage to add three to ten drops of tincture of lobelia to the teas per cup and one-half teaspoon or more of the tincture of lobelia to the rectal injection. [HHH p.51]

Stomach Comfort: Dr. Christopher's Catnip and Fennel Tincture:  A blessing for infants. A fine combination for colic, biliousness, flatulence, spasms, etc. Use a few drops, or as much as needed, when desired. [HHH p.196]

Papaya and Peppermint: As an aid (after resolving to cut down on the wrong types of foods) start using papaya and/or peppermint tea. [Dr. Christopher's] Catnip and fennel tincture is also an emergency aid in colic and stomach upsets. [NL 3-1]

Juices for Colic: Carrot & celery, papaya. [NL 3-5]

Spices for Colic: Anise, caraway, cardamom, ginger, mint, savory and thyme. [NL 4-12]

Brown Rice: This contains an easily digested starch, is beneficial for stomach or intestinal ulcers and for the relief of diarrhea. A poultice of rice flour can be used to relieve skin inflammations of various kinds. We have seen serious cases of diarrhea respond most effectively to rice water made by boiling one ounce of rice to one quart of water for 20 minutes, strained and drunk. This drink is also used in cases of congestion, acute head pain, nausea, fainting, difficult breathing, stomach cramps, colic, worms, and a sedative. [NL 5-1]

Dr. Christopher's Formula called Kid-e-Col combats colic. [NL 7-1]

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